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20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers

It’s amazing to think people believe that there is nothing for toddlers to do in Disney World because they couldn’t be more wrong! First of all, stage shows, character meet and greets, parades, and fireworks will amaze any child, so even if they do not want to go on any rides, they will still have a magical time. If they do like rides, Disney World has more family-friendly rides than any other theme park. Most of the family-friendly rides are in the Magic Kingdom, so if you only have one day, that is the best park for toddlers. Disney has made it so everyone in the family will get to experience the magic!

20. Haunted Mansion – Magic Kingdom

Hitch hiking ghosts inside the Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom

While Haunted Mansion is one of the best attractions in all of Walt Disney World, it makes the bottom of the list because you really need to know your toddler! If your toddler is adventurous, they might love Haunted Mansion, because it’s not scary, scary. You know, it’s just 999 grim grinning ghosts who come out to socialize. However, if your kiddo is terrified of the count on Sesame Street or runs from the room every time a Vampirina commercial comes on, stay clear!

19. The Barnstormer – Magic Kingdom

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 3

The Barnstormer is like an intro-coaster. This roller coaster is less than one minute long, 53 seconds to be exact, so it is like a sampling to kids of what a roller coaster can be like.  While there is a height requirement, it is only 30”, so there is a good chance that your toddler will be big enough! If they aren’t, this is our PSA about not faking your child’s height. Teaching them to raise up on toes or get them “taller shoes” is a bad idea. Those height requirements are all about safety.

18. Jungle Cruise – Magic Kingdom

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 4

Jungle Cruise is widely known for the spectacularly terrible dad jokes that will likely fly right over your toddler’s head. However, they will love the animatronic animals! My toddler totally thought those playful elephants were real. Plus it’s always great to get a break and sit down for a bit.

17. Na’Vi River Journey – Animal Kingdom

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 5

This easy-going, slow boat ride is filled with bright bioluminescent plants. Pro-tip: This is a great ride before nap!! The lighting is very dim and the music is very soothing. Honestly, I could sleep on this ride in a loop. Your kids don’t need to understand what Avatar is to enjoy this ride. Plus, check out the best animatronic in all of Walt Disney World at the end of the ride!

16. Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover – Magic Kingdom

People Mover

You know that point in the day when your toddler needs a break from the heat and to just sit down out of a stroller? Then it’s time for the People Mover! Plus, for us grown-ups, the People Mover also passes a concept model of the EPCOT. Yay, Disney History!

15. Frozen Ever After – EPCOT

Does your toddler have Frozen fever? On your EPCOT day walk over to Norway to check out Frozen Ever After. This is a boat ride that takes you through their story and of course, ends with Elsa belting out “Let It Go”. Go on, Momma, sing along. You know you want to.

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 6

Are you a Disney nerd who loves to learn about advances in Imagineering in addition to being a toddler mom? Read about the projection mapping that was used on the animatronics in this ride.

14. Tomorrowland Speedway- Magic Kingdom

This ride has a height requirement of 32” to ride along with an adult, which is the height of a typical two-year-old. This is perfect to let your toddler drive, well, sort of. You will have to reach your foot down their side to push the pedal, but it’s ok because they absolutely love it. Just don’t judge them on their bad driving, because honestly, these cars are hard to steer. These cars make for some pretty comical driving, even from a grown-up. Don’t worry, these are on a track so you’re not about to “go into the unknown”.

13. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Magic Kingdom

What’s there to say about this attraction? You’re taking a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood in a Hunny Pot. It has no height requirement and your toddler will love it, of course. What I really appreciated was the cue line. There are little activities and things for little hands to keep occupied while waiting in line. Though, warning, this ride will frequently boast a 40+ minute line!

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 7

This is a great opportunity to read about Genie+ and determine if it would be a good idea for your trip. I’m all about making the baby happy, and this ride will, but it’s a hard pill to swallow to wait in a long line for it. Waiting in a minimal Lightning Lane for it, no problem!

12. Triceratop Spin & Magic Carpets of Aladdin – Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom

I know I cheated a little here, but since these are literally the same ride. Sure, one is a dinosaur and the other is a magic carpet, but both go up and down and move slowly in a circle. You will enjoy the squeals of laughter from your toddler and the shorter lines that these rides tend to have.

Note: Magic Carpets of Aladdin is right across from Aloha Isle, so Mobile Order your Dole Whip and then go for a spin! Once you get off the ride, your Dole Whip will be ready for pickup!

11. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel – Magic Kingdom

Did you know that the concept of Disneyland came to Walt Disney while sitting on a bench watching his daughters ride on a carousel? It’s safe to say that he achieved this goal, and to pay homage to his muse, there is a carousel in the Magic Kingdom. Naturally, you have to take a ride on the attraction that started it all. Another fun fact: the carousel is a piece of history on its own! The Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is over 100 years old!

10. Peter Pan’s Flight  – Magic Kingdom

Toddlers will be flying in a pirate ship from London to Neverland. Honestly, the cue might even be better than the ride! You walk through the little Darlings’ bedroom and see Tinkerbell buzzing around. Peter Pan’s Flight is a classic, almost cult-like, ride that will always have a long line.

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 8

Peter Pan was said to be Walt Disney’s favorite story, and this ride is practically an opening day attraction, so hard-core Disney fans will always worship it. If you have Genie+, snag one of these Lightning Lanes AS SOON AS YOU SEE IT.

