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Ultimate List of Goofy Facts

Ultimate List of Goofy Facts

Today, Goofy is known as one of the Fab Five, but what’s his story? Let’s end the mystery right now… Goofy is a dog. He’s one goofy looking dog, but we think that’s quite fitting, really. Here’s what should really confuse you: Goofy and Pluto are the same animal, and yet, Pluto is relegated to the outside dog house and Goofy owns his own home and can talk. Nonetheless… he’s a dog!

History of Goofy

Goofy made his first appearance with Mickey and his pals in 1932 in a little short called, “Mickey’s Revue”, but at the time he went by the name Dippy Dawg. Did you know that he was only meant to be in one shot, but audiences loved him so much that he kept coming back for more! Soon he became known for his slapstick humor. You can’t even think about Goofy now without hearing “gawrsh!” or “Ah-hyuck” in your head!

In the 1950’s the actor who voiced Goofy had a dispute with Disney and he walked away. He told the company, “Good luck having Goofy with no Goofy”, referring to his voice. For 9 years Goofy cartoons went on with no vocals from Goofy! How did they manage that? Remember those great “how to” cartoons where Goofy taught us how to do something like fishing or driving? Disney had a narrator for the cartoons and Goofy never spoke… Now you know why!

Bill Farmer is currently the voice for Goofy, and has been since 1987! He also voices another famous Disney dog… Can you guess? He’s our pal!

What’s in a Name?

For the last two generations, Goofy has been known by only one name, Goofy, but he has a few aliases. Originally, he was known as Dippy Dawg, then G. G. Geef, “Goofy” being a nickname. Later, he was known as G. G. Goof and Goofy Goof. We prefer good old-fashioned Goofy.

Goofy’s Personal Life

When we first meet Goofy, he is a bachelor, but that all changed when Clarabelle Cow came on the scene later in the 1930s. Clarabelle Cow waltzed into the Disney animation scene in “The Shindig” where she was dating Horace Horsecollar. What we know about Ms. Clarabelle is that that she is sassy and loves drama!

Apparently, Goofy became smitten with the lovely bovine because in later shorts you would see Clarabelle Cow with Goofy! We believe that this is where the “Goofy is a cow” rumor came to be. A dog dating a cow? Who are we to judge?! Love it love, right?

Remember her love for drama? There are shorts in the 1950s that actually show Goofy and Horace Horsecollar actually getting into a fight over her! And Ms. Cow does not seem too mad about it, either! And then….nothing.

We don’t see Clarabelle for a long, long time. Then in 1983, she is seen dancing with Horace Horsecollar again in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Poor Goofy! You know he must have been heartbroken because we only caught a few cameos here and there until 1995 when we all learned the truth.

In 1995, A Goofy Movie was released and we learned that Goofy wasn’t hiding out at all… He was busy being a single father! Maximilian Goof was introduced to the public in that movie and he was already 16 years old, so this would put his year of birth at 1979…

In 1979 it was assumed that Goofy and Ms. Cow were a thing… Holy cow! We suspect that CLARABELLE COW IS MAX’S MOTHER! She had the nerve to show her face on TV only after the cat was out of the bag and the world knew about Max.

To add salt to the wound, she’s been seen around Walt Disney World, *gulp*, with Horace Horsecollar…

Goofy, you don’t need her! We learned that despite his occasional idiocy, Goofy is a great and caring father. We hope someday he can find someone to “hayuck” with into his golden years.

Where to Find Goofy in Disney World

These days, you can find Goofy, (and sometimes Max), either on Disney Junior cartoons or hanging around Walt Disney World. Goofy has a couple of jobs there, but he loves for you to stop and say hi!

  • Chef Mickey’s in Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Hollywood and Vine in Hollywood Studios
  • Garden Grill in EPCOT
  • Tusker House in Animal Kingdom
  • Pete’s Silly SideShow in Magic Kingdom

How Tall is Goofy

how tall is goofy

FUN FACT: How tall is Goofy? Well, in order to “be friends with” him, someone has to be at least 6 feet tall and be trained on how to walk in size 18 ½ shoes!

List of Goofy Movies

Looking to binge all of the Goofy movies, cartoons, and shorts ever made? We’ve got you covered!








Online shorts

Television shows and specials

Direct-to-video movies

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