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Where to Buy Mickey Ears

Where to Buy Mickey Ears

Out of all the souvenirs you can buy at Disney World, Mickey Ears are by far one of the most popular. Ever since debuting on the Mickey Mouse Club tv show back in the 1950s, nothing has slowed the progress of these iconic mouse hats. In fact, Disney released nearly 100 Mickey Ears over the course of 2020!

I personally love Mickey Ears. Having started my collection back in 2009 on my senior trip, I have well over 150 pairs in my collection. I even started making (and selling) them as a quarantine hobby during lockdown, which has just made me appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that goes behind each pair that gets released. 

So without further adieu, here’s where to buy Mickey Ears at Disney World (and beyond): 


What Are Mickey Ears?

But first: what exactly are Mickey Ears anyway? These are hats that feature Mickey Mouse’s iconic ear silhouette on either side of the fabric. While the terms are used interchangeably, Mickey Ears are different from Minnie Mouse ears, which are the iconic ear shapes on top of headbands. 

Minnie Mouse ears are typically more popular than Mickey Ears and offer a lot more versatility, but both are classic Disney park souvenirs that everyone should own at least a pair of. 

How to Get Personalized Mickey Ears

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The best place to get your Mickey Ears personalized is at Curtain Call Collectibles on Main Street, U.S.A at Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is the birthplace of customized Mickey Ears and at Curtain Call Collectibles, you can choose from different fonts as they embroider your name or custom phrase on the back of a Mickey Ears hat. 

This custom embroidery is a beloved souvenir for parents and first visits to Disney World. However, they’re also super cute for pregnancy announcements and honeymoons. This custom embroidery will set you back $17.99 for the set of Mickey Ears and $3-$7 for the monograms depending on your preferred font. 

Another option you have is to visit Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories at Disney Springs or at Box Office Gifts at Town Square Theater or at Fantasy Fair in Fantasyland. You can even visit Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom and pay for a custom phrase on your plain Mickey Ears. 

If you’re ordering them on Etsy or something, you can also always ask the shop owner if they’re willing to customize them for you. I’ve done many custom orders for college graduates and family vacations, and it’s always such a unique way to step up the magic for someone’s vacation. 

Where to Buy Mickey Ears at Magic Kingdom

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Aside from the places mentioned above, here’s where you can buy Mickey Ears at Magic Kingdom: 

  • The Chapeau
  • The Emporium
  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Sir Mickey’s
  • Star Traders
  • Frontier Trading Post
  • Tomorrowland Light & Power Co
  • Main Street Cinema

You’ll also find Mickey Ears sold at carts scattered throughout the lands. My personal favorite is the one right over the bridge in Adventureland called Bwana Bob’s. Ears will also be available at select gift shops at the end of attractions, like Memento Mori at the exit of Haunted Mansion or Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar near Pirates of the Caribbean. Here, the ears and souvenirs will be themed to the attraction and may only be available at that precise location. 


Where to Buy Mickey Ears at Epcot

You have a lot of options to buy Mickey Ears at Epcot, especially inside the World Showcase. While not every pavilion will have a set of Mickey Ears available, I’ve come across them inside the Italy, Norway, France, China, Germany, United Kingdom, and Mexico pavilions. 

Disney is constantly coming out with new World Showcase-specific ears, so it’s always worth ducking into a few shops to check out what kind of inventory they have. This is especially true during the yearly festivals, which usually always get their own merchandise including Mickey Ears. 

Other places to buy Mickey Ears at Epcot include: 

  • The Creations Shop
  • Gateway Gifts
  • ImageWorks

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Where to Buy Mickey Ears at Hollywood Studios

Where to Buy Mickey Ears 6

Hollywood Studios is home to some of my favorite pairs of Mickey Ears, including two Tower of Terror designs at Tower Hotel Gifts. You’ll find the majority of your Mickey Ear options on iconic Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. 

These stores include: 

  • Mickey’s of Hollywood
  • Celebrity 5 & 10
  • Legends of Hollywood
  • Crossroads of the World
  • Tatooine Traders

Like the other parks, you may be able to find themed ears inside the gift shops at select attractions. However, in my experience, you’re better off finding a pair of ears at one of the shops listed above, including limited edition pairs for an additional cost. 


Where to buy Mickey Ears at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is also home to a slew of unique Mickey Ear designs including those adorable leopard-printed ones. You can find Mickey Ears at the following Animal Kingdom locations: 

  • Discovery Trading Company
  • Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures
  • Riverside Depot
  • Mariya’s Souvenirs

Where to Buy Mickey Ears Online

There are several places you can buy Mickey Ears online, however, it’s going to depend on what kind of style you’re looking for and if you want to purchase authentic Disney ears. And by authentic, I mean designs that are exclusively produced by Disney Parks, Loungefly, Baubleboer, or another famous, top-tier designer. 


Shop Disney

If you’re looking for authentic park ears, head on over to ShopDisney. Their selection is limited, but you can still find some up-to-date designs. I most recently scored the new Constance Hatchaway ears because I had a sinking feeling they’d be sold out by the time of my trip later this year. As with any popular design, don’t sit around. If you want them, buy them as soon as they become available online. Many influencers in the Disney community post when these Mickey Ears are available, but if you’re not on Instagram, keep checking the website daily. Most restocks happen in the wee hours of the morning – around 2:00 am – but if you check first thing in the morning, you’ll have better luck. 


It’s not just me who makes Mickey Ears. A simple search on Etsy will turn up over 100,000 results, each design better than the next. 

What I love about Etsy is that you can find rarer character-inspired Mickey Ears than you can at the parks. For example, I make mouse ears based on defunct rides like Body Wars and specific scenes from Spaceship Earth (to name a few). I feel like Etsy gives Disney fans a wider range of characters and films to choose from and that can make you feel like you’re wearing something a bit more limited. Plus, the majority of ears on Etsy are cheaper than what you’d pay in the parks. 

Plus, buying Mickey Ears on Etsy helps support a local maker, which is pretty cool. 

Loungefly and Funko

Ever since Loungefly and Funko partnered up with Disney, they have released a ton of really unique and eclectic ears that often match a mini backpack. While you can find these in the stores at the Disney parks and other retailers like BoxLunch, you can order a pair off of their website. 

Where do you buy your Mickey Ears? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @wdwvacationtips.