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The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review

The Polite Pig is located right next to the entrance to the Lime Garage at Disney Springs. Its popular draw is from their famous sister restaurant located over in Winter Park called The Ravenous Pig. When you dine here expected some slow-roasted BBQ meats and perfectly paired sides. So let’s dive into the food, atmosphere, and what to expect when having a meal here. 

The Polite Pig Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Quick Service
  • Type of Food: BBQ
  • Price: $$
  • Location: Disney Springs
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Quick Service Credits
  • Discounts: Annual Passholder
  • Good For: Whisky and BBQ
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu

Photos from the Polite Pig

A look at the inside of The Polite Pig restaurant at Disney Springs.

You get a farmhouse vibe on the inside, lots of white painted brick, and tables to match perfectly. There is both indoor and outdoor seating at this quick service spot. I recommend eating in the back of the inside and getting a peek at all the hard work happening in the kitchen. The large window along the wall is looking right into the prep area of the polite pig.

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 4

Polite Pig Reservations

If you want to eat at Polite Pig you may be wondering if you can secure a reservation to guarantee your spot. This location is a quick-service spot so there are no reservations. While it can get busy during peak dinner hours we rarely have an issue getting in here when we show up for dinner promptly at 5 pm.

If dining early just isn’t in the cards for your family then no worries Polite Pig has your back. There is an online ordering option available on their website (not My Disney Experience). You can use this link to order.

Dishes from The Polite Pig

Here is a look at the dishes we tried during our dinner at The Polite Pig.

Ravenous Pig Flight

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 5

The Ravenous Pig Flight. The Ravenous Pig Brewery Co. resides locally in Winter Park, FL. It produces small-batch craft beers with meticulous care using the best ingredients possible. This flight lets you get a taste of these beers. Year-round favorites include Lone Palm Golden Ale, Red Drum Amber Ale, Five Points IPA, Working Man Porter, as well as a rotating selection of limited editions.

The winner of the flight was the Ravenous Pig 5 points IPA. It was chosen as best due to its a perfect pairing with bbq. 

Smoked Turkey Plate

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 6

I went for a simple smoked turkey plate since I wasn’t loving the BBQ last time. I got sweet potato tots for a side. The turkey was cooked perfectly, no overly dry turkey is served up here. The meat had a  smokey taste that wasn’t too overpowering. 

Butcher Board for Two

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 7

We also got to try out the Butcher Board for two. This entree includes pork shoulder, smoked chicken, brisket & bbq cheddar sausage with slaw, house pickles, 2 cornbreads, and a choice of 2 market sides. Which above, they opted for the crispy brussels sprouts and sweet potato tots. 

The most shocking thing about this tray? I discovered I actually can enjoy brussels sprouts! Brussels sprouts are good even if you normally don’t like them. The whiskey sauce they are roasted with does wonders to complement this veggie.

As far as the meat goes for this tray the sausage and pork were the favorite out of the flavors. 

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 8

Here is the fried chicken sandwich which is a combo of sweet & smoky bbq, then topped with Duke’s mayo, pickles, and cole slaw.

Smoked Chicken Salad Wrap

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 9

This wrap is stuffed full of spinach, roasted tomatoes, dried cherries, sunflower seeds, and avocado purée. Personally, we would have preferred a little more chicken and a little less spinach but it was still a great sandwich.

USDA Prime Brisket

The Polite Pig Disney Springs Review 10

Brisket is just a smokehouse classic and it’s a win at Polite Pig. It was perfectly smoked, flavorful crust with the coffee rub, overall just delicious! 

The Sauce Bar

Be sure to sample the options from the sauce bar here. You can find them right across from the soda fillup station. 


Mustard and vinegar-based, this tangy sauce was brought to the US by German settlers. It pairs perfectly with our luscious pulled pork. It is marked as ideal for pork shoulder or the southern pig. 


A touch of honey and black pepper is balanced by the malty flavors of the C&L Working Man porter beer reduction. This sauce is recommended for the prime brisket or baby back ribs. This sauce is the one that won the hearts of the table and was top pick!


As perfect as its namesake, this tomato-based sauce gets its sweetness from molasses, honey and brown sugar. Just a touch of cumin is added for good measure. PERFECT ON BBQ CAULIFLOWER OR BABY BACK RIBS

BBQ Ranch

A traditional Alabama white sauce, loaded with celery seed and spices to back the vinegar-based white sauce, is best used for all smoked poultry items and vegetables. This sauce is also great for dipping your wings, chicken and I loved it on my smoked turkey breast.

Where to Park for the Polite Pig

If you are driving to Disney Springs to eat at the Polite Pig we recommend you park in the Lime Parking garage. Parking is free at all of the Disney Springs parking garages. Once you go through security you will be led down an escalator to Disney Springs. The Polite Pig will be immediately on your right when you enter Disney Springs.

The Polite Pig Review Recommendation

When we first dined here shortly after the Polite Pig opened both my husband and me weren’t impressed with the food. I knew we needed to make a trip back and give it a second try. I am so glad we did because it really left a good impression the second time around. The food was much better the second time around and I am so glad they made some menu adjustments. 

If you are using the Disney Dining plan this Disney Springs restaurant offers a great deal. The menu prices are high and you will easily be able to order an item that gets you well over the cost of your quick service credits. Getting a plate from the smoker section of the menu will get you extra food of a side, slaw and jalapeño cornbread.

I hope you enjoyed our Polite Pig dining review. If you have eaten here before, share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, be sure to check out our recommendations of the Best Disney World Restaurants as well as the Worst Disney Dining Sit Down Restaurants. If you are looking to stay on budget we also have great recommendations on All the Ways You Can Save Money at Disney.