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How to Get a Lightsaber Home From Disney

How to Get a Lightsaber Home From Disney

You did it! You beat the odds and were able to make a reservation at Savi’s Workshop for a piece of scrap metal. That’s Batuu speak for a lightsaber. Building a lightsaber is the peak of fandom for any Star Wars fan, but only 14 people can actually be in Savi’s Workshop at one time!  To see more about Savi’s Workshop, read our article here. Let’s dive into How to Get a Lightsaber Home From Disney!

So Now You have the Lightsaber of Your Dreams – Now What? 

Disney policy says that you can’t open carry lightsabers. We don’t want any impromptu battles between the Rebels and the First Order, or anything. So what do you do?? When you purchase your lightsaber you will receive a plastic bag to carry it in. 

Take our word for it… Buy the lightsaber carrying case! You already spent $250 on a lightsaber, you want to make sure it’s protected! Also, can we just talk about these cases for a second? 

There are 2 options, one is black with a white logo for Savi’s and the other is olive drab green with black Aruebesh. The outside of the case is canvas with a strap for carrying. We prefer the green case because it looks more authentic and used in a good way. The inside of the case is hard plastic to protect the lightsaber against drops and smacks, (seriously you forget about them and when you turn too quickly you might knock things over!).  

Getting Your Lightsaber Home

When Savi’s first opened in 2019, this part was a little tricky, but luckily, since the lightsabers are so popular getting them home has become much easier. 

Ship It

After the experience is over, you can opt to ship your lightsaber home so it’s there waiting for you to return. The cost of shipping your lightsaber is dependent upon where you are shipping it to, but for the continental United States, the cost is between $12 – $15. 

Did you know that you can actually ship any Walt Disney World purchase directly to your home? Disney still has not returned merchandise pick up, the service where you could have purchases taken to Guest Services in the front of the park for you to pick up as you leave. That’s unfortunate because it was a great way to buy things as you saw them and not have to carry things around all day. 

The only way to not have to carry around your merchandise all day is to rent a locker at the front of the park or ship it home. Of course, you can wait until the end of the day to make your regular merchandise… No, don’t do that! Shops, especially the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom is absolutely INSANE at the end of the night. 

But What About Airlines?

There are so many rules to follow with the TSA that not only is it hard to keep up, they are not something you think about when you are making purchases. 

SIDE NOTE: Beware of those snow globes! We get it, they are the one of the most beautiful collectibles, Disney or otherwise, but they are also filled with… liquid. *sigh* The TSA has rules about liquid, too, not just your bottle of water that you’re carrying. Your carry-on bag can only have 1 oz or less, and even your checked back has a limit of 3.4 oz liquid. There is usually around 5 oz of liquid in a typical snowglobe. Let’s just say that there have been a lot of tears shed at the MCO Orlando International Airport while throwing expensive 50th Anniversary snow globes in the trash. 

So, what do you think the TSA will say about a 3-foot-long lightsaber? Yikes! 

Never fear. Turns out even the TSA has a sense of humor! A direct quote from the Transportation Security Authority’s website, “Sadly, the technology doesn’t currently exist to create a real lightsaber. However, you can pack a toy lightsaber in your carry-on or checked bag. May the force be with you.” 

Toy??? How dare they refer to the force as a toy! This isn’t Pixar!

Read more about the official TSA rules here.

Checked Bag vs Carry-On

Remember how we suggested the hard case carrying bag? See? We told you the extra $50 was worth it. With that case you know baby will be protected, but be that as it may, is anything ever really protected from airlines? They’re brutal! 

The thought of checking our lightsaber has us thinking of that old viral video made by a musician in the early 2000s called “United Breaks Guitars”. (Watch it here

Yeah, no thanks. I like my carrying case looking a little rugged, but I don’t want it looking like it went through some stuff. 

Carry-on all the way, baby! By taking it as a carry-on you can guarantee that it will get to your final destination in one piece. Plus, there’s no chance that the airline will lose it. Though you may be making some awkward bathroom trips hanging it on the inside door. 

Tips for Your Lightsaber Experience

Reservations can be made 60 days in advance, and remember that capacity?? Only 14 people can build at one time. If the park is open for 12 hours and the experience lasts for about 30 minutes, then only 326 people at most have the opportunity to build a lightsaber each day. Let that sink in…

Disney’s Hollywood Studios averages over 31,000 people in a given day. That means only 1% of that group can actually have a shot at Savi’s Workshop!

Set your alarm for 5:30! You will want to queue everything up in My Disney Experience to have it ready. Find Savi’s Workshop and select the date that you are looking for. At 5:45 start pulling down to refresh until times start to appear. Technically reservations open at 6:00 AM EST, but occasionally it opens a little early. Grab your coffee, it’ll be worth it. 

When you see times don’t get too excited and grab the first one! Do yourself a favor and try to book the latest appointment possible. Even with the case, it can be difficult to carry around all day and remember, it cannot go on rides with you. 

Plus, by booking your appointment towards the end of the day you will be putting a cherry on top of a perfect Hollywood Studios day!