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8 Things to do at Disney Springs with Toddlers

8 Things to do at Disney Springs with Toddlers

Disney Springs is one of our favorite places and during the summer months, we visit it even more than we visit the theme parks. It’s easy to get in and out of and offers a lot more for toddlers than you might think. As a mom with a double stroller, this is the easiest place to zip it around. If you’re on vacation this is a great low key area to visit in between theme park days and resort fun. My toddlers request Disney Springs on specific days and I love that they know what level of Disney fun they want. We always enjoy a sweet treat and spot new merchandise which has almost become a hobby of ours. My 3-year-old can spot a new item faster than I can in the Disney store! I often tell people not to skip Disney Springs because of it’s relaxing environment and budget-friendly options for families. We’ve spent 4 hours at Disney Springs and only spent $15 which included a sweet treat and train ride. Exploring and playing at “The Springs” is a toddler must. Here are 8 things to do at Disney Springs with toddlers:

Arrive at the Disney Store just before it opens

We tend to pull into the parking garage at about 9:30-9:45 am. There is always floor 2 parking (Disney Springs entrance level) and very low crowds. If we are a bit early I stop at Starbucks for a drink then wait for the Disney Store to open. Basin is open before the Disney store so we occasionally pop in there for a surprise bath bomb for the boys to take home before we explore the Disney store. If you arrive as they open the doors you will be greeted by the entire store cast and sometimes they clap, sing, or blow party horns as you enter. It’s such a fun experience entering the store with the first small wave of customers! We feel like we get the store almost to ourselves which gives the toddlers a bit more roaming freedom when looking at all the must-have Disney toys and merchandise.

Lunch at T-rex or Rain Forest Cafe

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly, non-Disney, but very interactive lunch I suggest T-Rex or the Rainforest Cafe. Our boys love both of these locations. There are some days we actually picnic in Disney Springs near the main splash pad but we also love these restaurant experiences and frequent them. If you head to these locations at opening (11 am) then you’ll get seated within just minutes!

Pick a Bakery Item from Goofy’s Candy Company 

8 Things to do at Disney Springs with Toddlers 12

This is a tradition for us. There are some days we visit Disney Springs and only get our shared dessert choice from Goofy’s Candy Company. Nothing beats a custom Disney sweet! I let the boys pick on their own and yes, sometimes it takes them a bit to select just 1 item but the joy they get from making the choice is the best. You can enjoy your sweet treat inside at one of the tables in the back or out front on one of the brick plant seating areas. We’ve taken our sweets into the Christmas store which is across the way to enjoy a bit more cool air as we snack too! You can’t go wrong with Goofy’s Candy Company.

Splash Pads at Disney Springs

8 Things to do at Disney Springs with Toddlers 13

There are 2 splash pads at Disney Springs, the main one located near Earl of Sandwich and a smaller one behind the Christmas store. Florida weather is hot almost year round so it doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy this little cool off stations with the toddlers. This summer they did have a beat the heat splash pad event in the late afternoons that we enjoyed. I always bring an extra change of clothes for my boys in case a quick splash pad visit is a must.

Photo ops 

8 Things to do at Disney Springs with Toddlers 14

I have taken some of my favorite photos of my boys at Disney Springs. There are backdrops, a photo pass station, props (seasonal ones that are fantastic), movie posters, and so much more for photo opportunities. My oldest toddler prefers the movie theater photo booth spot and my youngest prefers the statues, specifically Buzz. There are adorable spots throughout Disney Springs including great backdrop views of the lake! Don’t skip taking a few photos of your toddlers at the Springs.

Carousel and Train Ride

For a small fee, there is a train ride and carousel at Disney Springs. The Carousel sits outside of the Christmas store and beside Earl of Sandwich. I like listening to the Disney songs from the carousel even if we aren’t riding it that day. We have enjoyed a picnic at the seats across from it just so that we could hear the carousel Disney songs. The train is a little ride that only goes in a circle, so this is ideal for the younger aged toddlers. My 1 year old thought the train ride was just the coolest. If the kids need a break from shopping and exploring I would consider a quick “ride” on one of these to break up the day’s activities.

Ghirardelli Free Chocolates

Disney Springs with Toddlers

My toddlers know that Ghirardelli delivers! Pop into the Ghirardelli store for a free sample any time you visit Disney Springs, the kids will love it. I have been there once and they didn’t have free samples, but did offer a discount on a purchase… this has only happened once in the last 3 years, but I did want to disclose it. When we are done exploring the Disney store my boys point at the Ghirardelli sign because they know chocolate (the best chocolate!) is up ahead.

Play at Lego Store

My boys could stay in the Lego store for hours and hours. There are play stations inside and outside of the store. This is something I prefer to do at opening or morning hours as the store can get busy quickly. My favorite part of this is that the play stations are age appropriate. There are stations with larger legos and those with tiny pieces for the older groups to play with. If you do arrive at opening all the legos have been put up and cleaned so you are first to start building. Joining in later in the day is fun, but just know that you will be playing with a larger group of kids and some things will already be built on the lego station and you continue building on it or around it, not starting from scratch. This is a free fun activity the kid’s love! Don’t forget to tell the Hulk, Woody, and Buzz lego statues bye on your way out.

There is now a Bippity Boppity Boutique at the Disney Springs location, so you might want to add this to your list of things to do with toddlers at Disney Springs. We have yet to make a visit to the boutique so I didn’t want to speak on before we experience it. Enjoy visiting Disney Springs with toddlers and have a blast exploring all there is to discover! For more Disney Springs tips read Unique Things to do at Disney Springs and also be sure to check out the Disney Springs Map Disney World.