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Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable! 

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable! 

Scavenger Hunts in Disney’s Hollywood Studios offer an exciting and immersive adventure for guests of all ages. Designed as an interactive game, these scavenger hunts allow visitors to explore the park while solving clues, completing challenges, and unraveling mysteries along the way. It’s a fantastic way to add an extra layer of fun and exploration to your Disney experience.

The scavenger hunts in Disney’s Hollywood Studios are typically themed around popular movies, characters, or attractions within the park. They often involve searching for hidden objects, deciphering riddles, or completing tasks that lead participants to their next clue. As you progress through the hunt, you’ll unravel a story or solve a puzzle, making the experience engaging and captivating.

Who Would Enjoy a Disney Scavenger Hunt?

This activity appeals to a wide range of people. Families visiting the park together can bond over the shared adventure and teamwork required to complete the scavenger hunt. Kids, in particular, enjoy the excitement of following clues and being actively involved in the experience. However, even adults can find great pleasure in these hunts, as they offer a chance to explore the park in a unique and interactive way.

Why Would You Want to Do a Disney Scavenger Hunt?

There are several reasons why you might want to participate in a scavenger hunt at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Firstly, it adds an element of surprise and exploration to your visit, allowing you to discover hidden corners, details, and attractions that you might have otherwise missed. It enhances your overall park experience by immersing you in a thrilling quest.

Secondly, scavenger hunts provide an opportunity to engage with the stories and characters that Disney is known for. Lastly, completing a scavenger hunt can be a satisfying achievement. The feeling of accomplishment when you solve the final puzzle or find the hidden treasure can be incredibly rewarding. It offers a sense of fulfillment and adds a sense of achievement to your Disney adventure.

How to Play

Start by downloading and printing our FREE Hollywood Studios Scavenger Hunt Printable. Every time you find one of the clues listed be sure to snap a picture. Photos or it didn’t happen, people! 

The first person to find all 20 is the winner, and the last person to find all 20 buys everyone a PB&J Milkshake over at 50s Prime Time Cafe! 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Scavenger Hunt

Compare Your Hands to Robin Williams’! 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is known for its iconic collection of handprints and signatures of famous stars, immortalized in cement in front of the Chinese Thearer. These handprints serve as a captivating tribute to the countless actors, musicians, and other entertainment industry legends who have left their mark on Hollywood. As you walk along the pathways, you’ll come across an array of handprints, each representing a unique and significant contribution to the world of entertainment. From beloved Disney characters to legendary performers, the handprints serve as a reminder of the talent and magic that has graced the silver screen.

Our favorite set of handprints belongs to the late, great Robin Williams. In true funny Robin Williams fashion, he entertained the crowds even while setting his hands in cement. At the last moment he smashed his face in the wet cement as well. You can see his nose and eyebrows in the cement today. 

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Find Walt Disney’s Childhood Desk

Nestled within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Walt Disney Presents museum pays homage to the visionary genius behind the Disney empire, Walt Disney himself. This captivating exhibit offers guests a glimpse into the life and legacy of Walt Disney through a collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and interactive displays. From early drawings and concept art to audio recordings and interviews, the museum provides a comprehensive exploration of Walt’s remarkable journey, showcasing his creativity, innovation, and relentless pursuit of storytelling magic.

One of the standout artifacts on display in the Walt Disney Presents museum is Walt’s childhood desk from second grade, complete with his carved initials “WD.” This humble yet significant piece provides a glimpse into Walt’s early years and serves as a poignant symbol of his unwavering passion for creativity and imagination. Seeing this desk, where a young Walt Disney once sat and dreamt, is a powerful reminder that even the most extraordinary journeys begin with a spark of inspiration.

Check in at the Hollywood Tower Hotel

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  2

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is an iconic and thrilling attraction that immerses guests in the eerie and captivating world of the classic television series, The Twilight Zone. The ride’s backstory is set in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel, which mysteriously vanished one fateful night in 1939. As guests enter the attraction, they step back in time to that eerie evening and become part of the captivating story.

The lobby of the Tower of Terror is meticulously designed to transport visitors to the hotel’s haunting past. From the moment you step inside, you are enveloped in an atmosphere of faded grandeur and ghostly ambiance. The attention to detail is impeccable, with weathered wallpaper, chandeliers covered in cobwebs, and vintage furnishings that evoke a sense of a bygone era. The dim lighting and haunting music further enhance the eerie atmosphere, setting the stage for the supernatural adventure that awaits. 

