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Should I Rent a Car at Disney World?: 5 Solid reasons why it is an absolute must

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World?: 5 Solid reasons why it is an absolute must

Should I rent a car at Disney World? If you’re currently planning a trip to Walt Disney World we know that this is a question that you are asking yourself. We got you. We’ll help you break down the pros, the cons, and all of the how tos to help you answer that age-old question: Should I rent a car in Disney World.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: All of the options

So, picture this: you’ve got your Mickey ears, a checklist of must-ride attractions, and a heart full of Disney magic. But hold up – how are you going to navigate the enchanting world of Disney with ease? Well, my friends, that’s where the game-changing decision to rent a car for your Disney vacation comes into play. Trust me, it’s like having your own magic carpet (minus the flying, of course). Buckle up, because I’m about to spill the details on why renting a car might just be the pixie-dusted solution to all your theme park transportation needs!

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Drive Your Own Vehicle

While weighing your options you need to know what else is available to you. Of course, if you opt to drive to Walt Disney World from your hometown you might have your own personal vehicle. Sure, there is comfort in knowing the vehicle you’re driving like the back of your hand, but if you’re on vacation do you really want to create more work for yourself?

Yes, we said more work. By putting extra miles on the car you are going to create more maintenance requirements like oil changes, tire rotations, and tire replacements. All of these are not cheap necessities these days. Plus, you can’t tell me that your car doesn’t get absolutely destroyed and wrecked with the food and snack wrappers. Kids, am I right? Seriously, we give our kids a backseat garbage can and always at least one kid is like, hmmm the floor is a good place for my open back of pretzels….

Now consider this – while you are thinking “Should I rent a car at Disney World” think about that mess that is bound to be in the backseat. You know, the kind where you have more goldfish than the aquarium at the Seas with Nemo and Friends in your backseat. Now if you have a rental car that mess is not your problem!

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Rely Exclusively on Disney Transportation

Listen, we love Disney Transportation! But it’s not great to rely 100% on because you can really get that “stuck” feeling. There is something to be said about having the freedom to come and go as you please and where ever you please. Remember, places that are exclusively Disney Buses, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom, those buses run every 15 – 20 minutes. Now, if you had your car in the lot you could be out of the park and onto your next adventure within 10 minutes, of course that is if you haven’t lost your car in the parking lot… But wait!

Disney has taken care of that little annoyance! Now in your My Disney Experience app there is a section for you to select your parking spot. The app will help you record your location with a GPS tracker, and it also records the time. Why is that important? The parking lot Cast Members are incredibly organized. If you are able to tell them what time you parked, as in within the hour, not the exact minute, then they can tell you what sections they were parking then and lead you to your car!

Here’s something you might not have considered… While yes, having the freedom outside of the Disney Transportation to get around is really nice, what about needing personal transportation to get out of the Disney Bubble? You never know when you need to take your next Target run? Seriously, my last trip I forgot a comb and underwear. Target was a necessity. Should I rent a car at Disney World? Just remember – Target runs.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Driving vs. Disney Transportation

Let’s dive into the great debate: Rental car versus Disney transportation. Now, don’t get me wrong – Disney’s complimentary transportation system is a marvel in itself. Buses, monorails, and boats whisk you away to the magic without you having to worry about navigating the roads. However, and it’s a big “however,” the speed of Disney transportation is akin to a leisurely stroll through Fantasyland. Sure, it’s free, but time is money, especially when you’re on a tight schedule in the most magical place on earth.

Take dining reservations, for example. Picture this: you’ve got a coveted spot at Be Our Guest, and you’re relying on Disney buses to get you there. It’s like playing a game of transportation roulette. Will the bus arrive promptly, or will you find yourself tapping your foot, anxiously watching minutes tick away? Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s not the stress-free experience you’re dreaming of.

Let’s talk about the notorious “Disney time.” If you’re relying solely on Disney transportation, you’ve got to factor in a good chunk of time for waiting and making multiple stops. Want to hit up Space Mountain, then Epcot, and finally Disney Springs? With Disney transportation, be prepared to dedicate a significant portion of your day to commuting. It’s all part of the experience, but when time is of the essence, a rental car becomes your VIP pass to efficiency.

