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Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney

Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney

There is a wide variety of quick service restaurant options at Walt Disney World, but they don’t all deliver the magic when it comes to food selection and quality. Don’t get me wrong, there are sometimes when I want a hamburger or chicken nuggets. However, no matter where I eat at Disney World I expect it to at least be acceptable, considering Disney prices. In our opinion, there are some counter service options that should be avoided unless you are desperate or just feel like a burger! The following are the worst quick service dining at Disney World.

Magic Kingdom

Pinocchio’s Village Haus

The happiest place on earth has some well themed and varied food options at their quick service restaurants, but you should definitely avoid Pinocchio’s Village Haus. Saying that the flatbread pizza is generic is kind. The crust is on a level of quality that matches the Lunchables pizza you had a kid. This restaurant serves theme park food at its worst.

Instead, we recommend walking around the corner deeper into Fantasyland to Beast Castle. There you can enjoy a delicious lunch inside at Be Our Guest restaurant. They have a mix of French food, my go-to is the Turkey Sandwich and French Onion Soup.


Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney 2

Electric Umbrella

Unless you want a so-so hamburger for $10.00 or frozen chicken tenders, avoid the Electric Umbrella. Plus we unfortunately find that this isn’t the cleanest of places to eat. I would avoid the food and the toppings bar here if you can. You have an abundance of dining option at EPCOT.

Instead, we recommend heading inside the land for Sunshine Seasons. No one in your family will be left unhappy here. They have different food stations that offer up different types of food. My stop is always the one over by Soarin’. I haven’t had a bad thing here, the Rotisserie Chicken, Sustainable Fish, and Pork are all good! Plus the portions are so large that make it a great meal to split.

Lotus Blossom Café

I have had very questionable food at the Lotus Blossom Café on more than one occasion.  My recommendation is to keep traveling to another country, the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Instead, we love heading to Morrocco and grabbing a bite to eat at Tangierine Cafe. I think it often gets skipped over since the food isn’t as familiar to everyone. But in reality the food isn’t crazy adventurous, it all is based around well-marinated meats like chicken and lamb that are paired with grains. If you don’t like couscous you can always substitute for French fries here.

Liberty Inn

The biggest disappointment has to be the Liberty Inn. Why is the best that we could represent America with is hamburgers and chicken tenders? The Liberty Inn in the America Pavillion is a glorified fast food chain. 

Instead, we recommend walking one more country and trying out the quick service restaurant in Japan. Who doesn’t like Teriyaki Chicken?

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express

I hate to keep picking on hamburgers and chicken tenders, but that is what the Backlot Express has to offer. There isn’t even a variety in burger toppings.

ABC Commissary

The ABC Commissary continues to change its menu, yet the variety of food remains mediocre. While the pickings are slim in this park we think you should seek out other options.

Sunset Ranch

The Sunset Ranch has some variety – but it is that they add pizza to the hamburgers and chicken tenders – notice a theme here?

Instead, we recommend checking out Woody’s Lunch Box. While I don’t love that you have only outside seating here the sandwiches are solid choices, especially when you are looking for some comfort food. My favorite is going for the breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a smores sandwich.


Animal Kingdom

Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney 3


Pizzafari has updated their offerings from classic pizza to flatbreads, but the menu is limited and your younger picky eaters might not be happy with the flatbread options.

Instead, we recommend walking into Pandora and eat at Satuli Canteen. It has loads of healthy, yet delicious options, plus you can’t beat the atmosphere.


Restaurantosaurus has elevated its hamburger pricing to $13.49. For that price, I would opt for table service. Although they do offer a salad option with chicken, they only offer one option for dressing, ranch.

Instead, we recommend stopping for food at the Flame Tree Barbecue. Some really fantastic options are here plus you get to dine looking out on Expedition Everest. Who knows maybe you will catch a sighting of the Yeti?

Disney Springs

Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney 4

Wolfgang Puck Express

While Wolfgang Puck Express has a wide variety on its menu, the pricing ranges from $11.00 to $20.00 per entrée, so this option can be just as expensive as a table service restaurant.

Instead, we recommend heading next door to Earl’s of Sandwich, it’s a perfect budget option and it’s delicious. If you don’t mind eating outside the 4 Rivers food truck is another great stop right outside of World of Disney.

The Smokehouse at The House of Blues

When we ate here we were really underwhelmed. Food wasn’t the greatest and you really have no select. If you don’t like BBQ this stop is not for you.

Instead, we recommend heading over to Blaze Pizza. The pizza’s start under $10 and are customized to your heart’s desire. We just love eating there. If you are looking for good BBQ go over to the Polite Pig, it’s right next to the Lime garage entrance.

So that concludes the Worst Quick Service Dining at Disney. We would love to hear what your experiences have been in the comments below. Have you had a good experience at one the spots listed above? Do you have a spot you hate eating at that we missed?

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Sunday 16th of June 2019

Disagree with Wolfgang Puck. We were very pleased with our pizza, spaghetti bolognese, and ravioli. Last time we ate at Eatl of Sandwich we were very disappointed. Way too crowded and was mediocre. Puck was worth the walk!


Monday 20th of May 2019

Our friends from the UK raved about Earl of Sandwich so much we couldn't wait to try it. Underwhelmed pretty much covers it. Since it was our first visit I had a few questions and the staff was not at all helpful. I was using a scooter and it was hard to get around inside; NO ONE helped at all (and they saw I was using a scooter). The food wasn't even as good as Firehouse Subs or Subways!

PizzaRizzo was a HUGE disappointment! While the staff was very helpful regarding my certain cheese allergy my pizza had so little meat on it I thought my boyfriend must have eaten it on his way back from the counter picking up the food. It was generic pizza, the salad was served in a small plastic drinking cup (and was very salty!), and this time we were not only totally underwhelmed we were very disappointed. We had been looking forward to this one ever since we saw construction start. At meals it's super crowded and very noisy (not good acoustics) too. (The pizza?flatbread at Animal Kingdom Pizzafari is great, and so was Boardwalk pizza window before the menu change. I bet it's still good!)

Peg P

Tuesday 26th of September 2017

Seems rather confusing you would pick an "instead" restaurant of Flame Tree Barbecue (which only serves BBQ food), then immediately after say about The Smokehouse at House of Blues, " If you don’t like BBQ this stop is not for you."

I was surprised, though, that you recommended skipping Backlot Express. Every single review I've read about that QS restaurant have all recommended it.

But I do agree about Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs. That's a must-do when we visit WDW!

Patty Staricha

Thursday 28th of September 2017

Actually, there are a few favorites of mine on the Flame Tree BBQ menu that are not BBQ food. The chicken salad is amazing, along with the turkey sandwich and half chicken. The name can really fool you at that place : )