Take a Selfie at the Popsicle Wall

Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a vibrant and whimsical area that brings the beloved characters from the Toy Story movies to life. Every corner of this immersive land is filled with meticulous details that transport visitors into a world of toys. One of the standout features is the Popsicle Wall, located at the exit of the Toy Story Mania attraction. This colorful and eye-catching wall is designed to resemble a mosaic made entirely of oversized popsicle sticks, creating a playful and nostalgic ambiance. The attention to detail is remarkable, as each “popsicle” is meticulously placed to create a vibrant pattern. It serves as a fantastic backdrop for photos, allowing guests to capture memories while immersed in the enchanting world of toys. The Popsicle Wall is just one example of the small but significant details that make Toy Story Land a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Find Andy’s Shoe Print

One of the delightful and attention-grabbing details in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the oversized shoe prints that can be found scattered throughout the land. These giant footprints are a playful reminder that this land was created by a young Andy in his backyard. 

The show prints are 25 feet long, which is an impressive size 240! 

As guests follow the trails of these larger-than-life shoe prints, they are transported into the world of toys, where imagination knows no bounds. The prints are meticulously designed, with intricate details and weathering that add to their authenticity, creating a sense of whimsy and wonder. It’s a visual cue that invites visitors to embark on their own adventure and embrace the playful spirit of Toy Story.

Find the Mickey Lightning Rod

A striking and iconic feature in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Mickey Mouse-shaped lightning rod that sits right at the entrance to Hollywood Studios. This lightning rod not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the park’s skyline. 

It’s a creative and playful twist on a functional element, seamlessly integrating the magic of Disney characters into the architectural design. This whimsical detail serves as a nod to the rich history of animation and the enduring legacy of Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey lightning rod is a delightful and eye-catching feature that showcases Disney’s attention to detail and commitment to storytelling. It captures the essence of the park, bringing the magic of Disney characters to life in unexpected ways. It serves as a reminder that even practical elements can be transformed into works of art, immersing guests in a world where imagination and creativity reign. 

Ride the First Mickey Attraction

Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railways

Can you believe that after more than 50 years of Disney Parks that Mickey Mouse has just now got his own attraction? Imagineers are reminding guests that it all started with a mouse when they opened Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway in the Chinese Theater. 

This attraction is a family friendly attraction that uses advanced trackless and projection technology that truly amazes guests while it entertains. Be ready to ride on a train conducted by Goofy, (what could possibly go wrong), and follow Mickey and Minnie to their perfect picnic. 

Meet a Pixar Character

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the best park in Walt Disney World to find and meet Pixar characters. You have the ability to meet Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc., the Incredibles family, Frozone from the Incredibles, and the ever fabulous, Miss Edna Mode. Fabulous, darling! 

Make your way over to the Pixar Place just beyond Disney Presents before you enter into Toy Storyland. Plus, there are great selfie walls over here, and he be sure to stop and grab a Jack Jack Cookie Nom Nom! 

Drink a Blue or Green Milk

Blue and Green Milk on Batuu

At the Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge, the otherworldly land of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, visitors have the opportunity to try the famous Blue and Green Milk. These unique and refreshing concoctions have become iconic staples in the Star Wars universe. 

The Blue Milk, made from a blend of exotic fruits and flavors, is a cool and creamy treat with a tropical twist. Its vibrant blue hue immediately transports guests to the far reaches of the galaxy. On the other hand, the Green Milk offers a lighter and more citrusy taste, created with a mixture of zesty fruits and a hint of floral notes. Both milks provide a refreshing and out-of-this-world experience that immerses guests in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Star Wars universe.

The Blue and Green Milk at the Milk Stand offers more than just a delightful taste. They contribute to the immersive storytelling of Galaxy’s Edge, allowing visitors to fully embrace the culture and cuisine of the Star Wars galaxy. 

Find a Nod to Roger Rabbit

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  3

The windows throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios are filled with intricate details and references to the rich history of film and television. Among these windows, there are special ones dedicated to the beloved characters of Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant from the classic film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” These windows pay homage to the film’s impact and significance, as well as its connection to the park’s opening day.

