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Buy the Disney Bubble Wand but Bring Your Own Bubbles

Buy the Disney Bubble Wand but Bring Your Own Bubbles

Disney World is such a magical place to bring your kids. The rides, the experiences, the magic… But let’s have some real talk. Disney can be sensory overload for little ones, and waiting in line is, well, waiting. When you’re extensively planning Genie+ passes or dining reservations you might forget about the waiting. I hate to break it to you but your kids are going to be spending cumulative hours waiting for things at Disney.

Now what?? They’re hot, bored, and getting a little cranky, and like a beacon from above, you see the cart of Disney bubble wands! Yes, they are $30, but that $30 just brought joy (and entertainment) to your child, and isn’t that what Disney is all about? I know what you’re thinking, that’s a slippery slope with all of those stores around, but trust me, bubbles are an investment in your vacation.

What are Disney Bubble Wands

Have you ever seen your kid upset around bubbles? Of course not, they’re bubbles. These wands keep kids entertained for HOURS while waiting in line, walking through the parks, and waiting for the parades. What makes this bubble wand special? Nothing. It’s a basic bubble wand with lights and a character.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. Your typical Disney bubble wand is a long wand with a disco ball Mickey’s head that lights up when bubbles come out, but sometimes you will find other more special wands. Sometimes you will see a Little Mermaid wand or one with Cinderella’s carriage. I know they are cute. Don’t do it. DO. NOT. DO. IT.

These wands are equipped with “music”. Momma, these are awful. The music is horrible, like what you expect out of an obnoxious toy, not to mention there’s already a good amount of noise in the parks to begin with. And we won’t get into how it sounds as the batteries are dying… Yikes. Just stick with a classic Mickey wand.

Why Buy a Disney Bubble Wand

What makes it special is the customer service that comes with it. Let’s get down to brass tacks: Why would you spend $30 on a bubble wand when you can find them elsewhere for half the cost? The reason is because of Disney’s amazing customer service. Bubble wands don’t last very long. Think about it… electrical components and liquid. Not a great mix. When you buy your bubble wand at Walt Disney World, keep your receipt, and should something happen to your new toy, they will take care of it.

Buy the Disney Bubble Wand but Bring Your Own Bubbles 2

For example: On my last trip I purchased a bubble wand on day 1 in Animal Kingdom, and on day 2 in Hollywood Studios, the batteries died. A wonderful Cast Member replaced them with no issue. On day 5 in Magic Kingdom when it stopped working, (as bubble wands do), a Cast Member happily replaced it with a brand new wand. Think about it, I essentially went through 3 wands. Disney does an extraordinary job of training Cast Members to take care of guests.

Here is our little side note PSA to be nice to Cast Members. Their job is to make guests’ vacations happy and magical, so you can focus on making memories. This is where you need to have Thumper’s father’s message in your head… “If ya ain’t got nuffin’ nice to say, don’t say nuffin’ at all”.

If the idea of waiting until you get to Disney World to buy a wand freaks you out, you can find a nice selection of them on shopDisney, but beware of the music! It is important to note that our customer service tip will not work on bubble wands purchased prior to your vacation, and that includes ones from Disney’s website. Amazon also has a large selection of licensed Disney bubble wands.

Disney Bubble Want Designs

The designs and characters featured in Disney bubble wands are always changing but here are some of the styles we have stumbled across:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Ariel
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Olaf
  • Chip from Beauty and the Beast

Disney Bubble Wand Refills

Now, about those bubbles… Don’t pay $3 per bottle of bubbles! There is no Disney magic that comes with these. You are allowed to bring in your own bottles of bubbles, and this will save you tons of money. I brought in bubbles like these, and went through 2 bottles a day. They’re small and fit easily under the stroller, so you might want to throw in a few extras if it is an extra hot day, or you have a tiny independent diva who insists on refilling them herself. Totally not speaking of experience, of course.

BONUS TIP: If you are traveling with toddlers, bring a few extra bottles of bubbles on your Hollywood Studios day. This park has more height-restricted rides than the other parks, and because of the popularity of its rides, it also suffers from the longest wait times in all of Walt Disney World. On our Hollywood Studios day, my two were waiting while some of our family went on the Rise of the Resistance for an hour and a half.

Sure, we could have run all around the park and found shows or rides, but we didn’t. They were perfectly content running through bubbles and munching on popcorn the entire time while I was enjoying a Blue Milk (did you know you can get rum added???). It was hot. It was busy. And they were happy.

Conclusion on Disney Bubble Wands

Momma, don’t kill yourself trying to keep your kids happy and entertained every second of your magical vacation. You have done a great job, and deserve to enjoy your vacation, too. Your sanity has a price. Buy the bubble wand. Now, find a shady spot and get yourself an iced French vanilla coffee from Joffrey’s. You earned it.

Do you buy your bubble wands at Disney or Amazon? Let us know down in the comment section below.


Saturday 10th of June 2023

I completely disagree with you on the bubble solution. I refused to buy a $5 refill bottle and I suffered the consequences. I don't know their volition recipe, but there is magic in it. I have bought at least 10 bottles of random bubble solution and tried making our own, but none of them work as well with the wand like Disney's. The solution that came in the wand shot out a thick, steady stream of bubbles. Any other solution and the wand would kind of sputter out bubbles with gaps. not even close!