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Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is such a special place at Hollywood Studios. It truly is your chance to step inside the Star Wars saga and play out your own tale. You can get behind the wheel of the Millenium Falcon on Smugglers Run and you can construct your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop.

For those of you unfamiliar a lightsaber is the signature weapon choice of Jedi and the Sith. And for a mental picture, it’s that giant light blade sword you see them swinging about in the commercials. 

What is Savi’s Workshop?

A group known as the Gatherers have set up shop here on Batuu. They have set up a front that they are just collectors of scrap metal pieces. But really they are on a quest to bring balance between light and dark sides of the force. Here you can secretly get to build your own lightsaber under the guidance of the Gatherers.

If you chose to stop in here you will be ushered into a covert workshop packed with unusual parts and whimsical pieces collected from the far reaches of the galaxy. During this twenty-minute experience, under the Gatherers’ guidance, you will construct a one-of-a-kind lightsaber and bring them to life through the power of kyber crystals.

Savi’s Workshop Pricing 

Building a lightsaber is definitely a premium experience with the cost coming in at $249.99, plus tax. There are four different types of lightsabers you can build at Savi’s and all cost the same amount each. Kids cost the same amount. It is recommended that you are at least 5 years of age and one member of the party must be over 14 years old.

You may be wondering why the steep price tag here. First off these lightsabers are by no means a toy they are much more classified under the category of a collector’s item. Each lightsaber hilt is constructed with heavy metal parts, I myself was shocked at how well made this item is. 

Making a Reservation for Savi’s Workshop

If you are looking to take a stab at building a lightsaber of your own we highly recommend making your reservations to do so well in advance of your trip. The reservation system is all handled through the My Disney Experience site. Just like your dining reservations, you can book up to 60 days in advance at Disney World. There are a small number of walk-up reservations that they open up daily. I would recommend if this is your plan to check at the desk early to try and grab a same-day spot.

Also, an important Disney disclaimer to note: 

A valid, accepted credit card number is required at the time of booking. You must cancel at least one day prior to your reservation to avoid a per builder cancellation fee. If you fail to timely cancel and are a no-show, the credit card provided at the time of your reservation will be charged $249.99 per builder.

Where to Check-In for Savi’s Workshop

You will know you have found Savi’s when you find the scrapyard. This scrapyard is located between Dok-Ondar’s Antiquities and the Droid Depot. There is a cart where you can check in right outside of Savi’s Workshop. Be prepared to pick out exactly which of the four lightsaber options you want they have bins of all the parts to help you decide. Once you pick out your hilt theme you will need to pay and officially be in line for the experience. 

Arrival is recommended no more than 15 minutes prior to your reservation. Please make sure your entire party is present before you check in to Savi’s Workshop. Once we checked in I would say it was about 5 to 10 minutes before we entered the room where you build your lightsaber. 

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 2

Once you have paid you will get your pin and card and be asked to wait in the holding pen. Here you can browse the drawer that contains the options you will have to build your hilt. If you already have that figured out you can translate the card you were given at check-in. The writing is in Aurebesh and you can use the Disney Play app to help you translate it.

Lightsaber Hilt Theme Options to Build

When you meet with Savi’s Gatherers outside his workshop, you’ll choose one of four available hilt themes and receive a cloisonné pin to identify your selection.  Sadly you can not mix and match the parts in these hilt themes. Once you pick out a theme you can only use the parts associated in that theme. Be sure to keep the pin you receive out, they need it to identify you once you get inside. 

Peace and Justice

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 3

Utilize salvaged scraps of fallen Jedi temples and crashed starships in Republic-era lightsaber designs that honor the galaxy’s former guardians.

Power and Control

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 4

Originally forged by warriors from the dark side. Objects used in this lightsaber style are rumored remnants from the Sith homeworld and abandoned temples.

Elemental Nature

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 5

Craft a lightsaber from special components born from the Force. These pieces include Brylark trees, Cartusion whale bones or Rancor teeth.

Protection and Defense

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 6

Incorporate hilt materials bearing mysterious motifs and inscriptions that reconnect a lightsaber’s wielder with the ancient wellspring of the Force.

Kyber Crystal Options

There is a total of six different Kyber Crystal colors but you can only pick between four options when building a lightsaber at Savi’s workshop. Picking out your Kyber Crystal is important, as it serves as the heart of your lightsaber. The Kyber Crystal options include:

  • Green Kyber Crystal, like the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Ahsoka Tano
  • Blue Kyber Crystal, like the lightsaber of Rey, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker
  • Red Kyber Crystal, like the lightsaber of Vader, Sidious, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, and the Imperial Inquisitors
  • Purple Kyber Crystal, like the lightsaber of Jedi Mace Windu

The two missing colors are Yellow (Rey, Jedi Temple Guard) and Black (Mandalorian Din Djarin). Both of these Kyber Crystal colors are ones that you can uncover by purchasing separately at Dok Ondar’s. Dok Ondor’s Den of Antiquities does also sell the colors listed above.

The Experience of Putting your Lightsaber Together 

Now it’s time to head into the shop and put your new lightsaber together. When your group is ready they will call you and lead you in. There will be no more than 14 builders per group. Each builder may bring in one person to observe. The room is pretty tight so I get why they put restrictions on it.

Once you are all placed around your individual building stations. Your storyteller will explain the backstory of lightsabers. Then we get to jump into the story behind the centerpiece of your lightsaber, the Kyber crystal. 

