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How to Stay Cool at Disney World

How to Stay Cool at Disney World

The heat here in Florida during the summer months is no joke which is why we want to let you know how to stay cool at Disney World. While plenty of people come here and enjoy their vacation to Disney in the summer months with no issues it’s important to be aware that the sun takes it toll and watch out for warning signs of heat stroke. The Red Cross has a great article covering what the warning signs are.

Below are some general tips to stay safe and cool at Disney World!

There is nothing like enjoying a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar on a hot sunny day.

Frogg Toggs

This invention is a lifesaver here in Florida. You see tons of them around on other park guests so don’t even worry about standing out. Best of all they work. Frogg Toggs are a strip of this magical leather-like fabric that you wet and wear around your neck. They have a smaller option available as well as a large towel version.

Go Back to Hotel and Swim

Between 1 pm and 4 pm is the hottest time of the day. Instead of sweating waiting in line at a park, head back to your hotel and have a swim. Just make sure to bring along sunscreen and a hat with you.

Stay Hydrated

All Disney quick service spots will give you a cup of ice water for free. My husband and I aren’t crazy about the tap water here in Florida though. In preparation for our treks to the park, we have become fond of filling up a vacuumed insulated water bottle and bringing it in with each of us. We also will pack a cooler of Powerade and water bottles so we have something cold when we get back to our car from a long hot day in the Disney parks.

Instead of splurging on the high-priced Swell brand water bottles, we find these generic version off Amazon work just as good! They have loads of patterns so you can have just as much flair as the Swell options.

Mickey Premium Bar

Ice cream solves the world’s problems, sore throats, overheating, tears, you name it! While it’s recommended to stay away from sugary drinks and food like soda in favor for water we still think that life is short! So go ahead have a bottle of water and Mickey Premium Bar for the ultimate cool down combo : )

Personal Fan

Our best tip is to pick up one for the whole family before the trip. If you wait until Disney World you will end up paying three times the price. This fan on Amazon is under $10!! Or you can opt to upgrade to the misting personal fan for the extra cool factor! Pro tip: add some ice to the water in the morning when you bring in the park this will help keep the water cooler longer.

Pack a Hat

As a person who has “insta burn” skin, I can’t stress the power of a hat enough. If you are from the northern parts of the world like myself (NH native) you aren’t going to be used to the strength of the sun here in Florida. We are much closer to the equator and get hit with extra sun rays in return. This will not only help protect you from sunburn but will keep you cooler.

I opt to not just rely on sunscreen, as over the course of the day you sweat it off, or your sunglasses rub off some on your face! My personal favorite is when those hand marks appear when I forget to cover a spot. A simple ball cap is what I use for some extra protection.  But I have been tempted by some of the great alternatives that have hit the market. There is the embroidered floppy hat, UPF (“sunscreen”) hats, and the classic men’s “fishing hat.”

Invest in some Compression Under Garments

The heat equals sweat and sweat and shorts equals chaffing which equals pain. Whew, that was a lot of math! I had this problem all the time and it would drive me crazy! My best success is wearing leggings but those can still get quite hot in the heat of the summer and I just wanted to wear shorts. I tried anti friction sticks for a while which do work pretty well but sometimes I would miss a spot on application or I would end up sweating it all off by the end of the day. In for the rescue compression underwear! Problem solved, I just wear a pair of these under my shorts and it has put an end to the rashes.

Take Shortcuts through the Stores

As I write this I wonder if Disney created the hot days so you would shop more? Every ride ends in a gift shop, no? All jokes aside the best part about the stores at Disney is they are refreshingly cool for your shopping comfort. Main Street Emporium is a perfect example of a cool cut through we find ourselves taking all the time at Magic Kingdom.

Spend the Day at a Water Park

Disney offers two fantastic water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. So if the forecast is a scorcher why not skip your standard Disney theme park and head to their water park instead? If not, don’t miss riding Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids to get wet!


What are your best tips for staying nice and cool during the hot months here at Disney? If you are looking for tips on what you should buy before your vacation be sure to read What to Buy Before your Disney Vacation.

Top tips for staying cool in the summer heat at Walt Disney World! I especially love the 3rd tip!



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