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Disney World Rides for Babies

Disney World Rides for Babies

Many assume Disney World isn’t ideal for babies, but oh my goodness it totally is! We brought out our first son to Disney for the first time when he was 9 months old and we brought our second baby boy to Disney at 2 months old. I get asked often, “what do you do with them there at that age?” The answer is so many magical things! Today I’ll focus on 10 Disney World rides for babies to encourage you to plan your next Disney trip with a baby. Nothing beats seeing your baby kick their legs with excitement on a Disney ride!

It’s a Small World

Babies of any age can ride this very slow boat ride. The song and the scenery of the ride catches the eyes of infants easily. A super fun stimulation for tiny ones! Warning, you will be stuck with an earworm afterward. Both of my boys enjoyed this ride from the comfort of my arms many of times.


At the current age of 3 and 1 this is still a favorite ride for my boys. I have captured so many images of my boys riding Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom. You have the option to raise Dumbo higher but can enjoy the ride without using the controls so that baby just soaks up the slow flying scenery.

Winnie the Pooh

Again with this ride, there is music and color overload to keep any baby mesmerized. We enjoy this ride at all ages! We listen to the soundtrack regularly so both boys knew the songs on this ride at a very early age. This is one of the main characters infants connect with so the catchy title song makes this ride a must for first time Disney babies.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Yes, there is a slight drop on this ride, but it’s safe for all ages. Both of our boys love this ride and it’s my oldest most favorite! Yet another cool spot with songs we sing regularly. I highly recommend Pirates of the Caribbean for babies. We don’t visit the Magic Kingdom without a Pirates of the Caribbean Fastpass since it’s a family favorite.

The Haunted Mansion

I wasn’t too sure on this ride as I thought it might scare the kids, but it didn’t! My oldest rode this for the first time at 9 months and didn’t mind the darkness or the scenery at all. Don’t stress that it might be too scary for your child if they are under 2. I have heard of some older children being scared on this ride, but my babies and toddlers enjoy it.

The Jungle Cruise

Disney World Rides for Babies 1

This is a 3rd slow moving boat option for babies to enjoy at the Magic Kingdom. While the adults enjoy the humor from the captain the babies enjoy the scenery outdoors. My babies loved trees and the simple scenery outside offers and this offers that and more.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

As a similar concept to Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, the magic carpet ride offers flying scenery for all ages. In our opinion, the only difference is the view you get and the babies enjoyed it either way. If you have more than 2 in your party I suggest splitting up and capturing a photo from the carpet in front as I did with Dumbo.

The People Mover

People Mover

This is a go-to for many families. You can relax, take a moment to enjoy the view, and cuddle your little while moving through Tomorrowland. I’ve nursed both babies on this calming ride and taken the cutest family selfies on it too!

The Little Mermaid

Your baby can easily be part of Ariel’s world on this slow-moving sea shell ride. From the waiting area to the ride itself the visuals are fantastic for babies to soak up and enjoy.

The Walt Disney World Railroad

Similar to the Tomorrowland Transit People Mover, this ride offers a relaxing environment. What makes this train different is the multiple land views you get. My boys are all about trains so this was is a must! From the sound of the train to the movement, this is often a baby favorite. My youngest has taken wonderful cat naps on this ride.

Well, there you have it, 10 Disney World rides for babies at the Magic Kingdom. Did you ever think that your baby could ride so many things at Disney? Babies can go on any ride that doesn’t have a height restriction on it. This really gives you a larger selection of attractions than you would think, especially at the Magic Kingdom. If you are worried anything may be frightful read Disney World Rides that Maybe too Scary for Kids.

What is your favorite ride for babies at Disney World? I might have to go with Dumbo just for the nostalgia but Pirates of the Caribbean is a household favorite so I might have a tie on my hands.