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Why We Love Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World

Why We Love Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World

Alright, here it is you guys: the best article we’ve ever written. Why? Because it’s about Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company! All of us here at WDW Vacation Tips, LOVE Joffrey’s coffee, not only because it’s tasty but because it’s become quite synonymous with a Walt Disney World vacation. 

In this article, we will go over all the areas around Walt Disney World where you can find Joffrey’s coffee, what’s on the menu (including several of our favorites) and how you can bring the magic of Joffrey’s coffee home with you long after your trip is over. 

History of Joffrey’s Coffee

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company has and probably always will hold a special place in their hearts for Florida. After opening their first store in Tampa in 1984, Joffrey’s actually became one of the first specialty roasters in the Sunshine State. 

If you’re a fan of Joffrey’s, you know it has such a rich, distinctive flavor and that’s all thanks for the kinds of beans they use to produce their coffee. Joffrey’s exclusively uses Specialty Grade Arabica beans, which are usually grown in the perfect climate and are picked when they’re hit their peak level of ripeness. 

While they are still based in Tampa, the Joffrey’s brand has expanded and taken the world by storm. Not gonna’ lie – we’re pretty thankful they did!

Joffrey’s Coffee Locations in Disney World

There are a total of 18 Joffrey’s kiosks and/or stores located across Walt Disney World, including all four parks, both water parks and Disney Springs. Below, we take a look at where each of these kiosks are located. 

Why We Love Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World 2

Animal Kingdom

  • The entrance to the park
  • Royal Anandapur Tea Company located in Asia near the Kali River Rapids


  • Near Test Track
  • Epcot Monorail station
  • Entrance to the World Showcase near Pin Traders
  • The American Adventure
  • The World Showcase between Canada and the United Kingdom 

Magic Kingdom

  • Transportation and Ticket Center
  • Tomorrowland

Hollywood Studios

  • Outside of the exit of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (this one is my personal fav!)

Disney Springs

  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company brick-and-mortar store located near the Boathouse 
  • Handcrafted Smoothies kiosk in Disney Springs Marketplace and Disney Springs West Side

Typhoon Lagoon

  • The donut cart and Arctic Dots ice cream cart near Singapore Sal’s
  • Near Let’s Go Slurpin’

Blizzard Beach

  • Near Lottawatta Lodge
  • Near the Polar Pub

Disney Resorts

  • The Skyliner station at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Contemporary Grounds at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

ESPN Wide World of Sports

  • The welcome center

Joffrey’s Coffee Disney Menu

While not every kiosk or location will offer the same options, here is a list of the different items you can (usually) expect to find on the menu:

  • Cold brew -$4.99
  • Flavored latte (hazelnut, Irish cream, vanilla or caramel) – $5.69
  • Vanilla/mocha latte – $5.69
  • Shakin’ Jamaican Cold Brew (my fav) – $4.99
  • Double espresso – $3.59
  • Cafe latte – $5.09
  • Green Apple iced tea/peach iced tea – $4.19
  • Regular iced tea – $3.59
  • Hot tea (variety of flavors) – $3.49
  • Chai latte – $.509
  • Frozen chai latte – $5.69
  • Alcoholic beverages (Tiki Torch, Frozen Strawberry-Lemon Sunset and Kahlua Tini) – $11.99
  • Cookies/muffins/donuts/apple fritters – $4.99

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Exclusive Festival Beverages

Joffrey’s also serves limited edition items during the different Epcot festivals. Since we are in the middle of Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival, we listed the speciality beverages below:

Flower and Garden Festival (March 3rd – July 5, 2021)

  • Citrus Sunrise – Frozen passion fruit and lemon drink with vodka
  • Bloomin’ Berry – Frozen lemon mixed with vodka and blackberry syrup
  • Spring Flurry – Frozen lemon with cinnamon whiskey
  • Bubbly Brew – Coffee and whiskey mixed with Coke

Each drink costs $11.99.

As of publication, menus for both the International Food and Wine Festival and Festival of the Holidays have not yet been released but we will update this page as soon as they are announced. For the Festival of the Arts, which just passed, the most recent menu is listed below. Only time will tell if the same beverages will be available for next year’s festival but we hope they are:

  • Starry Night Latte: a latte mixed with espresso, white chocolate and dulce de leche topped with dark chocolate sauce and pieces of Milky Way candy
  • Caramel Canvas Latte: a latte mixed with caramel, peanut butter syrup and topped with chocolate sauce and pieces of Snickers candy
  • Creative Twist Latte: a brown sugar butter toffee latte topped with chocolate syrup and Twix candy 
  • Color-Me-Latte: an espresso mixed with chocolate syrup and topped with dark chocolate sauce and M&Ms

All of these lattes cost $5.99; you can also pair each latte’s matching donut for $9.99.

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Our Joffrey’s Recommendations

Because the menu usually has a speciality item, I always try to order something new every time I visit the parks. But because it’s Joffrey’s and I’m always ordering it more than once during my stay, here are a few of my recommendations I think you’ll love:

  • Shakin’ Jamaican: This is a cold brew coffee that’s blended with hints of vanilla and caramel and it’s absolutely delicious!
  • Donuts: These aren’t your average donut – these are JOFFREY’S donuts and they’re as big as your head! These donuts come in a variety of different colors and are always baked to perfection. They’re so soft and make for an inexpensive breakfast at the parks, too. 
  • Irish Cream Latte (Hot or Iced): Irish and sweet cream with hints of vanilla in a coffee, *chef’s kiss* absolute perfection!

Don’t Forget the Latte Art!

If you’re visiting Disney Springs, don’t forget to stop in at the Joffrey’s coffee brick-and-mortar store to get some unique, one-of-a-kind latte art you can’t find anywhere else. For certain Disney characters or other seasonal icons, it’s usually only about $.50 extra, however prices are always subject to change. The list of characters change, but I’ve gotten Mickey Mouse before, which was such a neat experience for me because it was my first time ever getting latte art on my order. 

Why We Love Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World 3

You can even upload your own selfie and turn it into latte art. Seriously! To upload your own selfie, you’ll need to first download the Ripples – Drink Personalization app on your phone. Once downloaded, select “Disney Springs Joffrey Coffee & Tea Company” as the location, select an existing image or take a selfie and show your number to the barista. It’s that simple! Especially now during the pandemic, this could be a really fun way to show your entire family “smiling” in a group photo!

Where to Buy Joffrey’s Coffee

You can purchase Joffrey’s coffee directly from their website, which you can access here. Products have also been spotted on Amazon such as the French Bistro blend, which is currently selling for $13.49. We’ve provided a link to all of the Joffrey’s products available on Amazon here.

Recent reports have also come out that certain retailers such as TJMaxx have sold bags of Joffrey’s coffee. While this is a hit or miss, it’s definitely worth checking out the next time you’re out shopping, especially since they tend to have reduced prices. 

Final Thoughts

Disney World is famous for their snacks and I fully believe Joffrey’s deserves to be included in this list. Now excuse me as I go order a box of Joffrey’s K-Cups off Amazon so I can pretend I’m waking up in Disney World tomorrow morning instead of going to work. Who’s with me?

Are you a fan of Joffrey’s coffee? Let us know in the comments.