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Ultimate Guide to Disney World Balloons

Ultimate Guide to Disney World Balloons

One of the first things you will see as you walk down Main Street, USA are the iconic Disney World balloons. They have become as iconic as Premium Mickey Bars, and they are guaranteed to bring a smile to every child’s face. But how do you travel with them? What if they float away? Perhaps the scariest question is, how much do Disney Balloons cost? We’ve got you covered! WDW Vacation Tips will answer all of these questions and more!

How much do Disney Balloons cost?

All balloons in Walt Disney World are $15, making them one of the least expensive souvenirs in Disney World that all children love. 

NOTE: Balloon vendors can only accept cash. No credit cards or Disney gift cards can be accepted. This is an instance of when you need cash for Disney World.

What types of Disney Balloons are available?

Ultimate Guide to Disney World Balloons 4

There are 2 main types of Disney Balloons. There are classic Mickey Balloons where this is an inflated Mickey shaped balloon inside of a large clear balloon. Colors stay pretty consistent with red, blue, and pink almost always being available. It was big news when they added in the occasional yellow, orange, or purple. 

The second type of balloons at Disney World are character balloons. These are large and round and may look similar to the ones in dollar stores, but they are much larger and a more sturdy material than basic mylar. 

How long do Disney Balloons last?

How long Disney Balloons last depends on the type that you purchased. The round character balloons will last about 2 weeks.

The classic Mickey balloons will last anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks! Your kids may absolutely love Elsa, but considering both types of balloons cost the same and the classic version lasts up to 3 times longer, you might want to convince them that that’s the way they want to go. 

What Happens if a Disney Balloon Pops or Deflates?

Just like all merchandise purchased on Disney property, if there are any issues, defects, or breakage, just bring it to any balloon vending Cast Member and they will happily replace your balloon with a fresh one. Balloons are all about joy and Cast Members want to keep the joy going!

If you can’t find a balloon vender just go to City Hall in Magic Kingdom or to any guest relations blue umbrella for a voucher for a free balloon. 

What happens if a Disney Balloon floats away?

It is much easier to replace a popped or deflated balloon than replacing one that floated away, though generally, Cast Members look to do the best thing to make a guest happy. If you come to a balloon vendor with a crying child saying your balloon flew away, they will most likely give you a new balloon. 

We highly suggest hanging onto your receipt when you purchase anything just in case you need to replace anything. We have never had an issue getting an item replaced when we supply the receipt. 

NOTE: Balloons are sold with a weighted Mickey tied to the string. Rest assured that kids aren’t just willy-nilly given an expensive balloon on a string. It’s always possible for the Mickey weight to come off its weight, but it is not easy to lose your balloon.

Can you ride attractions with a Disney Balloon?

Unfortunately, no. Balloons on attractions would be dangerous and distracting for others. Could you imagine sitting behind a person with a balloon on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? It would be miserable. 

Never fear! Cast Members are here to save the day! You can bring your balloons with you in line and hand them off to a helpful Cast Member to hold for you for the duration of your ride, and you can retrieve them after. 

If you have a stroller, it is much easier to just leave it with the stroller. Now, I can hear all of the dads now – “It’s going to get stolen!”. In the real world, I get that, but the rate of actual theft in Disney is really low. We say “actual” because oftentimes there are misunderstandings because so many strollers look the same, or balloons are the same, etc. Should this happen, however, just tell the balloon vending Cast Member and they will gladly replace it. 

THINKING OUT LOUD: Do you think the idea of guests taking balloons on attractions inspired the show Kite Tails in Animal Kingdom? It’s closed now, but the short-lived show featured huge balloon-like kites to be pulled by jet skis to tell a story. 

Can you take a Disney Balloon on a plane?

Yes and no. Of course, you can take your balloon home, but you cannot take an inflated balloon home. If you do find yourself with a fully inflated balloon, then stop on by the Disney Store in the MCO airport. At the Disney Store, they will gladly deflate your balloons without harming your balloon.

Cast Members will give you advice on how to reinflate your balloons when you get home, or you can take them to your local florist to be re-inflated. Once reinflated, they will last for weeks! 

Perks of Disney Balloons

Balloons can be a great purchase! Sure, your kids will be thrilled, but they can also be very useful as well! It seems like everyone on the planet owns a black stroller and it can be very difficult to differentiate yours from anyone else’s. Until now… Get your kids a balloon and then tie it to the stroller! You will have no issues losing each other in the crowds or in stroller parking areas. 

No Disney Balloons in Animal Kingdom!

You can buy Disney Balloons in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, but not Animal Kingdom. Why not? Animal Kingdom is just that – It was built to be a safe haven for animals and we are just guests in their space. Balloons can be distracting and distressing to the animals with the shiny holographic qualities, not to mention, if it pops. 

How to Buy a Disney Balloon without a Theme Park Ticket

You can purchase a Disney Balloon in Disney Springs with no park ticket! Disney Springs is the ultimate shopping area with a Disney twist. It will be easy to convince your kids that they want to go shopping if you promise a balloon, too!