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80+ FREE Disney Stencils for Pumpkin Carving

80+ FREE Disney Stencils for Pumpkin Carving

Gone are the days of pumpkin carving with a couple of well-placed triangles. People are pulling out all of the stops to create full scenes and characters with their pumpkin decorating! Maybe you’re not into super scary Halloween or maybe you’re just a hardcore Disney fan, but either way you want a Disney pumpkin to brag about on your Instagram. We’ve got you covered with 75 of the best Disney Stencils, no downloads or emails are required!

Tools Needed to Use Pumpkin Stencils

Your most important tool to use will be your printer for this project. Other than that you will need tape, something sharp and pointy like a nail or a Phillips head screwdriver, a carving knife, and a pumpkin scraper. Other than that, all you need is your imagination!

Don’t have any of that? No problem, this kit has everything you need to be the next pumpkin carving master. Click here to check it out

How to Use Pumpkin Stencils 

  • First things first, you need to hollow out your pumpkin. Make sure you have laid down garbage bags or newspapers to keep your area clean. Next, cut a large circle around the stem and pull. Save the top, but scrape off the “strings”. Now is the fun part, at least the kids think so, pulling out all of the guts!
  • Now your pumpkin is ready for your design! Take your printed-out stencil and tape it to your pumpkin. 
  • Use your sharp nail or a Phillips head screwdriver to outline the border of the design by twisting back and forth. 
  • Now remove your paper and you should see a “scratched” outline for you to cut. Note: Some of the designs are more complex. If you see different levels of gray areas that means that those areas are shaded or scraped.
  • Use your sharp carving knife to start carving your masterpiece! 
  • Display your pumpkin with pride. Just be sure to use a battery-operated candle instead of a real flame. 

FREE Disney Stencils

Here is a giant list of completely FREE pumpkin stencils for you to use this Halloween season. Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you make any of these pumpkins!

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Templates

We have to start our pumpkin stencil adventure with the Pumpkin King himself and his story!

  1. Iconic Jack – Click here
  2. Creepy Jack Skellington  – Click here
  3. Happy Jack Skellington  – Click here
  4. Man’s Best Friend, Zero – Click here
  5. Sally – Click here
  6. Lock, Shock, and Barrel – Click here

Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Stencils

  1. Winifred Sanderson – Click here
  2. Mary Sanderson Click here
  3. Sarah Sanderson – Click here
  4. Hocus Pocus – Click here

Classic Disney Characters Pumpkin Stencils

  1. Mickey Mouse – Click here
  2. Sorcerer Mickey – Click here
  3. Dracula Mickey – Click here
  4. Pumpkin Mickey – Click here
  5. Minnie Mouse – Click here
  6. Donald Duck – Click here  
  7. Tinkerbell – Click here

Disney Princesses

80+ FREE Disney Stencils for Pumpkin Carving 2

Class up your front porch with some royalty!

  1. Snow White – Click here
  2. Ariel – Click here
  3. Cinderella – Click here
  4. Rapunzel – Click here
  5. Jasmine – Click here
  6. Sleeping Beauty – Click here
  7. Elsa – Click here
  8. Anna – Click here
  9. Olaf – Click here
  10. Beauty and the Beastclick here

Disney Villains Pumpkin Stencils

This is Halloween! Let’s celebrate the bad guys!

  1. Maleficent – Click here
  2. Cruella – Click here
  3. Evil QueenClick here
  4. Jafar – Click here
  5. Ursula – Click here
  6. Hades – Click here
  7. Captain Hook – Click here
  8. Scar – Click here
  9. Yzma – Click here

Other Disney Characters 

  1. Lion King Logo – Click here
  2. Simba cub – Click here
  3. Mufasa – Click here
  4. Adult Simba – Click here
  5. Cheshire Cat – Click here
  6. Tigger – Click here
  7. Flounder – Click here
  8. Stitch – Click here  
  9. Beast – Click here
  10. Lumiere – Click here
  11. Pinocchio – Click here
  12. Stitch – Click here
  13. Perry the Platypus – Click here
  14. Agent P – Click here
  15. Phineas – Click here
  16. Ferb – Click here

Don’t Forget About Pixar!

Toy Story Pumpkin Stencils

  1. Alien – Click here
  2. Rex – Click here
  3. Woody – Click here  
  4. Forky – Click here
  5. Buzz Lightyear – Click here
  6. Jessie – Click here

Finding Nemo Pumpkin Designs

  1. Found him! Bad joke… Here’s Nemo – Click here
  2. Dory – Click here

Monsters Inc. Pumpkin Templates

  1. Sully – Click here
  2. Mike Wazowski – Click here
  3. Boo – Click here

Cars Pumpkin Stencils

  1. Lightning McQueen – Click here
  2. Tow Mater – Click here
  3. Ratatouille – Click here
  4. Jack Jack – Click here
  5. Up! – Click here
  6. Sadness – Click here
  7. Disgust – Click here

Disney Parks Pumpkin Templates

80+ FREE Disney Stencils for Pumpkin Carving 3

Is Walt Disney World your home away from home? Bring some of the parks to your Halloween!

  1. Mickey Fireworks Click here
  2. Mickey and the Castle – Click here
  3. Cinderella Castle – Click here
  4. Haunted Mansion – Click here
  5. Tower of Terror – Click here
  6. Mickey’s Premium Bar – Click here

Star Wars Pumpkin Templates

  1. Darth Vader – Click here
  2. BB-8 – Click here
  3. Yoda – Click here
  4. Stormtrooper – Click here
  5. Boba Fett – Click here

Marvel Pumpkin Templates

  1. Captain America – Click here
  2. Iron Man – Click here
  3. The Hulk – Click here
  4. Spiderman Crawling – Click here
  5. Spiderman – Click here

No Carving Skills? No Problem!

If you don’t have time or desire to carve an intricate design, break out an old Mr. Potatohead! Just screw in the pieces and you have a Mr. Pumpkinhead, just don’t forget his angry eyes just in case anyone tries to place a trick on you!

Be sure to check out our article on Painting Disney Pumpkins here!