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Disney World 4 Park Challenge

Disney World 4 Park Challenge

All throughout the Disney community, the 4 Park Challenge has begun to surface. What is this? The 4 park challenge is when someone successfully conquers all four main Walt Disney World parks in one day. Yup, that’s right Disney World in one day is possible! This challenge seems exhausting and difficult, but with the right guidance and knowledge, it is easy. The social media challenge has some rules, but here is my way of doing this. For now, we will call it “Carinna’s Park Challenge”. Free of rules and super fun.

When my siblings and I were young we always used to do four parks in one day. The trick to doing this is knowing the rides that are important enough to do, and the parades you can avoid. Know that this guide is from my personal experience only and does not have to be followed if I do not list any of your favorite rides! Follow along with my journey, from morning to night, so you can be the next one to complete the 4 parks challenge.

Park 1 – Animal Kingdom

Our first park that is a must do in order to conquer the challenge is starting with the Animal Kingdom. This park, like others, opens at 9 a.m. Be sure to check for extra morning magic hours because that will give you a little more time to hang out. The goal in the morning is to be in Animal Kingdom right before rope drop. In this park, we are only going to do two rides. They are the two most important ones, on my list anyway. Picking and choosing which rides to do save time and ensures you finishing the challenge quicker than you thought.

What you will do first in the Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safari, located in Africa. To get to Africa, you must enter the park through the Oasis and keep walking until you see the Tree of Life. Once you pass that, follow the signs to the left of the tree and head towards the back. You will pass through Harambes Market and the Safari will be right there. It is best to do it in the morning because all of the animals are out, you will not miss a single one. Normally, the safari wait time nears, if not exceeds an hour first thing in the morning. Being the first ones on is beneficial to this time management.

Once you exit and have fully enjoyed the beautiful scenery and animals the Kingdom has to offer, you will head towards Asia. Yes, Expedition Everest is next on our list. As you exit Africa, you will immediately notice the mountain in the distance. Let me just say one thing – there is not much better than the morning sun shining on the snowy peaks of the mountain. Since Pandora is still a big hit, rope droppers will run to that first, so your line for Everest shouldn’t be that long.

Did you enjoy your journey through the forbidden mountains? Well, now it is time to speed walk back to the bus and head to park number two.

Park 2 – Hollywood Studios

Disney World 4 Park Challenge 7

The bus ride to Hollywood Studios (MGM don’t argue with me) should only take about a half hour. While riding, keep in mind you will only have enough time for two or three rides. Before the addition of Toy Story Land, the Great Movie Ride was always my number one that could never be skipped. When arriving at the studios, race for Tower of Terror and/or Rock-n-Roller Coaster. To find these, you will enter the park and turn right on Sunset Blvd. It is the first intersection you will come across.

It should hopefully still before noon, so your wait times will not be lengthy. Next, head over to the brand new Toy Story Land and see if you can hop on Slinky Dog. This gives you some time to walk around and sight-see. Lunch is for park number three! Head back to the buses or boat and let’s see our next park.

Park 3 – Epcot

Disney World 4 Park Challenge 8

Epcot is located right next to Hollywood Studios, so it makes it convenient to transport to each. At Epcot, you will have some time to visit a little more. I bet you are starving, so I have it planned perfectly. After you take your bubblegum wall photos, go to the right and start towards the Land. The Seasons cafe…let’s just say I would walk from Long Island to Epcot in this very moment to eat there. All the food served in Epcot is homegrown, so enjoy the freshest, most delicious lunch you could have. After lunch, hop on Soarin and see the world.

Next on our list is Test Track. Walk across from Future World West to East and brace yourself for the thrill of a lifetime. We cannot forget about World Showcase of course. Doing a quick lap around, you can take in every country a little different from what you might be used to. Today, we are only doing a walk through! What I recommend doing while visiting the showcase is the Frozen ride. It is well worth it. On your way out, it is always best to ride Spaceship Earth. The classic. Make sure you have enough time to finish this challenge with park number 4. Easy for us, we can get right on the monorail.

Park 4 – Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle Night

Last but most certainly not least, park number four to conclude this journey is none other than the Magic Kingdom. The best part about saving the Magic Kingdom for last is that you are free to do whatever you’d like. The nighttime show times such as Happily Ever After and Once Upon A Time will subject to change depending on the time period you are visiting the parks. The Magic Kingdom is a reward for doing so well on this challenge! So I recommend you meet your favorite characters, sit on the curb and relax, or ride all of the best rides.

Finishing four parks in one day can be overwhelming especially depending on who you are traveling with. Fortunately, Patty has designed a checklist that you can take to the parks with you to make sure you do “Carinna’s Park Challenge”. I hope you enjoyed following along, and feel ambitious to try the Disney World 4 park Challenge for yourself. It is possible to accomplish Disney World in just one day! Have the most magical time. See ya real soon!

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