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75 Disney Dining Tips

75 Disney Dining Tips

Planning out a Disney World vacation can be complex and overwhelming. When it comes to dining at Disney World this is no exception. To help you have a smooth process and get the best food for your trip here are our best 75 Disney Dining Tips!

Table Service Dining Tips

  1. Character dining locations

The first thing people think of when they think of Disney dining is dining with Disney characters. Not all character dining has fully returned to Walt Disney World since the 2020 closure, but keep checking back to WDW Vacation Tips to be fully in the know. The current list of character dining in 2022 is Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, Topolino’s Terrace (breakfast only) in Disney’s Rivera Resort, Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood Studios, Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, Storybook Dining at Artist’s Point in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, and Garden Grill in EPCOT.

  1. Not all character dining is created equal

Character dining is expensive, and you don’t want to feel like you wasted money and didn’t get the right experience. The most expensive character dining is Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table, and funny enough, they have the worst character interactions in 2022. In both cases, the characters merely glide by your table, or just pose for a picture beforehand. In these two restaurants, you are paying for the theming… that and you’re in eating in a castle!

The character dining with the BEST interactions is Garden Grill in EPCOT. The food is served family style so you’re not risking missing your turn with the characters, and because of the small size of the restaurant, you will see each character 2, 3, 4, or more times!

  1. Most expensive Disney restaurant

Walt Disney World is the home to a AAA fine dining restaurant, Victoria and Albert’s. Located in the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Victoria and Albert’s is the only restaurant on Disney property to have an age requirement. At a minimum of $200 per person, it would make sense that you wouldn’t want a screaming baby in the room somewhere!

  1. Least Expensive Disney restaurant
Fried Chicken Trails End

Trail’s End restaurant in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds is the least expensive restaurant on property. At only $19.99 for adults and $11.99 for kids ages 3-9 for breakfast, this restaurant is really the place to get your money’s worth out of a sit down meal. BONUS: this is a family-style all-you-care-to-enjoy meal, which makes this an even better deal!

  1. Weirdest Disney restaurant

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom is a strange place for food and atmosphere, and this is Disney, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing! This restaurant is based off of the Jungle Cruise so you know it’s going to be kitsch and punny. The food, however, is bold by Disney standards. Meals on this menu are fusion foods of cuisines from South America and Asia. No chicken fingers here!

  1. Buffets are great for families

Yes, it is a lot of food for a family, especially when there are small children. Often, the mistake is stuffing everyone and stressing about “getting your money’s worth”. Remind yourself that you are on vacation and relax! If you have a big family with lots of opinions or just picky eaters, buffets are great because they have something for everybody!

  1. Family-style buffets are best for families
75 Disney Dining Tips 2

A buffet is a buffet, right? It is until you’re juggling multiple buffet plates for your children and you have to take shifts going back up to the line. There is nothing worse than just sitting down to your plate and an adorable voice says, “Can we go back for more?”. Family style is served right to the table and all of the items included except dessert are bottomless, so you can ask your server to keep them coming!

  1. Visit a table service restaurant and just get dessert!
75 Disney Dining Tips 3

Beaches and Cream on Disney’s Boardwalk is a fun diner-style restaurant, but let’s face it, you really just want dessert here. Forget dinner, dinner. You’re on vacation! Be the fun mom! Beaches and Cream offers up the Kitchen Sink Sundae that includes scoops of every ice cream flavor, every single topping available, AND a whole can of whipped cream all served in a literal kitchen sink. At only $35, we think this is a deal, and not to mention, a memory.

  1. Kids under 3 are free at table service locations

Technically, they do not get to order food, but they are allowed to eat off of your plate. That may not sound like a deal, but if you go to any all-you-care-to-enjoy restaurant it’s a great deal because you can share endless amounts of food! Nobody should leave Disney World feeling hungry.

  1. Apparently, 10 is an adult in Disney

The flip side of the previous tip is that at 10 children are considered adults at Disney. Both ticket prices to enter the park and meal prices change at age 10. That can be a hard pill to swallow because that meal price just almost doubled and your 10-year old likely isn’t eating twice as much as they did when they were 9.

  1. Date night
Outside Le Cellier

There are great places for couples to go have a date in Disney World, it isn’t all Mickey hugs and corndogs. For a great steak dinner try either Le Cellier in EPCOT or Steakhouse 71 in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. If you prefer a classic Lady and the Tramp moment over some authentic Italian food, try your next date over at Via Napoli in EPCOT.

