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The Best Dates to Visit Walt Disney World in 2018

The Best Dates to Visit Walt Disney World in 2018

I get the question of when are the best dates to visit Walt Disney World a lot! And it’s for a good reason. The time of year you visit Walt Disney World can have a HUGE impact on both the cost and quality of your vacation experience. The first piece of advice I usually give about planning a Disney World vacation is to choose your travel dates carefully! When choosing your dates the most important factors are crowds, weather, and price.

The following recommendations are for the Disney World newbies. It gives you a great place to start when picking your dates. If you are a seasoned Disney Veteran you probably have must-do events to squeeze in that may not be represented and this probably isn’t the list for you.

The Best Week to Visit Disney World in 2018

Last Week of November

This week seriously has it all! The last week of November at Disney World has low prices and lower crowds plus all the perks of holiday Disney happenings. One thing to keep in mind is the very beginning of this week will still have some of the hangover Thanksgiving crowds which should clear out by midweek. The hotels will be decked out for the season, you have the option of attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and there are many other holidays happenings around the entire Disney World Resort.

Additionally, the weather is back to normal in November here in Orlando. Average highs are around 80 degrees so you don’t have to worry about melting like you do in the summer months. Plus hurricane season has passed and you don’t have to worry about one interrupting your vacation.

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The Second Best Week to Visit Disney World in 2018

End of January

This is the runner-up, it has the lowest crowds, lowest prices and some unpredictable cooler weather. It used to be that you wouldn’t see any special events during this time of year which would make it not as exciting but now we have Epcot’s Festival of the Arts! Obviously, winter here is pretty mild but we have been known to occasionally see some frost in January. I recommend packing a jacket, hat and mittens then you will be prepared for whatever the weather decides to throw your way.

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Third Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2018

End of September

If you are in the mood to celebrate Halloween at Disney World this is the best week to do it. It’s still pretty toasty this week but should be cooler weather than the beginning of the month or August. The Magic Kingdom is decked out for the Halloween season and I highly recommend attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in addition to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.

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Fourth Best Week to Visit Disney World in 2018

Last two weeks of April

Easter and Spring Break have past and at last, the parks are enjoyable again in the latter half of April. During this time you can expect light crowds, moderate pricing, and beautiful Spring weather. The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival will also be in full swing for your enjoyment! If you are really lucky we may even see some sneak peaks of the brand new Toy Story Land.

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If you are looking what to expect during other times of the year we have a guide for every month! Additionally, you can take a look at our Disney Crowd Calendar. As always, truly the best time of year to go on vacation is one that works best for your family!


Monday 2nd of April 2018

We went to Disney last year in October for Halloween and the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Never again! While the crowds weren't as bad as they are in the summer, the party was unreal. No FastPasses because they say you don't need them since only party goers will be in the park. Wrong! After they cleared out the non-party people, we didn't see a drop in the crowd size at all. And people were still entering the park when we left. We couldn't see the parade (even though we got seats ahead of time. People just crowded in front of us, totally blocking our view. And they claim you can trick-or-treat after the parade. Wrong again! The places were all closed.And then the Epcot's Food & Wine Festival was going on. Epcot is NOT a place to take young children during that! The t-shirts alone make the children ask questions you don't want to answer. They've taken all the Disney characters and turned them into alcoholics. But it was the drunk people there that made us leave. When a child under 10 asks, "Why are they still selling them alcohol? Can't they see they're drunk?" as a man stumbles by spilling his drink on everything and everyone, you know it's time to leave. Never again!