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Disney World in February

Disney World in February

Disney World in February has some of the busiest and quietest times of the year. Avoid Presidents Day weekend (2/15-2/17) at all costs most people don’t really consider this a holiday as not everyone has it off, but it’s out to trick you! President’s Day at Disney World is packed! The following weekend you will need to watch out for the increased crowds during the Princess Half Marathon. These two-weekend events make me recommend you to just avoid the whole week in-between as well.

Despite these two rather busy times in February at Disney World, it’s still a great time to plan a trip. The weather remains mild, you can usually find some good hotel deals. This is the prime of the discount season here at Disney World. It’s also the perfect time to stop in if you want to see the parks without any seasonal decor.

It is also a good idea to note that this is a popular time for refurbishments at Disney World and you should check to see what is closed. This avoids any heartbreak on your favorite ride being closed when you arrive.

The Weather in Disney During February

Visiting during this month it’s important to keep a close eye on the weather forecast leading up to your trip. The weather on average ranges from the mid-50s to the low 70s. You’re a lot less likely to experience those cold snaps and experience the freak Florida frost warnings.

However, the averages are just marginally better than the ones you find in January. So it’s still probably a good idea to pack at least one pair of shorts in that suitcase along with several sweaters if you can squeeze it. If you are reading this and live in the northern parts of the United States you probably are rolling your eyes at me going oh you Floridians. But I have to give fair warning when it’s due, as a former New Englander myself there are a few days a year where we can get a chill that rivals the Northeast.

Despite the chilly weather that can happen that doesn’t mean the option of swimming at your resort pool is off the table. Disney resorts keep their pools toasty warm even in the winter months! Now your only obstacle is that period when you get out of the pool and freeze on your way to grab your pool towel. Of course, you could always just go the route of roasting in the hot tub instead. 

For more on what to pack check out our FREE: The Ultimate Disney Packing List.

Disney Events in February

Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts

Walt Disney World in February: Festival of the Arts

This event returns for its fourth year in a row! This year the festival will run from January 17 – February 24, 2020, at Epcot. The difference is this year the event will run the entire time and not just be restricted to the weekends. That means more Broadway concerts, more art displays, and classes. I am so glad they added in even more fun this year.

If you missed the event in the past it includes phenomenal artists, food booths around World Showcase, Broadway musical performances, stage productions, and other amazing acts. For more tips and tricks read What You Need to Know About Epcot’s Festival of the Arts. 

Valentine’s Day

This Valentines Day is the Friday of Presidents Day Weekend, so it may be more packed than usual with the holiday weekend crowd. However, it’s still probably the best place you could go for a romantic date or getaway in February. What a better way to spend some time with your special someone than at Walt Disney World? As if it wasn’t magical enough, Disney celebrates Valentine’s day with special character couples out at all the parks.

President’s Day at Disney World

There isn’t a special event that Disney throws. However, this is one of the busiest weekends of the year at Disney World. Yup, that’s right you encounter lines crazier than spring break in March! Maybe it’s the winter breaks you get up north or just the desperate need for the snow states to escape to the warmth and sunshine. Maybe it’s the patriotic flare of Liberty Square and the American Adventure.

Disney Princess Half Marathon

In 2020 the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is February 20-23, the weekend after President’s Day. The marathon itself attracts quite a few extra bodies to the area for the event and it can disrupt crowd flow as the contestants run through the parks during various events.

Disney After Hours

Disney has added a new offering, an After Hours event. This is a special hard-ticketed event that you can get for the Magic Kingdom or the Animal Kingdom. The beauty is you get an extra 3-hours in the park after the close. The wait times are ridiculously low for the rides they keep open. Want to ride Flight of Passage with no line? Yup, you can do it at After Hours. We find the crowds at this event are way less crowded than the Halloween and Christmas party allowing you to get tons done in the extra three hours you get. 

The Magic Kingdom offers two types of After Hours experience. On 2/10, 2/17, and 2/24 you can experience the regular party. Disney Villains After Hours brings a dark twist to the event on 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28. Not that Valentine’s Day is a Disney Villains After Hours party date. Animal Kingdom After Hours parties for February 2020 are 2/6, 2/13. 2/19, and 2/27.

Refurbishments in Disney World February 2020

Since February is one of the quieter times of year we find Disney tries to slot more refurbishments in this part of the year. Note the current scheduled maintenance. However, be aware that not all attraction closures are planned in advanced. Sometimes things happen and Disney closes an attraction unexpectedly.

Magic Kingdom

  • Splash Mountain will reopen February 28
  • Walt Disney World Railroad remains stationary during Tron Lightcycle Power Run construction. The parked train rests at the Main Street Station due to the Tron construction.


  • Test Track will Reopen February 27

Typhoon Lagoon

  • The entire park will remain closed throughout February 2020 and reopen on March 29.

Disney World in February Crowd Calendar

For the most part, the crowds aren’t too bad in February. The main warning is the crowds are heavy in the middle of the month. You get hit back to back with Presidents Day weekend followed by the runDisney Princess Half Marathon. I recommend avoiding this part of the month entirely. While crowds remain moderate Disney has attracted more people during this time of year with the addition of the Festival of the Arts at Epcot. So if you are thinking of a vacation you took years ago, prepare to experience more crowds. For more read our complete Disney Crowd Calendar.

Visiting Disney in Other Months?

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