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Best Coffee in Disney World: BONUS Iced Coffee Throwdown!

Best Coffee in Disney World: BONUS Iced Coffee Throwdown!

Whether you look at the good stuff as hot bean water or the nectar of the gods, it’s always a good idea to know where to get your next cup of caffeinated goodness. Especially when you’re on the go at a place like Disney World. So let’s uncover the best coffee in Disney World. Plus for my fellow iced coffee lovers, I have a special bonus at the end!

Coffee Spots at Magic Kingdom

Main Street Bakery

Main Street Bakery is the Magic Kingdom location for Starbucks. You can often find a special Disney treat in the bakery case here, but other than that, it is just like your Starbuck in Target. Though, at this location you cannot use points or mobile order.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Tomorrowland

Joffrey’s is a local Florida coffee company that Disney World contracted with in 1995. Joffrey’s is also the specialty coffee that is roasted for the moderate and deluxe resorts throughout Walt Disney World.

The Tomorrowland location is right in the middle of Tomorrowland, equal distance from Space Mountain, the People Mover and the Tomorrowland Stage.

Joffrey’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee is also available in some Quick Service restaurants!

  • Friar’s Nook
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Gaston’s Tavern

EPCOT Coffee Options

Connections Cafe

The newly opened Connections Cafe right outside of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewindis EPCOT’s new Starbucks location. This building is also sharing space with a new quick-service restaurant, Connections Eatery.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company at EPCOT

You will not be thirsty or suffer caffeine withdrawals in EPCOT with 5, count them 5 Joffrey’s locations! This location is directly behind Spaceship Earth (the giant golf ball).

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Canada at EPCOT

Canada is at the furthest side of the World Showcase on the right-hand side. This Joffrey’s is located right next to the popcorn cart.

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Showcase Plaza at EPCOT

Just as you’re rounding the corner to head into Mexico, you will be greeted with the Joffrey’s cart. Sure, grab a cup of coffee, but don’t you dare waste your stomach space on one of their pastries. This cart tends to have yummy chocolate croissants. They would be a good purchase in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, but in EPCOT, right outside of World Showcase it is a downright travesty!

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in the American Adventure at EPCOT

Best Coffee in Disney World: BONUS Iced Coffee Throwdown! 2

America is at the center of the World Showcase, so naturally, Disney thought you might need another fill up! Y’all… this is a lot of coffee..

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in World Discovery at EPCOT

Back up Connections Cafe… Joffrey’s was here first. Kidding! But seriously, they are essentially next to each other. It’s safe to say EPCOT went a little wild with the coffee availability. No more!!

Hollywood Studios

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company at Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This location is pretty obvious based on the name, huh? It is a perfect location! Tower of Terror often has pretty long wait times, but you’re smart. Pick up an iced coffee to sip in line and it will go so much faster!

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was a parent who chose this Joffrey’s location. Just before you enter Toy Story Land you will find this familiar name. Toy Story Land is great, but it can be the most stressful area in all of Walt Disney World because of how tight and congested it is, not to mention the full sun.                    

The Trolly Car Cafe

The Trolly Car Cafe is Hollywood Studios’ Starbucks location. Just like the other Disney Starbucks locations, you can find special Disney-made goodies in the bakery case, including the infamous Carrot Cake Cookie!

Coffee at Animal Kingdom

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is Animal Kingdom’s Starbuck location, and this is also where you can find the Mickey Colossal Cinnamon Roll, AKA the huge cinnamon roll shaped like Mickey Mouse!

Isle of Java

Right in front of the park in Discovery Island is the Isle of Java and immediately you will recognize something different at this park… They serve their coffee with liquor!

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Joffrey’s really wants you to know that they are Disney’s partnered coffee company. This coffee stand is located immediately when you enter the park!

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Located right across from Yak & Yeti, and just down the way from Kali River Rapids is Joffrey’s. We recommend the Shakin’ Jamaican with a shot of Bailey’s! You’ll thank us later.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

Just before you hop in line for the Kilimanjaro Safari, be sure to grab some special African coffee and some breakfast. Animal Kingdom is the earliest opening park, so we’re pretty happy to see some actual breakfast openings.

Coffee from TJ Maxx

Want to enjoy Joffrey’s Coffee at home? Sure, you can buy it by the bag or K cups in the Disney merchandise stores throughout Walt Disney World, or you can head over to your local TJ Maxx and pay just a fraction for the Joffrey’s seasonal blends! Just know, that if you want the special blends made specifically for you favorite resort, those can only be purchased from the resort gift shop. We’re waiting for the 50th Anniversary coffee to make it’s way over to our favorite discount store!

BONUS: Disney Iced Coffee Throwdown in Disney Springs

While spending a day shopping and dining in Disney Springs, iced coffee is superior to hot coffee. But with so many places to grab a cup, and so many styles to try, how do you choose?!?

Never fear. We have you covered. We tried 4 Nitro Brews at different locations around Disney Springs and here is the ranking:

4. Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Best Coffee in Disney World: BONUS Iced Coffee Throwdown! 3

We tried their Nitro Cold brew with a Cinnamon Bun cold foam and so glad we opted for the special cold foam. The cinnamon sweetness brought a little something extra that made the coffee feel like a naughty treat!

Everglazed is also famous for their cereal milks. You know how when you finish the cereal, the milk that remains is flavored? They sell just that milk! Now, remember that cinnamon bun cold foam? Now picture that with a cinnamon toast cereal milk blended in. It’s very sweet, but also very delicious.          

3. Starbucks

Starbucks latte Imagination Pavillion Epcot

The go-to iced coffee at Starbucks is the Nitro Cold Brew with a vanilla sweet cream cold foam on top. It’s good. But expected. It’s not really exciting to have the same thing that you can easily get at home or any airport in the world.

2. Joffrey’s

We love the Shakin’ Jamaican cold brew that is exclusive to Joffrey’s. It’s almost nutty and just a whisper of coconut. Of course, we top it in a sweet cream foam because we love ourselves and would not subject our stomachs to black coffee. But Joffrey’s offers a little something extra that you can’t get anywhere else… The ability to put a picture of Mickey Mouse on top of your coffee.

You can choose from a list of Disney characters, not just Mickey Mouse! You can take it 10 steps further and upload a photo of yourself and have your face printed on top of your coffee. What do you think? Want to drink your face? We’ll stick to Mickey Mouse. See more about how to add character art to your coffee here (

1. Gideon’s Bakehouse

The winner of the iced coffee throwdown… The Peanut Butter Nitro Cold Brew at Gideon’s Bakehouse is taking over the internet! It topped our list, but is it worth it?

Best Coffee in Disney World: BONUS Iced Coffee Throwdown! 4

Let us explain: The Peanut Butter Cold Brew was the most delicious coffee we drank in our throwdown, hence the ranking. BUT it was more like a dessert than a coffee. Typically you can enjoy a nice pastry or meal with an iced coffee, but that is certainly not possible with the Peanut Butter Cold Brew! In fact, even though we were sharing our coffee with someone, we still couldn’t finish it! Do you remember those Nutter Butter cookies that look like peanuts? This is like a cold liquid version of those! Delicious, but you can only have so much.

Disney Coffee Fun Facts:

Did you know that prior to the partnership between Joffrey’s and Disney in 1995, it was often joked that there was no good coffee in the most magical place on Earth? It’s hard to believe that with all of the Starbucks locations available in Walt Disney World, the first one didn’t open until 2009. That’s right, in 13 years, Starbucks has established a themed location in every single park and two in Disney Springs. That’s 6 locations!

Basically, all that was available was simple drip coffee like you would find in an office break room. We’re to see that Disney is now thoroughly civilized with the growing number of options and assortments of coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffees. And getting the liquor licenses to add alcohol to coffees just really put the icing on our cupcake, or shall we say the sweet foam to our cold brews?