Now, cue the hero music for the rental car! Having your own wheels is like having a Lightning Lane for your entire vacation. Should I rent a car at Disney World? No more waiting for buses or sharing your space with other park-goers. You dictate your schedule, and suddenly, that extra hour you spent waiting for transportation is now an hour spent soaking in the beauty of Cinderella Castle or snagging that last-minute Lightning Lane for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

In essence, a rental car is your golden ticket to freedom within the Disney bubble and beyond. It gives you the power to be the master of your own destiny, making the most of every magical moment without the stress of adhering to Disney’s whimsical, albeit unpredictable, transportation schedule. So, if you’re all about maximizing your Disney experience and minimizing those “waiting for the bus” blues, consider the rental car route for your next visit to the most enchanting place on earth.

Personal story time: While asking yourself, “Should I rent a car at Disney World?” consider my story. I booked my mom and myself reservations for the Happily Ever After dessert party, specifically the one after the fireworks. It was magical! We stayed late, made friends, and got the most beautiful pictures down an empty Main Street. But you know what we never considered?

That the buses stop running ONE HOUR after park close. It was like Cinderella running from the ball… We heard the final “Kiss Goodnight” on the castle and we ran, and I mean ran to the buses. Or should I say, bus… There was literally one bus left for the night and it was leaving! Seriously, if we had missed that bus we would have been up a creek without a paddle. Buuuuut, if we had our rental car it would have been a much more relaxed, and less frenzied, end to the day.

Side note: if you’re a big fan of Disney Transportation and looking for some Disney Date night ideas, check out this article on a Monorail Date Night Crawl.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Where do I go?

Navigating the vast wonders of Disney World becomes even more enchanting when you have the freedom of your own chariot – a rental car. But where do you embark on this magical journey? Fear not, fellow adventurers, for Disney World offers a seamless experience when it comes to car rentals.

First stop on your quest for vehicular magic is the Orlando International Airport. Several major car rental companies have set up shop right at the airport, making it incredibly convenient for travelers flying into the Sunshine State. Picture this: you land, grab your luggage, and within moments, you’re choosing between a sleek sedan, a spacious SUV, or maybe even a convertible if you’re feeling extra whimsical.

Now, let’s say you’ve already immersed yourself in the magic of Disney and decided you need a rental car for the latter part of your journey. No worries! Disney has you covered with on-site car rental locations at several of their resort hotels. Imagine waking up in the morning, stepping outside your Disney-themed haven, and finding your chariot awaiting your command – a fantastic way to start your day of park-hopping adventures.

But what if you’ve already embarked on your Disney escapade and suddenly feel the need for four-wheeled freedom? Not to worry, my friends, for there are numerous car rental locations scattered around the Orlando area, just a short distance from the enchantment of Disney World. Whether you’re staying on International Drive, in Kissimmee, or even closer to the Orlando attractions, rental car providers are at your service, ready to whisk you away to the next chapter of your adventure.

So, whether you’re flying in, waking up in a Disney resort, or deciding on a whim that a rental car is the key to unlocking the full potential of your Disney experience, rest assured that convenient rental options are sprinkled throughout the magical realm of Orlando. Buckle up, fellow travelers, for your chariot awaits, and the magic of Disney World is just a drive away

Or how about this… Did you know that Walt Disney World has their own car rental service tied with Enterprise on Walt Disney World property? The Disney Car Care Service can help you rent a car, and this location can also help you fix your personal car if you are experiencing car trouble while on vacation. Check out car rental information for the Disney Car Care center, along with the other Enterprise locations around the Disney bubble here.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World?: 5 Solid reasons why it is an absolute must 1

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Rental Companies at MCO Airport

Yes, we definitely highlighted Enterprise just now, but that does not mean that that is the only company available to you for rental cars. Enterprise has a long standing contract with Walt Disney World and is the official rental car company of the Most Magical Place on Earth. (In fact, did you know that Enterprise sponsors both the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover and the latest attraction in Walt Disney World, Tron?)

Despite this contract, there are other options available to you. Get ready to cash in your rewards points, credit card perks, or other discounts available to you through all the major rental car companies. Should I Rent a Car at Disney World? Yes, yes you should!

Orlando International Airport (MCO) offers a variety of rental car options, providing travelers with the flexibility to choose from a range of vehicles and rental companies.