Kyber Crystals at Savi's Workshop

The Gatherers will now help you select the heart of your lightsaber, the kyber crystal, which is available in red, blue, green, or violet. The blue crystal is the same as Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan. Green, of course, is everyone’s favorite Yoda. We went for the very rare purple like Mace Windu. Or you could go to the dark power of red.

Savi's Workshop Hilt and Kyber Crystal

Next, you will get a short amount of time to begin assembling your hilt. The parts you receive will be provided based on your theme and cloisonné pin. Each box of parts includes:

  • 1 hilt
  • 4 sleeves (pick 2)
  • 2 emitters (pick 1)
  • 2 pommel caps (pick 1) 
  • 2 sets of activation plates and switches (pick 1 set)

Upon hilt completion, the unused parts will be collected by the Gatherers and returned to Savi’s inventory. It’s a bummer because it would have been super cool to take these home and change them out as you wish. Unfortunately, though, these are not included in your lightsaber package.

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 7

Finally, the Gatherers will masterfully connect your hilt to a 31” lightsaber blade so you’re ready for anything the galaxy puts in your path! I must say this is the coolest part of the whole experience. On your way out don’t forget to pick up your included carrying case. Super helpful for protecting your hefty investment when traveling around the parks. 

Final Reveal for Savi's Workshop

Full Video of the Savi’s Workshop Experience

Check out the video above for our experience at Savi’s Workshop and to see the lightsaber we picked out!

Bonus Lightsaber Accessories 

If you want to get some extras for your lightsaber be sure to head over to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. This shop isn’t just for mysterious and unique galactic artifacts collected by Dok-Ondar, a legendary antiquities dealer who is as mysterious as many of the objects he collects. The Ithorian’s den is packed with racks and crates of items with their own stories to tell:

Legacy Lightsabers

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 8

This elegant weapon from a more civilized age is most commonly associated with the Jedi and Sith. Dok-Ondar has collected replicas of some of the most famous – or infamous – warriors in the galaxy’s history, including Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul. For the full list of lightsabers and their prices read Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsabers – Full List and Pricing.

Lightsaber Accessories

Lightsaber clips, carrier bags, and display stands are used to carry or display a lightsaber when not in use. Now there are even special end hilt decorations you can add on that look like various animals in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Kyber Crystals

Build a Custom Lightsaber at Savi's Workshop 9

At the heart of every lightsaber is a Kyber crystal. This crystal is attuned to the Force. Colors include blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and white. Plus there is the ultra hard to find, Black Kyber crystal hidden inside the Red Kyber Crystal bottles.


The Jedi and Sith have curated enormous amounts of information about the galaxy and the Force. Holocrons store this valuable data, which when paired with Kyber Crystals can be unlocked and accessed by the owner of these rare artifacts.

Scrap Lightsaber Parts from Savi’s Workshop

We mentioned earlier that you don’t get any extra pieces of scrap metal with your Savi’s Workshop experience but if you want extra lightsaber parts they do make them available for sale. You simply just walk up to the check-in area for Savi’s and ask to purchase an individual lightsaber part or say you are looking for scrap metal. The pieces are sold individually, each costing $24.99.

Getting Your Star Wars Lightsaber Home

Wondering how you are going to get your new hunk of metal home? Don’t worry we have you covered with all the information you need to know on How to Get a Lightsaber Home From Disney. Just click the link and read our guide. Oh and make sure you keep those complementary carrying cases handy for the way home!

Common Savi’s Workshop Questions

Can you get into Savi’s Workshop without a Reservation?

Sadly, no. You must have a reservation to enter and experience the show. Each person with a reservation can bring one guest that would be the only way to enter without paying is to be a guest. Each guest can only make one lightsaber so you can’t get a reduced cost by one person building an extra.

Can you Bring your Lightsaber on Rides?

Yes! Disney thinks of just about everything. When visiting Batuu at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge you see many guests walking around with their lightsabers. Some rides will not allow the lightsaber to join you and for those, a cast member can store it while you ride the attraction. There are also lockers available for a fee at the front of every park. You will need a large locker as the small ones can’t hold the long lightsaber blade.

How many guests are allowed in Savi’s workshop?

For each person building at lightsaber, you are allowed one guest. The other way to think of it is for each $249.99 you spend you get one guest that can join who will not be building a lightsaber, only observing.

How long does it take to do Savi’s workshop?

The Savi’s Workshop show itself is about 10 minutes long. We had a few hiccups (parts that weren’t working) our show took a few minutes longer. However, 10 minutes isn’t the only time you should budget for Savi’s Workshop. You will wait once you check in and before then you need to pick out which hilt theme you want to build. This whole process is safely at least 30 minutes in total for arrival to departure but if they are running behind and you have to wait for a couple of shows we have heard people say the whole process took them an hour.

Overall Thoughts on if Savi’s Workshop is Worth It

I thought it was well worth the money to get to build your own lightsaber. The quality of the pieces is there and you end up with a really well-built finished product. And if you too are a big Star Wars fan and on the fence, I would say to go ahead and do it. 

My one wish is they had an option for those of us who have already been through the experience once to be able to do it again without the show at a lower cost. Even if that means you could pick up the parts and take them home to construct your own second hilt. 

For more on enjoying your day on Batuu read The Big Guide to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.