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Best Disney World Instagram Walls

Best Disney World Instagram Walls

If you haven’t been on Instagram lately, you may have missed out on these best Disney World Instagram walls. These are the hot spots to snap your picture at Disney World. Get your pictures taken here and you are sure to make your friends back home jealous. Tracking these hidden gems also lets you explore the parks and go to spots you may have completely overlooked before. Here is a look at some must stop stops to snap some photos on your next Disney World vacation!

Magic Kingdom Instagram Walls

The Purple Wall

This wall is located between Monsters Inc. and Tomorrowland Terrace. It makes a great cut through from Tomorrowland to Main Street as well as a classic photo stop.

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Tangled Restroom Wall

This one is right where you would expect, the Tangled themed restrooms located between Small World and the Haunted Mansion.

Carousel of Progress

It’s hard to get right up close to this wall, but these are walls located at the entrance to Carousel of Progress.

Epcot Instagram Walls

Morocco Wall

The Bubblegum Wall

Located outside of the exit of Spaceship Earth. There are two exits, this one faces the Guest Relations building.

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The Land

This is the mosaic that is located on both sides of the walkway leading into the Land pavilion. So on your way to Soarin be sure to snap a photo.

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Animal Kingdom Instagram Walls

Harambe Market

The Moss Wall

This one in the land of Pandora. Look for it to the left of the exit of Flight of Passage or the store that is in Pandora.

Bonus Instagram Spots

Walt Disney World Map Wall

This photo-op is actually at the gas station just outside of the Magic Kingdom. In order to visit this spot, you will need to take your own car or use a Uber.

Disney Springs Wall

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Boardwalk Wall

This one is out-of-the-way from the normal pathway of visitors. There is a cut through from the entrance of the Boardwalk Inn down to the Boardwalk. The easiest way to find it is to go to the Flying Fish and take a left and keep walking straight to the staircase where this is located.