  1. Big eaters: all you care to enjoy meals

If you have big eaters, *cough* TEENAGERS *cough*, you may want to consider an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal in the middle of the day for them to fill up the tank. It is Disney, so do not mistake Quick Service meals as inexpensive. Plus, you don’t want to stop every 5 minutes for food and take that time away from rides!

  1. Light eaters: avoid all you care to enjoy meals

If you eat like a bird or have a lot of small children, why would you want to spend money on food you won’t eat? We figure that if you visit the buffet to get the equivalent of an appetizer, dinner, and dessert, then it is totally worth the $42+ price tag for adults, but if you’re just going to nimble on a salad, don’t do it…

  1. Dietary Restrictions

Disney chefs have gone out of their way to make a Disney vacation not only possible but enjoyable for people that have physical and dietary differences. Allergies? Gluten-free? Diabetic? Keto? Vegetarian? Vegan? No problem, just check the menu on the app for the special menus that list the concerns or meals that fit your special needs. You will find dishes that accommodate everyone at every restaurant. Be sure to discuss any food allergy with your server prior to ordering as well, for safety.

  1. Make reservations for table service restaurants

Remember that you are sharing your vacation with 10,000 of your new closest friends. You can’t just choose a restaurant and walk in like an Applebees. In order to guarantee a table and not wait forever to get it, you need to make a reservation. The easiest way to make reservations at Disney World is through the My Disney Experience App.

  1. Make reservations as soon as possible!

Gone are the old days of booking restaurants 6 months in advance! As of now in 2022, you are able to make a reservation 60 days in advance. Here’s how you do it:

  • Set your alarm for 5:30 exactly 60 days from the day you want a reservation and get a cup of coffee
  • Set up your computer and phone with your My Disney Experience account logged in. Why both? There are thousands of people booking at the same time, so it may freeze or crash in the system.
  • At 5:50 put in the date you are looking for and number of guests in your party
  • Start refreshing. Every minute refresh the page until it populates with options.
  • Cross your fingers!
  1. Check for last minute reservations

Weren’t able to snag the reservation you wanted? Don’t give up hope yet! A lot of times, people book really popular restaurants because they had an opening. Then they keep the reservation until they are sure that they can’t work it into their schedule, in which case, they will cancel it. Then it’s free game! This usually happens 1-3 days prior to the scheduled reservation. If you have to cancel a reservation be sure to do it at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $10 per person charge!

  1. Take advantage of resort perks

Are you a resort guest? If so, you have the ultimate dining perk! Everyone who is staying off site can make a dining reservation as early as 60 days out, so that means for a 5-day vacation, you are waking up 5 days in a row for a crack at the best dining options. BUT if you are a resort guest, you can book 60 days prior to your Disney Vacation… meaning for your 5-day vacation, you can technically book one of your days 65 days in advance. If the high ticket dining such as, Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Oga’s Cantina, Space 220, and Ohana are really important to you, know that resort guests will have an easier time snagging these.

  1. Lounges: Unsung heroes of Disney dining
75 Disney Dining Tips 4

Maybe you couldn’t get a reservation, or maybe you don’t want to pay for a full prix fixe meal, whatever your reason for not eating at select restaurants, be sure to check out their lounges! No reservations are required! Lounges are the chilled-out cousin of the restaurant they are attached to. Our favorite Disney World lounges are the Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom, Space 220 Lounge in EPCOT, and Steakhouse 71 Lounge in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

  1. Use Disney Dining Reservation finder apps

You took the steps and didn’t see an available reservation, it happens. You have a life and don’t want to waste time stalking My Disney Experience until your vacation. You don’t have to! There are apps for you to set alerts for Disney restaurants! Simply put in the reservations of your dreams, and when they come available, they will send you an alert. We use Stakeout and love it because it is simple and not overloaded with unnecessary notifications or ads.

  1. Be flexible with meal times

Sometimes getting a spot at a particular restaurant just involves a little flexibility. Maybe you will be eating dinner at 3:30 or 7:30. In normal life, those times sound extreme, but on Disney time, trust us, they still work. You have been snacking through the park and will snack later, so a full meal at 3:30 sits nicely. Or, if you’re planning to do fireworks, a 7:30 reservation is just the boost you need to recharge.