You can easily see these windows when on the porch of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. The first you will see right away is a window where the blinds are cut in a silhouette of Roger Rabbit from where he clearly had to make a quick getaway. Next to that you will see “Eddie Valiant – Private Eye”. 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released the same year that Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened, all the way back in 1989. Roger Rabbit could be found walking through the park during those opening years. Even Jessica Rabbit was seen from time to time in the early years. 

Don’t Catch Cooties! 

Toy Story Land Restrooms

The restrooms in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios showcase a brilliant and imaginative use of board games, creating a playful and nostalgic environment for visitors. One of the standout features is the incorporation of the classic game Cooties into the restroom design. 

The exterior of the restrooms resembles a larger-than-life Cooties box, complete with colorful game pieces and a whimsical theme. This clever choice not only adds visual interest but also evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia for guests. It’s a playful reminder of the toys and games that have captured the hearts of generations, and it adds an extra layer of immersion to the overall Toy Story Land experience.

Find Disney World’s Only Upside Down Roller Coaster

Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping attraction that holds a special place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As the first and only upside-down roller coaster in a Disney park, it offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience for guests. From the moment you step into the pre-show area, where Aerosmith sets the stage for a wild ride, to the heart-pounding launch that propels you into the darkened coaster track, every element of the attraction is designed to immerse you in the excitement of a rock concert. 

The high-speed twists, turns, and inversions create an intense and exhilarating sensation, perfectly synchronized with the energizing music of Aerosmith, enhancing the overall experience.

. The upside-down elements, including a corkscrew and multiple inversions, deliver a heart-pounding sensation of weightlessness, leaving guests exhilarated and craving for more. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is a testament to Disney’s ability to push the boundaries of theme park attractions, combining cutting-edge technology, music, and storytelling to create a rockin’ experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

Meet Sorcerer Mickey

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  4

Meeting Mickey Mouse in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a magical and enchanting experience that allows guests to interact with the iconic character himself. One of the most memorable encounters is when Mickey dons his famous Sorcerer Mickey outfit, paying tribute to the beloved character from the classic film “Fantasia.”

Meeting Sorcerer Mickey in Hollywood Studios offers a unique opportunity to engage with the character who symbolizes the magic of Disney. As guests share hugs, take photos, and have conversations with Mickey, they become a part of their own Disney story, experiencing the joy and wonder that only Mickey Mouse can bring. The attention to detail in Mickey’s Sorcerer outfit, from the stars on his robe to the shimmering hat, adds an extra layer of authenticity and brings the iconic character to life in a truly enchanting way. Meeting Mickey in his Sorcerer Mickey outfit is a cherished moment that creates lifelong memories, allowing guests of all ages to experience the magic and wonder that has made Mickey Mouse a beloved figure for generations.

Find a Droid

Galaxy's Edge

In the immersive world of Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, droids play a significant role in bringing the Star Wars universe to life. As you explore the bustling marketplace of Black Spire Outpost, you’ll encounter an array of droids tucked around, providing an authentic and interactive experience. These life-sized droids, including astromech droids like R2-D2 and the newer BB-series droids, captivate visitors with their intricate designs.

Don’t forget to look down! 

You will see droid tracks through the cement throughout Galaxy’s Edge. What’s more impressive is that some of them were made from the tracks from the original R2-D2!

Droids in Galaxy’s Edge are not just for show—they can also be adopted by guests. At the Droid Depot, visitors have the opportunity to build and customize their own astromech or BB-series droids. From selecting different parts and colors to personalizing their droids’ personalities, the experience allows guests to create a one-of-a-kind companion to accompany them on their Star Wars adventure. These droids can even be controlled using a remote control, making for an interactive and enjoyable experience. The droids of Galaxy’s Edge are more than just decorations; they are integral to the immersive storytelling and provide guests with a truly memorable and interactive encounter in the world of Star Wars.

Take a Selfie in Front of the Biggest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy

Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon, the iconic starship from the Star Wars saga, takes center stage in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon is an awe-inspiring sight that immerses visitors in the world of Star Wars. 

