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Cinderella’s Royal Table Dinner Review

Cinderella’s Royal Table Dinner Review

If you are headed to Disney World there is one reservation that is most sought after out of them all, and that’s the Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom. Here you have a unique opportunity to dine inside the castle with Cinderella! People flock to this dinner option to get the experience of dining inside of a castle and also to see the princesses.

Note: Cinderella along with Ariel, Aurora, and Snow White are returning to Cinderella’s Royal Table on February 28th, 2023.

How to Get a Reservation For Cinderella’s Royal Table

Scoring a reservation here is no easy feat, you should prepare to get up to book at 6 am EST. 60 days out from your desired day. Even then there is no guarantee. After many months of hunting, we were able to scoop up a last-minute cancellation. It’s important to note that you will be charged the full price of your meal here upfront. For those with discounts, you will be refunded the difference after you dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Cinderella’s Royal Table Quick Facts

  • Service: Table-Service
  • Type of Food: Steak, Chicken, Allergy Options
  • Price: $62 per adult and $37 per child ages 3-9
  • Location: Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom
  • Discounts: DVC, Annual Passholder
  • Features: Atmoshpere, Reservations, Alcohol
  • Good For: Unique Experience, Kids
  • Menu: Official Disney Dinner Menu

The Atmosphere of Cinderella’s Royal Table

Check In Process

To check in for your reservation, you will need to head to the back of the castle. This is the side that is closest to the carousel and faces into Fantasyland. In the area under the backside of the castle, you will find the entrance to Cinderella’s Royal Table as well as the reservation check-in podium. Note that Cinderella’s Royal Table doesn’t take walk-ups as they fill up so quickly and tend to always be booked fully out the day of.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 4

Since this restaurant is very small they frequently get backed up on being able to seat guests. When we arrived at first they didn’t say anything but after waiting 15 minutes we were informed that it would probably be another 30 minutes until we were called. They encouraged us to explore Fantasyland so we took the opportunity to wander a bit. I am really glad that we did too since it was about a full 45 minutes before we were seated at our table.

Royal Meet and Greet Room

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 5

When you are called you will enter the castle and wait in the royal meeting room. This is the area where you used to get a photograph and meeting and greet with Cinderella. We essentially hung out in this big room waiting for someone to come down and get us. When the host came down we walked up the spiral staircase to get up to the main dining area.

If you need there is also an elevator that can take you and your family up to the main dining area.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 6

It was really appreciated that even though the meet and greet weren’t still happening that we got time to explore this area and take some pictures. On the way up you want to make sure that you take in all the beautiful stained glass. About halfway up there is a beautiful window that features Cinderella herself, I highly recommend stopping and grabbing a picture here.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 7

Once you are in the main room where the seating is I am sure like me you will be surprised to see how tiny the space is. It very much reminds me of how tiny the dining space is at Le Cellier at Epcot.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 8

In the back of Cinderella’s Royal Table are stunning floor to ceiling stained glass windows. Each window features a different sheild. If you are lucky enought to get one of the tables by the windows you can look out onto Fantasyland and seeing everything that is going on.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 9

Also when you are seated at your table don’t forget to look up. The vaulted ceilings are gorgeuous and decorated with colorful flags. There is so much detail throughout the entire restutant its hard to catch it all.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 10

Lastly, we wanted to give you a look at the table settings here at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Everything maintained the regal feel. The napkins were folded fancy and the table had a fleur de lis disc to hold the candle. After we walked to our table our hostess handed us each a wishing star. Not much else was mentioned of why but it tied in later in the dinner when we got to see Cinderella.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 11

Food Review for Cinderella’s Royal Table


Royal Cheese Course

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 12

This starter comes with a Selection of Plant-based Cheeses, Toasted Baguette, and Accompaniments. I feel with the complaint we always have with the sampler option is they never give you enough of the crackers to use up all the cheese and sides they give you. Other than that it was great starter.

Soup of the Day

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 13

On our visit, the soup of the day was a cream of mushroom. This beautiful soup was poured tableside and it felt like an extra treat. I love mushrooms so this soup was a hit with me it was nice and creamy and the croutons were a perfectly complemented crunch in the soup.

Main Entrees

Magic Carpet Ride

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 14

This dish is a Spiced-crusted Pork Tenderloin and Pork Belly with Curry Couscous, Glazed Rainbow Carrots, and a Peppercorn Flying Carpet. This pork dish was packed with flavor but if you aren’t a fan of curry or Indian spices then this dish isn’t for you.

Tenderloin of Beef

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 15

A very classic and safe dish, this is the Grilled Beef Tenderloin, whipped potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and Sauce Bordelaise. While this didn’t top our list of the best steak we have had on property it was still very good and an enjoyable pick.


Coffee Pots de Crème

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 16

This plant based option is a Coffee-infused Coconut ‘Custard’, Passion Fruit Gelée, and Crumbled Chocolate-Espresso Beans. The coffee smell hits you strong when it comes out to the table. It was almost like that of a soup consistancy. My husband enjoyed this dessert pick.

Jaq & Gus

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 17

Cheesecake with Seasonal Flavors and Garnishes. When we visited in February it was a traditional berry accompaniment. I thought it was a pretty standard cheesecake not bad but nothing too special at the same time.

Fireworks at Cinderella’s Royal Table

If you time your meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table right you can see the fireworks out that big glass window. Obviously, you are missing out on all the projections that are happening on the front of the castle but it is still a spectacular show nonetheless. Dinner is anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours so check the time’s guide before booking and time your meal. Fireworks at Magic Kingdom tend to fall at 8 pm in the winter and 9 pm in the summer.

Cinderella’s Royal Table Pros and Cons

Pros of Cinderella’s Royal Table

  • One of a kind experience of eating inside the castle
  • Views you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Small intimate setting not overly loud and crowded.

Cons of Cinderella’s Royal Table

  • Full character dining isn’t back so your are missing out from a portion of your high dollar meal.
  • High price tag and just alright food.

Is Cinderella’s Royal Table Worth It?

So the million-dollar question is should you spend your hard-earned money on dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table? Well, I think it depends. If you are looking for a knock your socks off meal of top-notch food, then I think this restaurant is one you should skip. I do think it is worth dining in the castle at least once in your lifetime. If for no other reason than to say you had the chance to eat there. We weren’t blown away by the meals we ate and definitely felt we had better meals elsewhere on Disney property. However, the food wasn’t bad and we didn’t feel like we wasted our money dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table either. We also loved the treat on the way out of getting our own wand and sword.

Cinderella's Royal Table Dinner Review 18