  1. Split up big parties

We recently went with a large party of 9 and were unable to find any decent dining reservations, (no offense Liberty Tree Tavern and Whispering Canyon Cafe). However, when split it up into 3 groups of 3, we were able to find a much more extensive list of reservations available. This trick is best for adult trips or families with teenagers just in case you get split across a room. If you explain at table check in the situation, they are pretty good at getting you at tables near each other.

  1. Consider restaurants outside the parks

It’s so easy to get caught up in the go, go, go in the parks. That can only end in a crash and burn. If you want to have a magical time be sure to take chunks of breaks throughout the day. We find it easiest to actually leave the parks and take a break at a resort because you not only have that hour-long meal time, but also the time getting to the resort. It’s amazing the difference you feel when you take that break.

Disney Quick Service Dining Tips

  1. Not all quick service is created equal

Quick service in Walt Disney World is so much more diverse than people give it credit for! Sure, there are a lot of places to get a cheeseburger and fries, but that’s not all it is. You can get quick Italian food from another planet, or fresh and healthy eating! Check those menus ahead of time via the app.

  1. Quick service with the most indoor seating

A table and chairs are a premium in Disney World, so it’s important to know where you are most likely to sit your tired, keister down with your meal! Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios has the most INDOOR seating of any quick service restaurant. The food is not overly fancy or adventurous, but it tastes good and sitting is wonderful on a day where you are walking 10 miles.

  1. Quick service with the worst seating
Outdoor Woodys Lunchbox Seating

It’s funny that the quick service with the best seating is in the same park as the quick service with the worst service. We’re sorry Woody’s Lunch Box. We want to love you. We love your elevated childhood favorites, but dang! Imagineers didn’t want to sacrifice the theme here so the seating is AWFUL. There are only a handful of tables, but Toy Story Land is very congested and very exposed to sun, so you will cook right along with your grilled cheese.

  1. The most consistent quick service
75 Disney Dining Tips 5

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe gets a bad rap for being outdated and boring, but we disagree! Some of these other places get crazy menu items and things get a little inconsistent. But not the home of Sonny Eclipse! The cheeseburger and fries taste the same every single time. Can we just say that Disney fries are always next level awesome!?

  1. Eat from another planet
75 Disney Dining Tips 6

Did you know that you can enjoy restaurants on other planets? Go try food from the Na’vi at Satu’li Canteen or eat at Docking Bay 7 while on a visit to Batuu. Let’s just say, the Na’vi understood the assignment.

  1. Puffy pizzas, love them or hate them
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza

When Disney serves “pizza” at a quick service it’s what’s considered “puffy pillow pizza”. These are not bad! But, you do need to manage expectations. If you are thinking it’s going to be the best pizza, then you’re going to be disappointed. But, if you’re a carb lover who is gaga for bread with a little sauce and cheese, it gets the job done and you can eat it on the go.

  1. Save money and order kids meals at quick service

PRO TIP: You are able to order kids meals at quick service locations as an adult! It is a less expensive and smaller meal for when you’re getting hungry but don’t want a huge portion. You don’t have to lie and say you are buying it for a kid or anything, it’s totally allowed.

  1. Get free ice water at quick service restaurants

Did you know that you dehydrate faster in humid hot weather? Guess what Florida is… Humid and hotter than the devil’s front porch. Say it with me: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! A little sip from the drinking fountain is not going to cut the mustard. Everytime you go to get a snack or a meal, request multiple ice waters! Drink at least two every time you eat and put the spares in your water bottle and you will be fine.

  1. Don’t underestimate quick service

Just because it’s fast and comes on a paper plate doesn’t mean that it can’t be quality. Have we mentioned Satu’li Canteen?! Full disclosure, Satu’li Canteen is hands-down my favorite food in all of Walt Disney World.

  1. Don’t plan on peak meal times

Goodnes, we hope you’re still reading because this is perhaps the most important tip with quick service. Don’t try to eat at 12:00 and 5:00! Not only will you have to wait longer for your food, the odds of not having a seat to sit and eat are much higher.

Disney Snack Tips

  1. Bring your own brand of snacks if you’re picky

There is no rule saying you can’t bring in your own food to the parks. The only rules are no glass and no loose ice. Easy peasy. Want to save money and bring in pretzels and goldfish? No problem. Just remember everything can melt so just say no to granola bars!

