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Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs Review

Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs Review

If you are looking for a good sandwich and you aren’t close to a Publix (because they have the best subs in Florida!) then head on over to Disney Springs for Earl of Sandwich. They specialize in hot subs and come at a super affordable price. This spot is known for their Holiday Turkey Sandwich, which is simply Thanksgiving dinner served on a bun. It used to be a seasonal offering but now they serve it year round for those of you interested in trying it. So let us take a look at our Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs Review.

Earl of Sandwich Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Quick Service
  • Type of Food: Sandwiches
  • Price: $
  • Location: Disney Springs
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Credit
  • Discounts: Annual Passholder
  • Good For: Quick meal, hot sandwich
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu


A Tour Around Earl of Sandwich

A look at the inside of Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs.

When you arrive here most likely you will be queued up in a rather long line. This place has made such a name for itself we hardly ever see light crowds here. Ordering here is a little different from other Disney quick service spots. First, you will place your order, then you can pick up your sides, drinks, and snacks in the section pictured above. At the very end is a bank of cashiers where you can pay.

Also, if the line is crazy long here don’t worry it always moves pretty fast and you will probably wait anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. It’s really not so bad. The hold up always seems to be the cashier section.

Earl of Sandwich Menu

As you can see there really are a few other non-sandwich items on the menu. However, I have never ordered any of them always opting for the classic sandwiches here instead.

Dishes from Earl of Sandwich

Here is a look at the dishes we tried from our lunch at Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs.

Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs Review 1

My husband went for the Chipotle Chicken Avocado. He loved it and was very happy that it wasn’t all that spicy. So if you are looking for a kick you may want to grab some hot sauce for this one.

Earl of Sandwich Disney Springs Review 2

I opted for the All American, sans cranberry. It was pretty good but it maybe needed the cranberry for some extra flavor. You could hardly taste the ranch, not sure if they didn’t put on enough or if the bread just soaked it all up.

Earl of Sandwich Dessert

I was eyeing these while in line. How good do these homemade ice cream sandwiches look?!? On this day we were trying to beat out a big Florida rain storm so I never made it back in line for some ice cream. But I plan on going back just to try these out.

Earl of Sandwich Review Recommendation

Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs overall is a great quick service spot. It has some well put together sandwiches and offers guests a great value especially when you compare it to the quick service Wolfgang Puck next door. It is just fast food sandwiches so don’t expect too much out of this spot. You aren’t getting anything gourmet and like I stated above it isn’t the best sandwich spot in the area. But when your selection is just between Disney Springs spots on the cheap it is normally here or Blaze Pizza.

Robert Shannon

Sunday 23rd of December 2018

We will never be going back to the Earl of sandwich at downtown Disney in Anaheim CA due to how we were treated by the manager Albert Rodriguez corporate office handled the complaint filed by myself and sister in law. All we got was a ten dollar gift card but nothing done with the manager at all