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Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World

Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World

Part of the fun of any vacation is picking out a souvenir to bring back home. This is especially true at Disney World and there certainly are no shortages of options to choose from. It can seem like every ride you get off of ends in a gift shop. If you want a one-stop shop to pick up your treasures from your trip I recommend going to the World of Disney at Disney Springs. This store is massive and I would say holds about 85% of all the souvenir options that Disney World has. Let’s take a look at unique souvenirs you will find at Disney World.

Personalized Disney Ornaments

We got a custom ornament on our honeymoon at Disney World, every Christmas it brings back memories when we take it out. Many of the shops at Disney World have Christmas ornaments in them. However, if you want your ornament personalized you must head to Disney’s Days of Christmas at Disney Spring or Magic Kingdom’s Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

Pick a Pearl in Japan

Pick a Pearl at Epcot

Pick a Pearl at Epcot

The experience is located in Epcot’s Japan at the Mitsukoshi department store. I recommend heading here early in the day because the line gets longer as the day goes on. Once it is your turn you get to pick your oyster from the tank and uncover the pearl hidden inside. Rumour is the uglier, stranger, and more unique the oyster the better your pearl will be!


Custom Disney Phone Case

Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World 1

The options for customization feel endless at D-Tech in Disney Springs. This service takes up a small section of the front of the Co-Op. They have both Magicbands and phone cases (both Apple and Android) that you can take and add your own text to. There are also exclusive designs that you will only find here. If Disney Springs is a stop on your trip I highly recommend stopping in this store as it’s packed with unique goodies outside of electronics as well.


Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World 2

If you head over to the planet of Pandora you can adopt your very own Banshee. At the Rookery, a Naturalist from Alpha Centauri Expeditions will assist you with identifying your new banshee. Before you head off with your Banshee you will make a pledge to respect and protect the natural world on Pandora and back home on Earth. They really make the adoption process here a whole experience.

While these pets can be found on from time to time the experience of picking your Banshee is not one to miss.

Monorail Set

disney world monorail playset

If you would like a closer look you can also check it out online.

Personalized Parasol

Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World 3

Get your very own parasol painted with your name, favorite character or a custom design. This cart was found outside France at EPCOT.

Star Wars Merchandise

Build your own droid at Disney Springs Walt Disney World

Build your own Droid at Disney Springs or Hollywood Studios!

If you have a big Star Wars fan in your family, building a custom droid is probably going to be where they want to stop for a treasure. When you head to the Droid Factory you will uncover 71 different pieces to create the 3 ¾-inch figures.

Monogrammed Mickey Ears

Mickey ears

The iconic custom monogrammed Mickey ears always make a great way to remember your trip.


Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World 4

Pressed Pennies

Pressed Pennies Disney World

There are hundreds of these pressed penny designs scattered all over Disney World. Each machine features Disney themed designs. The question is can you collect them all?

Painted Toms

Hand painted Toms shoes

At Curl in Disney Springs you can get Tom Shoes custom painted with whatever design you like as long as it doesn’t infringe on character copyright. They have a booklet for you to see the design options and give you some inspiration. If you want you can even bring your own Toms (but they must be brand new) you don’t have to buy from them.

Epcot Countries Passport

Epcot Country Passport

Epcot Country Passport

Every country in Epcot has a spot where you can stop and get this booklet (or anything else) signed! It’s a great way to get kids excited about going to each country.


Interesting Unique Souvenirs you will Find at Disney World 5

Pins are everywhere, much like the pressed pennies! Pin trading takes picking out your pins to a whole new level. If you would like some tips here are the best spots we like to pin trade!

Some more advice for when you are out souvenir shopping!

  • If you see something you want to buy, don’t wait. While many items can be found in many different locations Disney World does have unique items and you may not come across it later. A perfect example is the ever hard to find, Rose Gold ears!
  • Start a tradition that you can add to on each visit.
  • Resort guests get the added benefit of being able to send gifts back to their hotel for free. Be sure to take advantage of that service and save yourself from lugging your treasures around all day.
  • If you think of something you wish you’d picked up read our article on the various ways you can order an item after you leave. There is no guarantee you will be able to find it but it’s always worth the try.

nique souvenirs you will find at Disney World


Sunday 28th of January 2018

You can also get a personalized parasol/umbrella at China in Epcot's World Showcase. They'll put your name on the parasol in Chinese. A definite unique treat, and a safe option for children. They'll know it's their name, but a stranger won't (unless he/she speaks Chinese).