  1. Alamo Rent A Car: Alamo is known for its customer-friendly policies and a diverse fleet of vehicles.
  2. Avis Car Rental: Avis is a well-established rental car company with a broad selection of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and more.
  3. Budget Car Rental: Budget is a popular choice for travelers looking for affordable rental options without compromising on quality.
  4. Dollar Rent A Car: Dollar is recognized for providing budget-friendly rental car options with various vehicle choices.
  5. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Enterprise is widely known for its customer service and offers a variety of vehicles for different needs.
  6. Hertz Car Rental: Hertz is a globally recognized rental car brand, offering a range of vehicles from economy to luxury.
  7. National Car Rental: National is another major player known for its premium service and a diverse fleet of vehicles.
  8. Thrifty Car Rental: Thrifty is a cost-effective option for travelers seeking affordable rental car solutions.

Please note that the availability of rental car companies at MCO Airport may change, and new companies may be added. It’s advisable to check the airport’s official website or contact the respective rental car companies directly for the most up-to-date information and to confirm their current presence at the airport.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: 10 Tips for renting a car at MCO Airport

Renting a car at Orlando International Airport (MCO) can enhance your Florida adventure, providing flexibility and convenience. Here are ten detailed tips to make your car rental experience at MCO smooth and enjoyable:

  1. Book in Advance: Before you embark on your journey, book your rental car online. This not only ensures availability but often leads to better rates compared to last-minute bookings.
  2. Compare Prices: Explore multiple rental car companies and compare prices. Rates can vary between companies, and checking different providers might help you snag the best deal for your desired vehicle type.
  3. Consider Rental Car Locations: Decide whether you prefer an on-site rental location at the airport or if you’re open to taking a shuttle to an off-site rental car center. Both options are available at MCO, and your choice may depend on factors like convenience and cost.
  4. Join Loyalty Programs: If you frequently rent cars, consider joining the loyalty programs of your preferred rental companies. These programs often provide perks like faster check-in processes and discounts.
  5. Check Rental Car Policies: Read the terms and conditions of your rental agreement carefully. Pay attention to fuel policies, mileage restrictions, and any additional fees. Understanding the terms can help you avoid surprises at the rental counter.
  6. Inspect the Car Thoroughly: Before driving off, inspect the rental car for any existing damage. Note any dings, scratches, or issues and ensure that these are documented by the rental company. This will protect you from being charged for pre-existing damages upon return.
  7. Understand Fuel Options: Rental car companies typically offer different fuel options. Some may require you to return the car with a full tank, while others may provide the option to prepay for a full tank and return it empty. Choose the option that aligns with your plans and preferences.
  8. Be Mindful of Toll Roads: Central Florida has several toll roads. Check if your rental car comes equipped with a SunPass or similar electronic toll-paying device. If not, inquire about the rental company’s toll policy to avoid fines.
  9. Know the Drop-Off Procedure: If you’re returning the car to a different location, understand the drop-off procedures and any associated fees. Some companies offer one-way rentals with no additional charge, while others may have fees based on the drop-off location.
  10. Keep Contact Information Handy: Save the contact information for your rental car company, including emergency roadside assistance. In case of any issues or questions during your rental period, having this information readily available can be invaluable.

Remember, details and policies may change, so it’s wise to confirm specific information with the rental car company before your trip. Safe travels and enjoy your time in the magical world of Orlando!

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Things to consider

When venturing into the enchanting realm of Disney World, renting a car can be a game-changer, but it’s essential to consider a few key aspects. First and foremost, if you’re traveling with little ones, inquire about the availability of car seats with the rental company. Ensuring the safety and comfort of your young passengers is paramount. Additionally, factor in fuel options—know whether your rental car should be returned with a full tank or if there are alternative arrangements.

In the age of electric vehicles, check for the presence of electric charging stations, especially if you opt for an eco-friendly car. Disney has started to embrace this green trend, and some resorts offer charging facilities. Lastly, familiarize yourself with Disney’s parking policies, as some areas may incur fees. Having these details in mind ensures a seamless and magical journey as you navigate the wonders of Disney World with your trusty rental car.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Gas stations around Disney World

It’s essential to know where to refuel both your spirit and your vehicle. Disney World property features several conveniently located gas stations to keep your adventures fueled up. One prominent location is the Speedway gas station, situated near Magic Kingdom. This expansive station caters to both standard vehicles and RVs, providing a variety of fuel options.

Additionally, near Epcot, you’ll find the EPCOT Auto Plaza featuring a Chevron gas station, offering a quick pit stop for those exploring the wonders of Future World. Whether you’re near Disney Springs, the BoardWalk area, or other parts of the property, keep an eye out for the resort’s dedicated fueling stations to ensure a hassle-free and delightful journey through the magical world of Disney.

