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Best Breakfast in Disney World

Best Breakfast in Disney World

You hear so often about the food in the Disney parks, the snacks, lunches, dinners, but breakfast…*crickets*. You could be the super planner with full itineraries and reservations all lined up, but when it comes to breakfast, you just don’t know where to go. No more. It’s time to start talking about the most important meal of the day! 

Best Breakfast in the Disney World Parks

Not all parks are created equally in this category, it’s true. In fact, places like Hollywood Studios have earned the title “food desert” at times. But, there is always a place to go to grab a little something, either Quick Service or Table Service. 

Quick Service

Quick Service  is exactly what it sounds like, a walk up situation where you can grab your food and go. We all know that morning is the best time to be at Disney World because that is when the lines are shorter, so you may not want to spend too much time sitting and eating.

Table Service

Breakfast at table service restaurants in Disney don’t vary too much. You will have things like eggs, sausage, bacon, and oftentimes, the famous Mickey waffles. Some restaurants may have a few “fancier” items, but breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, not the most exciting. That being said, it is also the cheapest meal of the day at Disney restaurants.

PRO TIP: Want to get a head start on your park day? You can actually book Table Service reservations BEFORE the park opens! Think about the photos you can take in an empty park! And what kind of head start you can get against the crowds afterward. 

Best Breakfast at Magic Kingdom

Cat Tail Pastry at Magic Kingdom

Quick Service

  • Sleepy Hollow Refreshments – The undisputed champion of best quick service breakfast is hands-down, Sleepy Hollow. They have a fresh, hot, buttery waffle filled with Nutella, and stuffed with fruit like blueberries, strawberries, and bananas all folded up like some colonial taco. Oh mylanta, yes! 

It’s large enough to share, but you might not want to because it is just that good.

  • Gaston’s Tavern – How is it that society will look at a birthday cake and say it’s not breakfast food, but if that cake was rolled up in a swirl and filled with cinnamon, then it’s breakfast? Anyway! You may have heard about Gaston’s delicious, larger-than-life cinnamon rolls! Seriously, they’re roughly the size of a barge!

There is a drawback to breakfast here: Gaston’s is pretty out of the way of the attractions that most people look to enjoy during those morning hours, unless your hot tickets are meeting Belle, The Adventures of The Little Mermaid, or going through the Silly Circus.

  • Cheshire Cafe – Home of the famous Cheshire Cat Tail, the Cheshire Cafe has a very small menu. A few items come and go, but one thing for certain is the Cheshire Cat Tail. It is basically a long croissant served warm with mini chocolate chips. 
  • Friar’s Nook – If you’re not much of a sweets person and prefer something more savory, Friar’s Nook has a selection of breakfast sandwiches that have got you covered. Don’t forget to Mobile Order! And add in the French Vanilla Iced Coffee! You’re welcome. 
  • Main Street Bakery – The Main Street Bakery is the Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks location. This is only on the list so hard core Starbucks fans can get their bean fix. The food is not good, it was made days ago and shipped in, just like every Starbucks in America. You will also see cinnamon rolls here. If you’re wanting a cinnamon roll, get your coffee and hustle on over to Gaston’s. Main Street cinnamon rolls will just leave you disappointed. 

Table Service

  • Cinderella’s Royal Table – Imagine the memories you will make walking into the Magic Kingdom before it opens, the streets are empty as you make your way towards the castle… Then you start your day eating like Royalty in the castle! It’s surreal. It’s also the most affordable way to eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

EPCOT Best Breakfast Spots

Quick Service 

  • Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – You may not ever get to enjoy breakfast in Paris in front of the eiffel tower, but when you’re in Disney World you can! Snag a cute cafe table and pretty much anything from the bakery case and make your Parisian dreams come true!
  • Connections Cafe – Connections Cafe is the EPCOT Starbucks location, and just like Magic Kingdom, we understand that you need your coffee fix, but we repeat: Don’t waste your time with their food!
  • Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – Head off to Norway with some flaky pastry filled with some sort of cream. We just described the whole bakery case! Everything looks delicious.
  • La Crêperie de Paris – What’s more breakfast-y than pancakes? Well, crepes are super thin pancakes. You can get them savory, but let’s be real, we’re after the sweet ones filled with fruit or nutella!

Table Service

EPCOT is the latest opening theme park that prefers early lunch to breakfast. Prior to the closure, Garden Grill used to offer an all-you-care-to-enjoy character breakfast, but as of July 2022, it is only open for lunch and dinner. 

Best Breakfast at Hollywood Studios

Quick Service 

  • Ronto Roasters – You’ve heard of the Ronto wrap with sausage, pork, coleslaw and dressing all wrapped in a warm tortilla, now imagine a breakfast version. Basically remove the slice of pork and coleslaw with egg, and boom! Star Wars breakfast.
  • The Trolly Car Cafe – This is the Hollywood Studios location for Starbucks. This is the home of the famous Carrot Cake Cookie. We won’t judge. Really, what’s the difference between this and a muffin with cream cheese?
  • Woody’s Lunch Box – Most of all Disney Quick Service breakfast is sweet, sweet, sweet, but at Woody’s that is certainly not the case. Do you like eggs, green onions, tater tots, and country gravy? Now, put it all in one bowl and you have the Breakfast Bowl at Woody’s Lunch Box!

