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What’s the Deal with the Creepy Nanny Chairs at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn?

What’s the Deal with the Creepy Nanny Chairs at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn?

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is a charming and luxurious resort that exudes an old-world charm reminiscent of Atlantic City’s heyday, but it also features the creepiest attraction in Disney World: Nanny Chairs. While its captivating ambiance and whimsical architecture delight visitors of all ages, there’s one peculiar aspect that has captivated the imagination of many guests: the mysterious and unsettling nanny chairs that reside in the lobby.

History of the Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Before we delve into the eerie legend of the nanny chairs, it’s essential to understand the history of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. Inspired by the boardwalks of early 20th-century coastal towns, the resort was opened in the early 1990s, designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. The lobby, adorned with antique furniture and retro decor, aimed to transport guests back in time to a more glamorous era.

The Nanny Chairs

Among the various peculiarities in the lobby, the most enigmatic are the nanny chairs. These chairs are fashioned from dark wood, their intricate carvings that include a face. Want to be creeped out? Each chair has a different personality. They are not the same, they have slightly different details. 

Everyone Thinks That the Disney Nanny Chairs are Creepy

What’s the Deal with the Creepy Nanny Chairs at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn? 3

Over the years, numerous guests and staff members have reported strange occurrences associated with the nanny chairs. Some have claimed to feel an unnerving presence watching them when they sat in the chairs, while others experienced inexplicable cold chills and a sense of foreboding. Even the most skeptical among the visitors couldn’t deny the unusual energy emanating from these eerie pieces of furniture.

Several guests recounted waking up in the middle of the night to find the nanny chairs subtly repositioned, or just in completely different places in the hotel!. Others reported hearing faint whispers and giggles, akin to the laughter of mischievous children, emanating from the dark corners of the lobby.

What Does Disney Say About the Nanny Chairs

Disney, being the epitome of exceptional customer service and hospitality, responded promptly to the concerns raised by guests about the nanny chairs. They have conducted thorough investigations, involving their maintenance staff, security teams, and even external paranormal experts, to dispel any notions of malevolence surrounding the chairs.

But now, despite their creepiness, Disney has fully embraced the nanny chairs. These creepy faced chairs are now part of the overall charm of the Boardwalk Inn, and it is never going away! Be sure to ask the Cast Members where you can find the different nanny chairs throughout the resort and say hi to all of them! You don’t want any of them to feel left out…

The Nanny Chairs Have Names

What makes the nanny chairs unique in Disney’s BoarWalk Inn, and extra terrifying, is that the chairs are all named! It’s not just that the Cast Members call the chairs different names, either. 

You might be distracted staring at a chair with a carved face, but if you look down you will see a name actually carved right in giving each chair a unique personality… Personality for a chair… Maybe a chairsonality? No, it has a face, we’ll stick with personality. 

What’s the Deal with the Creepy Nanny Chairs at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn? 4

With carved names like Todd, Paul, Alix, and Carrie, guests might begin to speculate about the identities or histories of these supposed nannies. Imaginations may run wild, conjuring up stories about past caregivers who used these chairs or even tales of spectral nannies still lingering in the hotel’s hallways.

The fact that these chairs have names could further perpetuate the eerie legend surrounding them. Naming inanimate objects, particularly with human names, has often been associated with anthropomorphism, which can sometimes evoke a sense of eeriness or personification. This anthropomorphic aspect might make the chairs appear more lifelike, further blurring the line between the inanimate and the animate.

What’s the Deal with the Creepy Nanny Chairs at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn? 5

As guests encounter these “nanny chairs” with names etched into their backs, it may prompt questions about their origins, stories, and the circumstances behind those names. The lack of concrete historical information about their background could leave room for imaginative tales and rumors to flourish, enhancing the chairs’ enigmatic aura.

As folklore tends to thrive on uncertainty and ambiguity, the carved names on the “nanny chairs” could become integral to the ongoing narrative, turning the chairs into more than just pieces of furniture. These names could create a sense of familiarity and curiosity, adding an unsettling layer to the experience of guests who encounter them throughout the resort.

Nanny Chairs: The Unwritten Attraction in Disney World

In conclusion, the legend of the “nanny chairs” at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn remains a captivating enigma, shrouded in eerie tales and unsettling details. The names Todd, Paul, Alix, and Carrie etched into the backs of these chairs add an unsettling and mysterious touch, giving them an almost human-like presence. As guests wander through the lobby and the resort, these chairs silently beckon, challenging the bravest among them to take a seat.