As you approach the majestic spacecraft, you’ll be struck by its intricate details and massive size, making it a fantastic backdrop for a memorable selfie. Whether you pose in front of the ship or find a spot nearby to capture its immense presence, the Millennium Falcon offers an incredible photo opportunity that allows you to capture the magic and excitement of the Star Wars universe.

Beyond being a great selfie spot, the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy’s Edge also serves as the setting for an immersive and exhilarating ride experience. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run puts guests in the driver’s seat as they become part of a daring mission alongside Han Solo and Chewbacca. Boarding the ship and taking on key roles such as pilots, gunners, or engineers, riders work together to complete their mission, navigating the Falcon through a thrilling adventure. The interactive nature of the ride and the ability to control the ship’s movements and experience different outcomes make Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run a must-visit attraction for Star Wars fans and thrill-seekers alike. It’s a chance to step into the shoes of iconic characters and feel the excitement of piloting the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

See a Live Show

Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage

 In a park that is based on the movie and entertainment industry, you can expect amazing Broadway level shows! There is an array of different shows to choose from and run multiple times throughout the day, so be sure to catch at least one! 

The current running live shows in Disney’s Hollywood Studios are Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage, For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, and Fantasmic! These shows are of incredible calibur and you will forget that you are in a theme park. 

Bonus: Some of these shows are in outdoor theaters and that means you can bring in food and beverages! Our tip is to plan to sit down for a show in the mid afternoon when it is hot and possibly raining, and bring in an ice cream and a cocktail! 

Find Gertie!

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  5

Gertie the Dinosaur holds a special place in animation history as one of the earliest animated film characters. Created by legendary animator Winsor McCay in 1914, Gertie was a gentle and lovable dinosaur who captivated audiences with her playful antics. Gertie’s animated film was groundbreaking at the time, showcasing McCay’s innovative techniques and paving the way for the future of animation. Her charming personality and enduring popularity have made her an iconic figure in animation.

Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios can find a delightful tribute to Gertie near Echo Lake. Gertie’s presence is honored through a whimsical ice cream kiosk known as “Dinosaur Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction.” Shaped like Gertie herself, the kiosk serves a variety of tasty treats, providing guests with a delightful and nostalgic experience. Whether you’re enjoying an ice cream cone or snapping a photo with the lovable dinosaur, Gertie’s presence in Hollywood Studios is a nod to the rich history of animation and a delightful reminder of the enduring charm of Gertie the Dinosaur.


Find a Stormtrooper

As you explore Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll encounter one of the most iconic elements of the Star Wars universe: Stormtroopers. These formidable soldiers of the Galactic Empire can be spotted patrolling the streets of Black Spire Outpost, adding an extra layer of immersion to the Star Wars experience. With their distinctive white armor and precise marching formations, the Stormtroopers create an atmosphere of tension and excitement, making guests feel like they’ve stepped into a galaxy at the height of the Empire’s rule.

The Stormtroopers’ presence in Galaxy’s Edge goes beyond their striking appearance. Interactions with them are filled with humor and wit as they engage in lively banter with guests. They might playfully interrogate visitors, inspect droids, or give commands with their trademark blaster rifles at the ready. 

Find the Statue of Liberty

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  6

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, fans of the beloved Muppets will find themselves in a whimsical and entertaining world dedicated to these iconic characters. The Muppets Courtyard area immerses guests in the zany and comedic universe of Jim Henson’s creations. One of the standout features is the larger-than-life statue of Miss Piggy dressed as the Statue of Liberty. This impressive and hilarious tribute perfectly captures Miss Piggy’s larger-than-life personality and her flair for the dramatic. It serves as a playful reminder of the Muppets’ comedic antics and the joy they bring to audiences of all ages.

Find Rat Pizza

Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood Studios with FREE Printable!  7

One of the fun and clever details in Disney’s Hollywood Studios can be found in the PizzeRizzo sign. As guests approach the quick-service restaurant, they’ll notice a playful twist on the signage. The letters of the PizzeRizzo sign are designed in such a way that when some of the lights blinks out, it reveals an alternative message that reads “It’s rat pizza.” 

This whimsical hidden detail adds an element of surprise and humor to the dining experience, paying homage to the mischievous nature of the Muppets. It’s a playful reminder that in the Muppet world, anything can happen, even a pizza joint run by a certain pizza-loving rat named Rizzo.

Tell us in the comments what your favorite Hollywood Studios detail is!