  1. Caramel apples are great but wait until the Cast Members can cut them again
75 Disney Dining Tips 7

We miss our Disney World caramel apples with the little Mickey mouse marshmallow ears, but there is no good way to eat these without cutting them. You either risk breaking your teeth, getting it all over your face, or worse, they melt everywhere in your quest to try to take them home. After Walt Disney World reopened in 2020, Cast Members were no longer able to cut customers’ apples. It’s 2022 and they still cannot, so we are not sure if this will return, but rest assured, when it does we will be the first in line at the Confectionery!

  1. Design your own treats

Make a treat and a memory! At Goofy’s Candy Company and the back portion of the Main Street Confectionery offer ways for you to customize your cereal treats, marshmallows, cookies, or popcorn.

  1. Don’t buy Disney fruit

In and amongst the popcorn and ice cream carts, you might see a small fruit stand… Don’t do that. Have you ever tasted an apple that was worth $2.50? What about a $2 banana? Yeah, not worth it. If you want something fruity and refreshing go for a Dole Whip! (Calories don’t count in Disney.)

  1. Just say yes to ice cream
75 Disney Dining Tips 8

With it being so hot in Disney ice cream just hits better than an average day. On a particularly hot day our group paused to get some root beer floats over at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies and it just recharges your batteries! Sometimes ice cream is more than ice cream. It’s a memory of that time mom let the kids have ice cream before dinner… Or maybe even for dinner.

  1. B.Y.O.G. – Bring Your Own Gum

Have you heard that there is no gum in Disney World? That’s no myth! Walt Disney World is famously clean and gum is very difficult to get off of the asphalt. Walt Disney knew that if they didn’t sell gum then they would have to clean it up less often. There is no rule about bringing in gum, but you won’t find any for sale ANYWHERE on property.

  1. Mickey shaped snacks just taste better

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cookie, a biscuit, or eggs, everything just tastes better when it is Mickey shaped! If you see something Mickey-shaped, get it! You won’t regret it. Plus they make great pictures for the family scrapbook.

  1. Enjoy limited-time snacks

There is always something to celebrate in Disney World and they love to celebrate with fun and interesting limited-time snacks! Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Mickey’s birthday, or even Earth day, there is something fun coming out of those bakery cases. From now until 2023 Walt Disney World is celebrating its 50th-anniversary celebration with over 150 new snacks! Hope you brought your stretchy pants.

  1. Save money – Eat breakfast before the parks
Mickey Waffles

You get to the park early and realize that you’re hungry… Bad news: only some of the quick service restaurants open before 10:00. And, since you’re a pro, you know that the best time to get in rides and attractions is in the morning, so you don’t want a long sit-down breakfast at table service. Save your park day and your money by eating in your room before you come. Oatmeal works great! Easy, portable, and doesn’t require anything other than water!

  1. Snacks are basically meals

We’re so used to planning our day around breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the idea that we would skip one of these is crazy. Especially on vacation! Trust us, you can “snack” all day and definitely not feel like you’re missing meals. Some of these snacks are huge!

  1. Save money- bring in snacks

If you’re looking to save money by bringing in snacks, by all means! Just remember that heat. Things you didn’t know could melt will melt. On our last adventure we brought yogurt covered raisins… Yeah… we didn’t save money because we threw them away.

  1. Find the shareable snacks
75 Disney Dining Tips 9

You’re not being cheap! You’re being adventurous and know that if you share snacks, you get to eat more snacks! Some of the most shareable snacks in the Magic Kingdom are the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern, buffalo chicken totchos at Friar’s Nook, and corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner.

  1. Sometimes the simplest snacks are best

Sometimes Disney gets a little too creative when it comes to treats. We admire the imagination but 5 flavors in a cupcake is a little much. One of the best desserts in all of Walt Disney World is two well-made cookies with a scoop of ice cream in the middle available at Dino-Bite Snacks in Animal Kingdom.

  1. Rice cereal treats: eat this not that

This is very very important. When you enter any location with a bakery case, they will have two kinds of rice cereal treats. One is delicious and the other is gross and stale. Always buy the ones directly from the display case. Never buy the cellophane ones with the nutrition information on the back. Yuck.

  1. Popcorn buckets
75 Disney Dining Tips 10

Popcorn is a great snack to keep full and just enjoy. Buying the souvenir popcorn buckets aren’t only fun to collect, they make your popcorn visits cheaper! If you have a souvenir popcorn bucket, refills are only $2.50!

