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Disney Vacation Planning Resources

There are so many details that go into planning any vacation let alone a vacation to Disney World. The great news is that there are so many fantastic resources available to help you plan the trip you always dreamed of to Disney World. Below are some of our recommended websites that will be helpful as you plan and book your Disney vacation!


It can be overwhelming when you are trying to find out where to stay during your Disney World vacation. Some of my best trips were ones where we stayed on Disney property. However, that isn’t to say staying off property is bad. It’s all in the type of vacation you want to have. Staying offsite is great when you plan to do other things outside of Disney or are looking for have a combo of relaxing days along with park days.


Airline Deals


Don’t overpay for airfare! Depending on the size of your family this can be a really costly part of any vacation. This site allows you to set up an alert and track pricing, giving you peace of mind that you scored the best deal! Start watching flights to Disney World today!


Disney Travel Books

For a full list of help Disney World travel guides read Best Disney World Vacation Planning Books

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

In my opinion, this is the best unofficial guide out there today. It’s backed with so much information, you will notice if you venture out to a bookstore that this guide is significantly larger than the official guide coverage that Birnbaum offers. This Disney World guide is extremely comprehensive and offers up great advice for various touring plans based on your family’s specific needs. I even have a copy of this guide in my collection and I am at the Disney parks weekly (but I am a bit of Disney nut)!

Birnbaum’s Official Guide to Disney World

If you are looking to stay offical then this is the guide for you, it covers all the latest Disney World things straight from the source.

Discounted Disney Tickets

For my complete guide on discounted Disney World tickets read Discount Disney World Tickets

The savings from an authorized Disney World ticket reseller can range anywhere from $4 to $60 per ticket. Below are a few different online discount retailers that we recommend. Park Savers is running a sale on a variety of Disney world ticketsBest of Orlando is offering Disney World Base Ticket: Buy 4 Days & get 5th Day Free!Disney Vacation Planning Resources 11 Undercover Tourist is offering discounted Disney World TicketsDisney Vacation Planning Resources 12 as well!


Trip Supplies


Most of my travel supplies come from Amazon. There is no better place to stock up on backup batteries, chargers, suitcase organizers, and other goodies. For a complete list of recommendations read What to Buy Before your Disney Vacation.





Capturing the Moment


DJI Osmo Mobile Silver - Turn Your Phone into a Smart Motion Camera.
My husband uses the DJI Osmo Mobile in combination with an iPhone to capture video from around the park. It’s essentially a smartphone stabilizer and we think it has worked out wonderfully for our personal use as well as for videos showcased on our YouTube channel.



Lens Rental

Did you know that you can rent a lens for your camera? Need a camera, you can rent one! This also goes for video cameras and the like. You name it Borrowed Lens has it available to you to rent. It’s a great service that allows you to save money and test something out before buying it.

DSLR Camera

Right now we have been carrying around a Canon SL2 which is part of its Rebel series. This is a great entry level DSLR camera and has lots of preset modes if you aren’t sure how to set the camera manually.

Smartphone Lens Attachments

Disney Vacation Planning Resources 13

Olloclip transforms your phone into a sophisticated DSLR for a fraction of the price. They have a ton of options that work on a variety of phone. Go over to their website to learn more.




Remembering your Trip


Disney Vacation Planning Resources 14
This is a newer company I recently started using and their quality is superb. I love putting together a photo book after our travel to remember each trip by! I find it way easier than scrapbooking and the finished product always comes out nice. Check out their latest deals and printing options.



Disney Vacation Planning Resources 15This is where for years I exclusively got all my prints and photobooks. Shutterfly is unique in that it has Disney photobook templates to go along with all your Disney World vacation pictures. Check out Shutterfly’s products here.




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