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Things to do Waiting in Line at Disney World

Things to do Waiting in Line at Disney World

I am not a big fan of waiting in line at Disney World but many times it just part of the process. We can make it an enjoyable experience or remain grumpy and no one really wants that. I’ve been spoiled as an Orlando local and annual pass holder, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t waited in those long lines at Disney World before and won’t do it again. I believe that every moment at Disney World should be truly magical so keeping spirits up and staying “busy” while in line is a must to keep the magic flowing. Here are things to do waiting in line at Disney World. 

Try to Snag More Fastpasses 

If you haven’t snagged a fast pass for the rest of the day waiting in line is the best time to check out what is available. There have been times I’ve moved fast pass times while in line to a more ideal time too! Continue to refresh your phone to see if a difficult to snag fast pass such as Slinky Dog or Seven Dwarf Mine Train comes available. I’ve grabbed a fast pass for Pandora Flight of Passage while waiting in line earlier that day and was so excited I snagged such a hard fast pass. You can plan the rest of your vacation fast passes while in line too! 

Hunt for Hidden Mickey’s 

Did you know that the theme park creators have hidden little Mickey’s all over? You’re on the lookout for the three circle silhouette that resembles Mickey’s head. If you are looking for some help in your quest to find the hidden Mickey’s there are some great small guidebooks to help. 

Set Dining Reservations 

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Some of my most favorite restaurants require dining reservations and if you attempt to walk in you are either turned away or there’s a long wait. Check out if a dining reservation opens up while in a long wait at Disney! I’ve snagged a spot for Crystal Palace for a late lunch while in line at Pooh, how perfect is that? Remember you can search for dining reservations outside of the parks too. 

Plan and Order Lunch

The mobile app to order lunch has been a lifesaver more than once for us! After waiting in line awhile you start to get hungry and plan your next Disney snack. Check out the quick service options on the My Disney Experience app and begin placing your pick up the order while in line. I will add that sometimes the orders are done quickly, so be sure to order for a time frame that fits within your ride wait time. You can also plan out what snacks are next on your list. Chit chat with family and friends in line to see what snacks you all want to try and consider making plans to try them all by splitting the snacks. Disney food game planning is just smart. 

Play Disney App

Turn wait time into play time with a mobile app called Play Disney Parks. It connects family and friends to the theme parks with unique experiences and activities that bring surrounding environments to life. The more you explore, the more there is to discover! It’s FREE to download through the App Store and Google Play!

Review your Memory Maker Photos

This is something I ALWAYS do in line. Character meetings and photo experiences are such fun and I get eager to see the end result. It typically just takes minutes for the photos to load but it can occasionally take longer. Once you’re settled in your Disney ride wait line pull up the app to start letting your photos load. Share them, save them, and enjoy them while in line! 

Plan Out Social Media Bragging

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While this one doesn’t apply to everyone, planning out blog post titles, podcast ideas, collaborations, social media shares, and any online platform sharing is a fantastic idea while in line. I’ve met many Disney bloggers and social media influencers at the park and time literally fly’s while waiting in line chatting about entrepreneurial goals and game plans.

I was once interviewed on a Disney podcast while in a Disney hotel room and it was epic! Fantastic ideas happen all the time at Disney because it’s the perfect, magical place for fun ideas. If you just want to prep your family photos and are not an influencer or blogger this is still a perfect time to get your fun captions ready to go! 

Play a Game (toddler-friendly idea) 

This is something I’ve done a few times with my toddler boys. We don’t wait in long lines often as we are locals, but we DID wait in line 1.5 hours to meet Hook when he was at the Magic Kingdom last year and I had to get creative then. We played I spy, we played sing-a-longs where we sang our fave Disney songs to each other and we did story time. During story time we make up a unique story based on either the ride we are waiting on or our favorite Disney things. We’ve created fun stories by adding in the boys to a classic and putting a twist on. Anything to keep their attention off the long wait will do and creating fun games in line is something I highly recommend. 

What are some other ways you pass the time while waiting in long lines at Disney World? I’ve also grabbed lunch and enjoyed it IN LINE before too. While it’s more ideal to sit down and eat if you’re hungry but want to get that spot in line it doesn’t hurt to slowly walk and eat during the wait times. I want to hear more ways to make time pass while in those long lines so let me know and I can try them with boy toddler boys!