  1. Popcorn flavors

Disney has more than just butter flavored popcorn! If you are visiting Galaxy’s Edge you can enjoy space popcorn that is a mix of spicy red popcorn and blueberry pound cake purple popcorn. Looking for something sweet? In EPCOT you can have caramel popcorn in the Germany pavilion and maple popcorn in the Canadian pavilion.

  1. Custom popcorn

In the back section of the Main Street Confectionery, there is a counter where you can customize your popcorn! Pick what kind of popcorn, chocolate, and candy mix-ins you want. This is the perfect treat to sit along Main Street and watch the parade.

Random Disney Food Tips

  1. There are no food rules in Disney

There is nothing that says you can’t eat a taco for breakfast and an ice cream sundae for dinner. Live your best life. You’re on vacation!

  1. Try the big food

The bigger the better, right?! The Plaza Restaurant and Beaches and Cream both have gigantic sundaes. Pongu Ponug, the German Pavilion in EPCOT, and Baseline Taphouse all have gigantic pretzels. Gaston’s Tavern and Main Street Bakery both have large cinnamon rolls.

  1. Charcuterie – good, bad, and best.
75 Disney Dining Tips 11

Some people see it as a plate of just meat and cheese, other people consider it a refined Lunchable, but either way, there are good charcuterie boards and bad ones. Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar has an excellent charcuterie in a giant German pretzel that is fantastic. Baseline Taphouse is the home to the best charcuterie board because it’s quality and it’s only $10! The hands-down worst charcuterie board is the one at Oga’s Cantina. It is $20 of string cheese, pork rinds, and other sub-par ingredients.

  1. Ziplocs

Ziplocs have many purposes in Disney World. The first use is to waterproof your phone on Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids. Did you know that Splash Mountain is even sponsored by Ziploc. The second is to save the leftovers of the many delicious snacks that you’re bound to buy and not finish. What about the previous rice cereal treat tip? Where would you put that fresh rice cereal treat? Ziplocs.

  1. Manage expectations with chocolate souvenirs – it’s Florida

Do not bring home chocolate souvenirs and expect them to still look cute after bringing them home. And for the love of all things holy, don’t put chocolate inside your beautiful (and expensive) Loungefly bag.

  1. Mobile Order

Mobile Order isn’t available at every quick-service restaurant, but where it is available USE IT! You can order any time of day and just tap the “I’m here” button and waltz past all those fools waiting in line.

  1. Lots of booze in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT

Magic Kingdom does not have any alcohol in the parks (only beer and wine in table service restaurants) per Walt Disney’s wishes. BUT! You can get all kinds of fun and unique cocktails in Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios.

  1. Bottled water

Remember those tips about bringing snacks? The same applies to water, but we feel like it should be mandatory to bring in your own bottled water! You can buy a 24-pack from Walmart for only $3. 1 bottle in Disney World is $3.50!! Please don’t buy a $3.50 bottle of water…

  1. Starbucks in the parks
Starbucks latte Imagination Pavillion Epcot

Fret not, coffee lovers! There is a Starbucks location in every Disney park, including Disney Springs! Though, we believe that Joffrey’s is the superior coffee shop, so we recommend giving them a try over Starbucks.

  1. Eat in line

So you see the standby line is 60 minutes or more, grab yourself a snack for your time in line. As long as you are not in a building, you can eat? PRO TIP: Grab a dole whip from Aloha Isle before entering the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean.

  1. Eat desserts in the park

Every restaurant has a dessert menu, but for the most part, just pass. Desserts in the park are much better! You can get eclairs, donuts, cupcakes, churros, dome cakes, and more in the parks!

  1. Sorry, there is no Mcdonald’s in Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Back in the 90s, you could actually get McDonald’s fries in the Disney Parks! Unfortunately, that partnership ended years ago, but easter eggs remain. The fries available at Disney quick service, however, are the closest fries to McDonald’s as we have ever had. If you really have a hankering for Mickey Ds there is a stand-alone location right outside of the All-Star Resort entrance.

  1. Check the menu online

Quick service restaurants can add new snacks and treats any time so be sure to check out those menus before your next visit. How else would we know that Gaston’s Tavern is serving different themed domed cakes??

Disney Dining Tips for the Parks

  1. Be Our Guest vs Cinderella’s Royal Table
75 Disney Dining Tips 12

Both of these table service restaurants are in a royal castle. Cinderella’s is in the main Disney castle in Magic Kingdom, and Be Our Guest is in Beast’s castle in New Fantasyland. Both restaurants also feature a more refined and fancier menu. The last similarity is the limited character interactions. You would think with such a high price tag, you would have a more intimate character experience, but we regret to report that is just not the case. Unless you have a major Beauty and Beast fan or Cinderella fan, there really is no choosing! Be Our Guest has more consistently good food and better theming in the different dining rooms, but Cinderella’s Royal Table is in the castle! I mean, it’s the symbol of the Magic Kingdom! The only way we choose is based on which one is available.

  1. Sorry, no booze in the Magic Kingdom

It’s true. Walt’s vision for Magic Kingdom was to be a child and family place for adults and children to be one, and this vision included no alcohol. It’s not completely dry, however. You can get beer and wine at the table service restaurants. In the other parks, you can buy cocktails and drafts at kiosks and walk around the parks.

  1. Know the best theme park for snacks and quick service
75 Disney Dining Tips 13

There is a lot of debate about this… EPCOT has by far the most choices, but Animal Kingdom has few but mighty selections. Both are delicious but hard to nail down which is best. Magic Kingdom is my favorite of the parks, but it is the worst when it comes to snacks.

  1. The best theme park for themed dining

Hollywood Studios has not gotten much love in this list, but they win on the themed dining! You can have a classic 1950s meal with your cousin, eat in the back of a ‘57 Chevy at the drive in, have a drink on another planet, or even in a replica of a famous Hollywood restaurant! Each of these restaurants are heavily themed in their stories and you can dive on in!

  1. Blue vs Green Milk – the final decision
Blue and Green Milk on Batuu

Star Wars fans will be sure to put the blue vs green milk taste challenge to the test when they visit Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney says the blue milk is floral and the green milk is citrus… I don’t know how they came up with those descriptions, but that’s not at all the flavors. The flavors aren’t bad, they are just hard to place… Here’s the best one: The ones with alcohol! Yes! You can spike them – blue milk gets rum and green milk gets tequila! Of course, these are only for those that are 21+. For more read our guide to Blue and Green Milk on Batuu.

  1. Know the best theme park for fancy table service

Looking to get fancy? EPCOT is home to Le Cellier, a fancy pants steak house in the Canada pavilion. Le Cellier is French for a cellar, so as you can imagine it’s a lot of dim-lit candle lighting. Very romantic. Plus, what is more romantic than expensive steak? A beef fat candle that you can eat… Story for another day.

  1. Get the passport in EPCOT
75 Disney Dining Tips 14

Whenever you walk into EPCOT there will be “passports” by the maps and times guide. GRAB IT! This has all of the information and menus about the current food booths and outdoor kitchens for whatever festival is going on. There will be so many choices that you’re going to want to plan it out. Some festivals have as many as 26 food booths, and that’s not including the permanent pavilions!

  1. Try the food challenges in EPCOT

Every festival Disney encourages us to try new things by having us complete a food challenge like the Cookie Stroll during the Festival of the Holidays. Every time you bought a cookie that was on the stroll you would get a stamp. Once the stamps are full you would get a prize! Usually, it’s a cookie, but at other festivals, it might be a wine glass with Dole Whip or a plastic plate.

  1. Don’t waste stomach space in EPCOT
75 Disney Dining Tips 15

Feeling peckish in EPCOT? Please don’t just walk in some place willy-nilly and grab a pretzel or something dull. Go to World Showcase and get something amazing! Here are all the best places to in Epcot’s World Showcase.

  1. Eat something wild
75 Disney Dining Tips 16

If you’re on vacation, you should try something you normally wouldn’t. Maybe that’s some duck from the World Showcase or the fried whole fish at Yak and Yeti. Just be adventurous!

  1. Drink around the world in EPCOT

Remember to pace yourself throughout the day, but you can have a really fun day drinking around the world. Begin your morning in Mexico with a nice margarita and end the day in Canada with a cold lager. However you do it, please do it responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Or climb the pyramid in Mexico… Google it.

  1. Use gift cards to budget
75 Disney Dining Tips 17

Disney can get expensive and it is hard to stay on budget, especially while the dining plan is still gone. Our solution is to purchase Disney gift cards and put as much money as we would have spent on the dining plan onto gift cards. So, within reason, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

What are some of your best dining tips for Disney? Share them in the comment section below.