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The Absolute Worst Times to Vacation at Disney World

The Absolute Worst Times to Vacation at Disney World

A hot topic when planning a Disney World vacation is always when is it not busy. Well, the short answer these days it’s always busy. The former quiet times right after Thanksgiving and at the beginning of September don’t exist anymore. The marketing team is a little too good over at Disney. So let’s get to the bottom line when is the absolute worst times to vacation at Disney World.

Holidays, Yes All of Them!

Be warned! Disney World is PACKED for every holiday. Not just the major ones like Christmas and New Years but also the Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and all the rest. The lines for this past Veteran’s Day had the lines to park your car at least a mile back from the gate. We had to give up on venturing out since we were local but if you are traveling that luxury isn’t necessarily an option.

Now on Christmas and New Years, you can expect that the parks will be so busy they will stop letting people into the parks. This happens every year and is a very real thing. Now don’t panic because I would say in all it happens around 5 times per year. I just warn you because I don’t want you thinking that maybe this is the Christmas that won’t be crazy, it will be it is every year. When the parks do hit that max capacity level they close it down to people in phases starting with the people who arrive with just single day park tickets.

Spring Break

I am not just talking about college spring break. Another major event to avoid is the popular school vacations like spring break. While there are slight fluctuations in school schedules from year to year, spring break tends to fall from the middle of March to the Middle of April. Easter is late in 2019 so this will skew some things a bit since some schools have their break schedule around that holiday. School vacation weeks and days tend to be so popular since parent’s don’t have to worry about pulling kids out of school.

Special Disney World Events

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Ever notice that Disney’s social calendar keeps filling up fast? This is because what was once a quiet time at Disney is now a time hosting a special event. And it’s no coincidence, they do this on purpose to attract people when they were once less crowded.

So what exactly do you need to look out for? Watch out for the RunDisney weekends, Dapper Days, Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Epcot Festival of the Arts, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

When the Florida Heat Sets In

Okay, so this to some maybe 98% percent of the year here in Orlando Florida. That other two percent is what is known as Florida’s winter. We get a temporary relief from the humidity and we actually have a few freezing cold days.

The summer here in Florida is a very, hot oppressive time. I am always amazed at the summer crowds we see at Disney World year after year. It’s just a brutal time to be outside period. Its popularity is in large part due to all the kids out of school and on summer break not to mention those teachers on summer break too!

Let us know in the comment section below what your experiences have been. Have you ever stayed at Disney during one of these crazy times?


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

You need to add the first week of December to that list. It's usually marked a good time to visit, crowdwise, but it's not. The first week of December is Pop Warner Week where cheerleaders (of all ages) and high school football teams go to compete in the Wide World of Sports complex.

They start descending on Disney the week before. We waited quite awhile for our Magic Express bus because there were so many cheerleaders with their escorts and families that the lines were LONG. And that was on the Wednesday before (11/28).

We did the breakfast with Santa at T-Rex on 12/2. It was a nightmare! Over 100 cheerleaders were also there for the breakfast. The only bright side was that we went on Sunday and not Saturday. A manager told me there were over 400 there the day before.

Getting on the bus to be at the park at rope drop was challenging, too. The lines for the bus to MK was ridiculous. It would have taken us being in the line for 3 buses before we got onto one. We chose not to go to MK due to the crowd that we'd have to fight.

Our last night there (Wed 12/5) was bad, too. We went to the Magic Kingdom because it was hard to be there at night due to the Mickey's Christmas party knocking out half the nights. It was filled with cheerleaders and football players. Wait times for rides were well over an hour.

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