Table Service

  • Hollywood & Vine – This is a very unique character dining experience for breakfast. Hollywood & Vine is an all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet that features characters from hit Disney Junior shows like Vampirina and Fancy Nancy!  

Animal Kingdom Best Breakfast Locations

Best Breakfast in Disney World 3

Quick Service

  • Creature Comforts – Creature Comforts is the Animal Kingdom location of Starbucks. We’re not talking about their food anymore… There are a couple really awesome Disney snacks in the bakery case, but even we can’t imagine having a dome cake in the morning…
  • Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery – In addition to all of your coffee needs, there are pastries like a pistachio honey croissant and a colossal cinnamon roll. (Side note: Do we need to have a cinnamon roll throw down article??? Let us know in the comments!)
  • Pongu Pongu – You’re on the planet of Pandora and it seems like the Na’vi is serving us a couple items from your grocer’s freezer for breakfast in addition to their delicious Pongo Lumpia. Skip the french toast sticks and breakfast sandwiches and go right for the Pongu Lumpia. Read about Walt Disney World’s most divisive snack here. 

Table Service

  • Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Food-wise there is nothing special about Rainforest Cafe, but there is a great advantage to an early reservation here… You can be at the front of the pack when you’re done eating so you can be one of the first people on Avatar: Flight of Passage when it opens!
  • Tusker House Restaurant – Start your Animal Kingdom day on the right adventurous foot by enjoying a character breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy in their safari outfits! When your meal is done then you can be among the first to hop on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. 

Best Resort Breakfasts

Best Breakfast in Disney World 4
  • Ohana – JUST ANNOUNCED JULY 2022 Stitch is back for breakfast at Ohana! Ohana is the all-you-care-to-enjoy meal with a Polynesian flair, but what’s good is about to be great because it will come with a fluffy hug from our favorite alien!
  • Topolino’s Terrace – Part of Disney’s newest resort is Topolino’s Terrace which is a signature restaurant for dinner, but in the morning is one of the best character breakfasts on property! The theme of the resort is art appreciation and this breakfast has fun with that and brings it to the kids. Mickey is dressed as a painter, Minnie as a poet, Daisy as a dancer, and Donald as a sculptor. 
  • Cape May Cafe – If you’re hoping to get a head start to EPCOT to beat the lines to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Cape May Cafe in Disney’s Beach Club Resort is perfect. This resort is located right outside of International Gateway, AKA right at Remy’s. This is a simple breakfast buffet that will do its job and fill the belly. The other bonus is that there are no Disney thrills which means it’s a rather inexpensive breakfast, only $25 for adults and $14 for children 3-9. 

Save Money. Eat Breakfast in Your Room

People are catching on to bringing food and basic meal supplies to their resort rooms. With so many delivery services available like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, DoorDash, etc., it’s never been easier! You not only get to sleep in a bit later, but it will also save you a ton of money on your vacation! A typical family of 4 can’t walk away from a Disney table service for under $100, but even the fanciest of breakfasts made in your room is going to be under $20. That $80 in savings could get you that Loungefly you have been wanting!

Even if you are a real foodie and your vacation revolves around what snacks to eat and table service meals to enjoy, breakfast is one of those that you’re really not missing out on. Scrambled eggs and sausage are not the most exciting dishes in the world. We recommend at least one breakfast out on a vacation because hey, you’re on vacation, or breakfasts out that serve a purpose, like getting into a park early or meeting a character that you love, but definitely not a meal to eat at Disney every day. 

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need a villa that’s basically a mini apartment to set up your own breakfasts in your room, and they don’t have to be boring! 

  • Cereal – Okay, so this option is a little boring, but let’s be real, if you were home in reality, aren’t you and your family basically eating cereal for breakfast every day? Cereal is easy to store in your hotel room, and if you only have a mini fridge, you can buy individual pints of milk to save space. 

PRO-TIP: We buy the individual boxes of cereal and pour the milk directly into the cereal bag so we don’t need bowls. 

  • Oatmeal  – This is my personal go-to. I can make it in my hotel coffee cup, it is filling, doesn’t need additional ingredients,  and is really compact to store. The instant oatmeal. Most hotel rooms off property offer a microwave in the room. In fact, I don’t recall one ever not having a microwave, but Disney resorts are different. Most rooms will not have a microwave. No worries. You will always be close to your resort’s quick service where you can get hot water on tap. On many vacations, I have woken up, gone to the quick service for a fresh cup of coffee in my resort mug, and brought my little cup of oatmeal to fill with the hot water. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Stick with me a moment here… I know it sounds strange, but yes you can bring a crockpot to your room. Think about it, if it’s safe to leave in your home for 8 hours unattended while you’re at work, it’s safe to bring it to your hotel room. 

Our favorite crockpot breakfast recipes are:

What’s your favorite way to do the most important meal of the day? Let us know in the comments!