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Epcot for Toddlers is a Must Do

Epcot for Toddlers is a Must Do

Epcot is a popular Disney theme park for adults, but I find that many don’t realize all of the toddler-friendly things there too. Did you know there’s an aquarium, splash pad, and coloring stations at Epcot? An aquarium inside a theme park is a double win, right? Our silly boys, ages 3 and 1, frequent all of the parks and request a visit to Nemo & Friends often making Epcot a park to visit just as much as the others. Yes, I made them pose at the toothpaste wall after getting off of their favorite ride because that’s what parents do. Here’s my Epcot for Toddlers must-do list.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This is hands down the finest area of the park for toddlers. The Nemo & Friends ride is about 5 minutes long and ends with you entering a real life aquarium. The aquarium is impressive, filled with multiple exhibits. My boys enjoy the ride (mostly for the cool down on warmer days) and love the interactive stations in the aquarium area. You can touch screens to learn about the water life, watch divers in action, see a sea turtle enjoy a head of lettuce, take photos inside of a Bruce the shark prop, and so much more. Once you’re done exploring the aquarium there is a Turtle Talk with Crush interactive show. They get the kids involved for this one and select kids from the audience to chat with Crush on the big screen! You could easily spend an hour in this section of Epcot. The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a toddlers dream!

Epcot for Toddlers is a Must Do 1

Playground area and splash pad

During the 4 Epcot festivals, there are new themed playground areas. During Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, you can find multiple playground areas while during the food and wine you’ll probably spot just one. Either way, be on the lookout for a themed playground area near the Test Track ride or be sure to ask a cast member for details. The splash pad area is a great spot at Epcot for toddlers, especially during the brutal summer months. As most of us parents do, it’s best to bring a change of clothes with you just in case the splash pad sounds looks appealing to the toddler.

Frozen Ever After in Norway

We personally don’t spend much time in the world showcase with our boys, but we always make a quick stop in Norway for Elsa and Ana. Pro tip: head directly to the Frozen Ever After ride when the park opens for lowest wait times. The World Showcase doesn’t open until 11 am, but they open Norway at 9 am to allow guests to ride this popular ride. The Frozen Ever After ride is for all ages and my boys love seeing Olaf, Marshmallow, and crew sing the beloved Frozen songs.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Epcot Kidcot Fun Stops

Speaking of Norway, beginning at 11 am, there is an interactive kid station in the Norway gift shop. These kid stations, which consist of mostly coloring, can be found in all of the countries in the shopping areas. These stations sed to consist of coloring a Duffy the Disney Bear but now it is sponsored by Ziploc. At each stop, you can collect stamps and create a personalized souvenir at any or all 11 of these World Showcase craft stations. I love that their is a Cast Member from that country at each stop. They can tell you about their home and teach you a word or two from their language. It’s a great educational experience.

Where to Find Kidcot Fun Stops

  • Mexico Pavilion (near Animales Fantasticos)
  • Norway Pavilion (at The Puffin’s Roost)
  • China Pavilion (near the exit of Reflections of China)
  • Germany Pavilion (at Volkunst)
  • Italy Pavilion (outside, near La Bottega Italiana)
  • American Adventure Pavilion (outside, near Heritage Manor Gifts)
  • Japan Pavilion (in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery)
  • Morocco Pavilion (at the Marketplace in the Medina)
  • France Pavilion (at Souvenirs de France)
  • United Kingdom Pavilion (at The Toy Soldier)
  • Canada Pavilion (at the exit of O Canada!)

Three Caballeros in Mexico

As an adult, Mexico is my favorite country in the World Showcase and thankfully my toddler boys enjoy it too! The Three Caballeros boat ride typically has a 5-minute wait or less. This ride reminds my boys of Coco with all the vibrant colors and they enjoy watching Donald throughout the short ride. One of their favorite things about Mexico is the Coco and Princess Elena merchandise. Just this week we spent about 30 minutes in Mexico looking at merchandise. There is also a new Coco themed interactive screen at the entrance where you can create your own custom skeleton from the movie. Mexico is a fun spot for toddlers, especially those who love the Coco movie and live Spanish inspired music like mine do!

Living with the Land

Living with the Land Epcot

Living with the land is yet another boat ride for all ages. This ride teaches you all about living with the land and a firsthand look at the Epcot greenhouse. While most toddlers won’t appreciate the education within this ride, they will enjoy a very cool ride while the parents point out some of their favorite veggies. My boys get to see the fruit and vegetables mom talks so highly about (wink). This ride also offers a behind the seeds tour, which we plan on doing this fall. It’s a classic relaxing ride that is ideal for a cool down moment for toddlers and parents.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Oh, Figment. While I personally don’t love all things Figment my boys do. There’s just something about the purple guy, right? Figment takes you through the 5 senses, with a lot of silliness involved. At the very end of the ride, you enter an interactive station which is fun! There’s computer screens, hand motion music sensors, and more for the kids to explore. As you exit Figment and the interactive stations there is a unique photo pass opportunity and gift shop. Toddlers do love Figment. Full disclosure: you might have the rides theme song in your head all day.

Outside of what I listed above there is also photo opportunities with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Baymax from Big Hero 6 and Joy! It might be surprising to see so many toddler friendly things to do at Epcot. If you’re planning a vacation and want to see the world of Epcot but nervous about bringing toddlers, take comfort in this list. Always keep one thing in mind- you’re at Disney, there’s always something toddler friendly around!

In the comment section below let us know what you do with your toddlers at Epcot!