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What To Do At Epcot When You Forget to Make FastPasses

What To Do At Epcot When You Forget to Make FastPasses

“Oh, you’re going to Disney? Have you booked your FastPass yet?” The question no one can escape. Personally, booking FastPasses two months prior to a trip (or 30 days if you are not staying at a Disney Resort) does not solve time management stress. If you are like me and wing your park days, I am here to tell you it is okay if you forget to book. Securing FastPasses for tier 2 rides are never the problem and more times than not, you are likely to score those tier 1 spots too. Epcot is, believe it or not, the best park to forget to book your FastPasses. There are so many things to do and see if you are not able to get those FP’s. Let’s go!

DVC Member Lounge

Epcot DVC Lounge

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With all of the amazing perks Disney Vacation Club has to offer, it just got a tad better. We know how tiring Epcot could be after walking all through World Showcase. Especially for Disney Vacation Club Members, there is a hidden lounge located on upstairs of the Imagination Pavilion. The stairs to get into the lounge are in the gift shop when exiting Figment and to get in, you have to present your DVC information to a Cast Member waiting at the bottom of the steps.

Once inside, your breath will be taken away by how unreal this place really is. On a beautiful Florida day, the sun pours into the room thanks to the glass paneling that make up the ceilings. Not to mention the crisp, clear view of Spaceship Earth. Hanging out in here is perfect. There are a ton of comfy couches that you might take a snooze on. There are also device charging stations and kid favorite video games. The DVC Lounge is relaxing and fun for the whole family. A nice break during the hectic day.

Disney Visa Exclusive Meet & Greet

What To Do At Epcot When You Forget to Make FastPasses 1


My boyfriend and I recently discovered a hidden meet & greet with two famous characters. This exclusive spot is great because the line is guaranteed to always be short compared to the Character Spot in Future World West. It is located near the DVC Lounge previously explained, and Figment.

Located in front of the building, there is a large waterfall shooting upwards. Once you spot that, just head up and you will see the door! The best part about this exclusive meet and greet is that the Cast Members do not tell you who you are meeting…so I won’t ruin that surprise for you.

World Showcase

What To Do At Epcot When You Forget to Make FastPasses 2

An extremely time-consuming part of Epcot that will make you feel better about forgetting to book those FastPasses is World Showcase. If you are new to Walt Disney World and/or Epcot, World Showcase is stunning, a perfect representation of twelve countries from around the world. Coming to a full circle, World Showcase is a great opportunity to learn so much more about different parts of the world. These countries include:

  • Canada*
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Morocco
  • Japan
  • The United States of America*
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Africa (Outpost)
  • China
  • Norway*
  • Mexico*

Each country is carefully detailed and insanely close to the real thing. Some countries even have rides and attractions, which is another thing to make up for not forgetting. The countries listed above that have an asterisk has a ride or attraction located inside. Taking your time throughout these countries is so important because each one is beautiful and make for incredible pictures. Let’s not forget the endless food and drinks you could try while going around the world!

The Seas

What To Do At Epcot When You Forget to Make FastPasses 3

Located in Future World West, The Seas with Nemo and Friends is home to, what I biased-ly (not a word) think, is the Worlds greatest aquarium. Without a FastPass and with kids, the Seas is like hitting the lotto. Actually, you probably have a great chance of hopping on the Nemo ride without a long wait. Once you exit your shell, you enter a place where you don’t know where to look first.

This aquarium has thousands of schooling fish, 6 sharks, 4 dolphins. Best of all you can interact with the incredible trainers and divers who properly take care of these animals. Turtle Talk with Crush is pretty much the best thing on Disney property. Even for adults, it is funny as heck. This 15-minute live chat with everyone’s favorite turtle is a Standby attraction with a queue full of fish facts and live sting ray tanks. Waiting has never been so cool before.

Well ladies and gents, I hope you used this article to finally reassure your husband or wife that it IS okay that you forgot to book the FastPasses. Epcot is much more than any other park, in my opinion. Walt Disney dreamed of Epcot to be a never-ending example of the future and moving forward. With that being said, there are so many other alternatives than worrying about riding a ride. Exploring new countries and diving deep into the sea with Pixar friends will keep you and the family busy and intrigued all day long. Thanks for reading! Oh, and since you were able to read this, Thank the Phoneticians.