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Erin Bassett

I am a mother of three that has refused to grow up. Adulting is for the birds, so I go to Disney World every chance I get for that magical escape from reality. I believe that Haunted Mansion is the best ride in all of the Disney Parks, and I am fervently in team Happily Ever After for fireworks spectaculars, (sorry, not sorry, Enchanted). Finally, I hope I never grow tired of skipping down Main Street, USA, and my dream come true would be "friends with" the Fairy Godmother in my old age.

Does Disney Own Warner Bros. Studio: Full Breakdown

Is Disney and Warner Bros. the same thing? Does Disney own Warner Bros. Studio? They own so much of the entertainment industry. Although both Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Studio are titans in the entertainment industry, many people often find themselves confused due to their similar prominence and rich histories.

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