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Where to Eat Breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Where to Eat Breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

While people often skip eating breakfast in the parks and just go straight for the rides it’s good to know what your options are. Breakfast options are pretty limited at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as you will see below. There has been a lot of change-up over the years of what locations and options are open. I am most disappointed that they stopped serving breakfast in Pandora. So here is where to eat breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Sit Down Breakfast Options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tusker House

If you are looking for character dining Tusker House is your stop. This restaurant location is in Africa. This also gives you access into the park before anyone else. This is a buffet location if you would like to get an idea of what’s served up here is the menu.

Rainforest Cafe

Where to Eat Breakfast at Disney's Animal Kingdom 1

Technically this location is just outside the park but I decided to include it anyhow since it has a gate straight into the Animal Kingdom. So if you wanted you could eat here no ticket required.

They have a pretty wide-spread of breakfast entrees here. There is everything from french toast, waffle, eggs, and smoothies. They even have a steak on the menu! For a complete look at the menu go here. Just like it is dining here the rest of the day watch out for the high prices and mediocre food. You really pay for atmosphere here. Though I do credit Rainforest Cafe for serving up supersized portions of food.

Quick Service Breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts

Animal Kingdom Starbucks Cups

While called Creature Comforts this is the Starbucks location for the Animal Kingdom. Here you can expect the pretty standard Starbucks fare. Lots of coffee selection and some pastries. They do also serve a small selection of artisan sandwiches as well. It’s also important to note that there is no indoor seating at this location.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

Chocolate Danish Twist Disney

This stop is comprised of mostly your standard breakfast pastries, bagel, and muffins. It’s also home to the Elephant Ear pastry, pictured below. The Elephant Ear is a famed Disney snack but I wasn’t crazy about it personally. My go to is the chocolate Danish pictured above! The Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery is located in Africa, attached to the Tusker House. This is a great stop if your first ride is the Kilimanjaro Safaris. For a full menu go here.

Since this is just a simple walk up window we recommend sitting at one of the benches on the other side of the fruit cart.

Where to Eat Breakfast at Disney's Animal Kingdom 2

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe

Breakfast Tacos

OMG! Can we just talk about these breakfast tacos! I just loved the food at this quick service location. These eggs are perfectly seasoned and then mixed with cheese and bacon. It’s the perfect pair of mini breakfast wrap. It came with a side of mini hash browns which I normally hate but they were pretty tasty. Again there was like a secret seasoning that made everything extra yummy. The Yak and Yeti is located at the entrance to Asia.

If you are looking for eggs or just a protein heavy quick breakfast this would be your stop. You can check out the full menu of options for breakfast here. Once again the seating here is entirely outdoors.

So as you can see you breakfast options are pretty limited at the Animal Kingdom. There used to be breakfast at Satuli Canteen in Pandora but it moved to seasonal only, which is why we left it off the list. If you want some more tips for spending your day here read Animal Kingdom Must Dos as well as Animal Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst.