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Why Booking your Disney Vacation with a Travel Agent is the BEST Idea

Why Booking your Disney Vacation with a Travel Agent is the BEST Idea

When I bring up using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (aka travel agent) I often get a shocked reaction that there are still travel agents. However there is a good reason they still exist, especially for iconic destinations, like Disney World! These experts are one of the most helpful tools you have when planning your Disney vacation.  So let’s take a look at why booking your Disney Vacation with a travel agent matters to you.

We all know if it’s your first Disney vacation the planning process can be extremely overwhelming. But even if you are a seasoned Disney World traveler there are still some pretty awesome perks to booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Bottom line, booking through a travel agent just makes everything easier.

You may have noticed if you have read other posts on WDW Vacation Tips, that we personally use and recommend, Magical Travel as a Disney Vacation Planner.  We wanted to stop and take the time to say that this isn’t just a huge sales pitch to book through them. While I love and trust Magical Travel the information below holds true regardless of the travel agency you choose.

An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Will Cost you ZERO

First and foremost let’s address the elephant in the room. There is no catch, no hidden fee, an Authorized Disney Vacation won’t charge you a penny for their services. Yup! All these amazing perks listed below are 100% FREE. How does all this work? Disney pays the travel agent a commission for handling your booking.

Travel Agent Could Put Some Extra Cash in your Pocket

One of the best calls I got in planning in my last trip was that my travel agent, Kelly from Magical Travel, was saving me $300 by rebooking me at a better, discounted rate! They watch the sales for you and stay on top of the discounts as Disney releases them. I didn’t have to lift a finger or say a word to Kelly, she did it all and just simply let me know when she was done. How awesome is that service!? If I was planning the trip on my own I most likely would have missed the discount in the chaos of wedding planning and missed out on that extra honeymoon cash.

Why Booking your Disney Vacation with a Travel Agent is the BEST Idea 2

Stress-Free Advanced Reservations

How does sleeping in sound to you? If you are not a morning person like myself you are going to love this. When booking through Magical Travel your agent will make the early 6 am wake up calls to book your dining reservations 180 days out. If you are looking to eat at those hard to get in places like Ohana, getting that reservation book first thing is crucial.

They Will Have Your Back

Unfortunately, at times life will throw you a curveball. Sometimes you have a family crisis to deal with, other times mother nature decides to pick your vacation dates with a hurricane hitting central Florida like we saw in 2017 with Irma. A travel agent can be there and help you with the cancellation or rebooking for your trip. If you have a good travel agent they will work with you and not stop until your crisis is sorted.

Get Help with Planning your Disney World Vacation

Not sure where to eat? Wondering what the best touring plan is for your family? A travel agent has the knowledge from real experience to help you. One of my favorite things about Magical Travel is they send out this awesome information guides to help you plan the trip. They have them not just for Disney World but also Disneyland and the Disney Cruiseline.

You can also utilize this site to answer the burning Disney World trip questions you may have, like should I get the Disney Dining Plan?  What should I pack for my vacation? (pst… we have a FREE packing checklist)

The most important thing if you do decide to book through a travel agent is to look for the word Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. This means they are SPECIALIZED in Disney and aren’t some mass business that has no clue that there is a difference between Disney World and Disneyland. If you’ve used a Disney travel agent before, how was your experience? Do you have any other tips for choosing a vacation planner? Have any questions for us about booking a vacation with Magical Travel? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!