Regardless of Disney’s official stance, the legend of the creepy nanny chairs endures, adding an air of mystique and intrigue to the Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. Some guests now seek out these enigmatic chairs as part of their Disney experience, hoping to catch a glimpse of the paranormal or connect with the past in a profound way.

Remember, Disney fully encourages guests of Walt Disney World to roam around their resorts. You are welcome to show up at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn just to seek out the nanny chairs of the resort. Plus, you can ask Cast Members all of the questions about rumors and stories surrounding them! 

Let’s make taking selfies with the Disney’s BoardWalk Inn nanny chairs as popular as photos with Cinderella Castle! 

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch.

Whether the nanny chairs at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn truly possess an otherworldly aura or not, the legend surrounding them has become an integral part of the resort’s folklore. As guests continue to share their eerie encounters and chilling experiences, the mystery of the creepy nanny chairs endures, adding a touch of magic to the already enchanting world of Disney. So, the next time you find yourself at the BoardWalk Inn, take a seat in one of the nanny chairs, if you dare, and immerse yourself in the captivating enigma that lies within. If you’re brave enough.

History of the Nanny Chair

Carousels have a long and fascinating history that dates back centuries. The origins of the carousel can be traced to ancient times when equestrian games were popular entertainment. However, the modern carousel, as we know it today, began to take shape in the 17th century in Europe.

Early carousels featured wooden horses mounted on a circular platform that rotated around a central axis. These early carousels were often powered by manpower or pulled by horses, making them relatively simple in design and operation.

As carousels gained popularity and evolved, they became fixtures in amusement parks, fairs, and other entertainment venues. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, carousels started to incorporate more elaborate designs, featuring a menagerie of animals in addition to horses. Some carousels were beautifully handcrafted and adorned with intricate carvings and ornate decorations.

As for seating arrangements, early carousels did not have specific bench seats for parents or caregivers to sit on while the children rode the carousel. Instead, the primary focus was on providing a fun and thrilling experience for the riders. Parents and nannies would typically stand beside the carousel or watch from the sidelines as the children enjoyed the ride.

Some carousels in the late 1800s have had a few stationary seats or benches around the perimeter for spectators to rest, called “nanny chairs.”

However, to sit upon the “nanny chairs” is to immerse oneself in the heart of the legend, to embrace the unknown, and to venture into the realm of folklore. The decision to take a seat is a personal one, guided by a curiosity that balances fear and fascination. Some may find the courage to engage with these enigmatic pieces of furniture, seeking a connection to the past or hoping to uncover a glimpse of the paranormal. Others may choose to appreciate the tale from a safe distance, content to let the “nanny chairs” remain within the realm of mystery.

Ultimately, the choice to seek out the “nanny chairs” and take a seat depends on the individual’s willingness to confront the unknown and embrace the allure of the supernatural. Whether brave enough to sit or content to observe from afar, the legend of the “nanny chairs” will continue to weave its spell, captivating the imaginations of guests and adding a touch of magic to the enchanting world of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

Why Are There Nanny Chairs at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn?

You may be wondering why there are Nanny Chairs at the BoardWalk Inn at all. Remember, there are no throw away details in Disney. Disney Imagineers are geniuses with details that create a life all there own!

Sure, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is a turn of the century boardwalk themed resort that takes guests back in time to family entertainment of the “before time”. But that’s not why Imagineers thought these chairs needed to be there. 

Walt Disney and Carousels

Major Disney fans all know the story, but if you’re new here, let us clue you in.

Before there was Disney World, there was Disneyland, and before there was Disneyland, there was a dream. But where did the dream come from?

The story was that Sundays were daddy daughter days for Walt and his 2 daughters. He would take them on bike rides around the studio and take them to nearby parks in their California town. One day while sitting on a park bench while his daughters were enjoying the carousel Walt thought that there needed to be a place for parents to enjoy their children together. A place for the young and the young at heart to just enjoy the magic of life.

Since a carousel served as the inspiration for the Disney theme parks, Imagineers have added them everywhere they can. You have to respect the amount of details and research that goes into everything that Disney Imagineers touch! 

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