9. It’s a Small World – Magic Kingdom

Your toddler will love to dance and sing to this iconic song, and they will love to see the different dolls playing. There is so much for them to see on this slow-moving boat ride. If your toddler ends up loving this ride, take them to lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus and go up to the second floor. There is a huge window that overlooks It’s a Small World. Don’t worry, you can’t hear the song.

8. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – Magic Kingdom

Toddlers get their chance to help defeat Zurg on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. I loved how my toddler with the most serious face as he was attacking the button on his “pew pew”, I mean laser gun.

Do yourself a favor: Do not show them the spinning lever! The second time we went on this my baby had me just spinning in circles. Let’s just say that that was the last time we helped to defeat Zurg on that trip!

7. Pirates of the Caribbean – Magic Kingdom

New Pirates Redhead

What kid doesn’t love pirates?! Your toddler will be in awe when they see that huge pirate ship and see the cannons go “boom”( . They will love seeing the pirates with the pigs and the dogs in town, too. Be prepared for your cutie to sing, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!”. Side note: the pirate-themed gift shop sells the Pirate Red dress and hat for girls. Just once I would like to see a little girl skipping around as Pirate Red!

6. Mickey’s Philharmagic – Magic Kingdom

Ok, I know this isn’t technically a ride… But you have to do this with your toddler! This 3D movie includes tons of characters that they probably know and features Donald Duck as the main character. They will smell things and feel things, and at the end… There’s a funny surprise that will have all the kids in the theater erupting in laughter. I might be a teensy bit biased since this is my all-time favorite Disney attraction, but trust me, this is a must-do on your Disney list with your toddler!

5. Kilimanjaro Safaris – Animal Kingdom

Safari truck Kilimanjaro Safari

This was my toddler’s favorite ride our whole vacation! I was unsure at first because I knew that this can be a longer ride, around 20 minutes, and even longer if a Rhino decides to lay down on the road. My son was glued! You will hear “wow!”, every 5 seconds.

Want to know how much my son loved it? He was allowed to choose one stuffy in all of Disney World. I thought he would choose a cute Mickey, Sully, or even Olaf… But no, he chose an African wild dog like he saw on the safari. Do you have any idea how ugly those things are?! Back to the point, the safari is a major hit for people of all ages, and the bonus is that it is also educational.

4. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – EPCOT

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 9

This ride is exactly what EPCOT needed! Located in the France pavilion, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a new trackless ride that shrinks you down to our favorite rat, Remy and his brother Emile, and you get into all kinds of hijinx. EPCOT is a massive park, and there aren’t a lot of rides for littles. France is just about halfway through World Showcase, so it’s the perfect break!

3. Toy Story Mania – Hollywood Studios

Outside Toy Story Midway Mania

Isn’t this the same ride as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin?? No, no, no. While, yes, it is a competitive game/ride, and themed around Toy Story, but the similarities end there. Space Ranger Spin is like you were dropped into an old-school video game, Toy Story Mania is a moving carnival video game with amazing technology and graphics.

This game will bring out the super-competitive side in everyone and the shooter is super easy to use. Little hands will have no problem operating the ride, but be warned, they won’t aim well and it will drive you a little crazy. Pro tip: Train up those forearms before your trip. If you know, you know.

2. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway – Hollywood Studios

What toddler doesn’t know Mickey, Minnie, and all our classic Disney friends? When they see all of these characters that they know it makes it so exciting for them to be there. Like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a trackless ride that puts you into the story. Get ready to break out those dance moves for the conga scene!

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 10

I’ll be honest, when I first went on this ride, I had zero expectations. In fact, I figured it was going to be a little dumb, but on our Hollywood Studios day when our toddler had to sit around and watch his brother and sister ride everything he couldn’t, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway became a must-do for us. Well, I was wrong! Not only was my toddler excited about the ride and the characters in it, but I also had a blast. It was way better than I expected. Shame on me, this is Disney after all, and they make magic with everything they touch.

Dumbo – Magic Kingdom

20 Best Disney World Rides for Toddlers 11

Dumbo is hands down the best ride for toddlers to do again and again! When New Fantasyland was created in 2012, they moved the opening day attraction, Dumbo, and added a second Dumbo! Yes, they are dueling Dumbos! Toddlers will love how the front seat lever makes Dumbo go up and down, and the back seat lever tips it forward and backward. The Dumbo ride itself is not what gives it first prize. It is the queue. You read that correctly. The area where you wait on Dumbo is EVERYTHING!

No kid likes waiting. No parent likes to wait with a kid who is waiting. Until now…

Dumbo is hiding a circus-sized secret. When you enter the queue and work through a short line you will be given a buzzer for when it’s your turn to ride. Why would you need a buzzer, you ask? Because you get to wait inside of a humongous circus-themed playground!!!! This is not just any playground, because it was made by Disney. There are sound surprises, tunnels, climbing areas, slides, and so much more!

So much of your toddler’s time in Disney is spent in their stroller or being told to stay very close. Once they get inside this enclosed, air-conditioned fun zone,  they can take off! This is a great opportunity for them to just run, play, and giggle freely. Take your toddler over to Dumbo when they need to run or you need a break. Plus, if you don’t know already, Florida likes to rain. A lot. The expression, “when it rains, it pours”, was from Florida.