And remember, these stations often come equipped with conveniences like convenience stores and snack options, making them not just refueling points but essential rest stops in the midst of your enchanting adventure.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Electric car charging stations

While asking yourself, “Should I Rent a Car at Disney World”, you might be torn because of your environmental responsibilities. Never fear, my green friend, Disney World is equipped with charging stations so you can rent responsibly!

Walt Disney World is not just a magical destination for fantasy and wonder; it’s also keeping pace with modern times by embracing sustainable transportation options. If you’re cruising around the property in an electric vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that Disney World provides electric car charging stations to keep your eco-friendly adventure charged up. These charging stations are strategically located at various points across the property, including theme parks and resort areas.

One of the prominent locations is the EPCOT parking lot, where you can find electric vehicle charging stations, showcasing Disney’s commitment to environmentally conscious initiatives. These charging stations typically support both Tesla and other electric vehicle models, providing a convenient way for guests to power up their cars while enjoying the attractions.

As Disney continues to prioritize sustainability, it’s advisable to check for the latest information on the locations and availability of electric car charging stations on the official Disney World website or relevant apps. Charging your electric vehicle at Disney World not only aligns with your green travel choices but also ensures that you’re all set to explore the magic of the parks with a fully charged and environmentally conscious ride.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: CAR SEATS!

When thinking, “Should I Rent a Car at Disney World”, you definitely need to consider car seats if you have small children. When embarking on a magical journey to Disney World with little ones in tow, having your own vehicle becomes not just a convenience but a paramount necessity. The safety of your children is of utmost importance, and relying on ride-sharing services may not always guarantee the secure and functional use of a car seat. Bringing your vehicle ensures that you have control over the car seat situation, providing a familiar and properly installed seat for your child’s protection.

Navigating the expansive Disney property, from theme parks to resorts, becomes a breeze when you have the flexibility of your car. There’s no need to worry about the unpredictability of ride-sharing services or the potential challenge of securing a car seat for your little one in an unfamiliar vehicle. Your car becomes a haven of comfort, complete with a properly fitted car seat that meets safety standards.

Additionally, having a vehicle at Disney World allows you to move at your family’s pace. No need to wait for a ride or adhere to someone else’s schedule. You can seamlessly transition from park to park or make impromptu stops for snacks, naps, or those unexpected magical moments.

In the enchanting world of Disney, where dreams come true and safety is paramount, having your own vehicle equipped with a reliable car seat ensures a stress-free and magical experience for both you and your little ones. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about creating a safe and memorable adventure tailored to your family’s needs. So, “Should I Rent a Car at Disney World”?… When it comes to having small children with you, yes, absolutely yes.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World?: 5 Solid reasons why it is an absolute must 2

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World: Parking

Congratulations on securing your magical chariot – a rental car at Disney World! Now, that you’ve answered your question about “Should I Rent a Car at Disney World”, let’s dive into the enchanted world of parking and explore the various options available to you.

When it comes to parking at the theme parks, each of the four main parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom – has its own dedicated parking area. Upon arriving, simply follow the signs directing you to the parking lots. Magic Kingdom has a unique setup with a parking lot and a ferry or monorail transportation option to the entrance. The parking lots at each park are vast, well-organized, and equipped with tram services to whisk you closer to the park entrances.

But let’s remember, parking in Disney World is not free, unless of course, you are a Walt Disney World Resort guest. If you are staying on-site at any of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels, parking is free. However, if you opt to stay off-site, the parking is around $25 for standard parking.

Additionally, for those adventurers planning to explore Disney Springs, the entertainment and shopping district at Disney World, there is ample parking available, and the best part is – it’s free! Whether you’re indulging in some retail therapy, enjoying a meal at a world-class restaurant, or catching a show, Disney Springs offers complimentary parking to all guests.

In summary, with your trusty rental car, you’ll find parking at Disney World to be a well-organized and accessible experience. Just be sure to check the current parking fees, especially if you’re not a resort guest, and prepare to embark on a magical journey through the enchanting world of Disney.

Should I Rent a Car at Disney World… The final answer

Answering the ultimate question of Should I Rent a Car at Disney World is a really personal question that really depends on the type of vacation that you are planning and size, age, and style of your party. If you do decide that you should rent a car, we hope this guide helps you navigate the ins and outs.

Let us know! Comment whether or not you like to rent a car for your Disney vacations!