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Ranking the Top Walt Disney World Souvenirs That Are Perfect for Every Member of Your Family

Ranking the Top Walt Disney World Souvenirs That Are Perfect for Every Member of Your Family

I know I don’t speak for just myself when I say that buying souvenirs from Walt Disney World is a quintessential part of every vacation. I mean, truthfully, I would be totally fine with only going shopping on my next trip. I mean, who needs Mickey-shaped waffles and corn dog nuggets from Casey’s Corner when I can go buy coffee mugs and Spirit jerseys??

Over the years, I’ve created a few different Disney traditions when it comes to buying keepsakes to bring back home with me. When I first visited the parks at around two years old, my parents bought me a stuffed animal and the tradition is still going strong 28 years later; each plush is meant to capture the spirit of the trip, whether it was the bride and groom Mickey and Minnie plush I grabbed on my honeymoon or Chip and Dale after I had a not-so-subtle-meltdown after seeing Chip join in on my photoshoot (honestly, LOOK AT MY FACE!), it’s a fun little way for me to immortalize each trip.

This is especially true considering I look at them as investments because I hope to pass them along to my children later on. Beside the stuffed animals, I collect Minnie ears, charms for my Disney-themed bracelet and coffee mugs. So it got me thinking: what are the best Walt Disney World souvenirs for each member of your family? And even more important – where can you find them?

While you can certainly buy the majority of these items all across Walt Disney World property, these are just a few of my favorites in terms of the selection and the shopping experience they offer. Journey along with me, will you?

The Sentimental Disney Souvenirs

For you, the best thing about a trip to Walt Disney World are all the memories you’ll make while you’re there. You don’t need to buy out the entire park to bring home something that will help you relive the magic of the moments you and your loved ones created. The best souvenirs for you are those that are meaningful and can be displayed in a photo album, scrapbook or around the house. The perfect souvenirs for you include:

  • Commemorative buttons (you can find these at Guest Relations at the entrance to every park)
  • Park maps (you can find these at the entrance to every park)
  • Monogrammed Mickey ears (The Chapeau in Magic Kingdom)
  • Engraved hats (Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories in Disney Springs)
  • Postcards (the Emporium and your Walt Disney World resort hotel)
  • Pressed pennies (you can find these one-of-a-kind souvenirs near Splash Mountain, the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror, Riverside Depot in Animal Kingdom, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith and so many more places)
  • Disney’s PhotoPass photos from rides, character meet-and-greets and other hidden gems around the park (Disney PhotoPass Studio in Disney Springs or via download on the My Disney Experience app)
  • Holiday decorations (Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs)

The ‘Kid at Heart’ One

For you, a trip to Walt Disney World is a chance to let loose and get reacquainted with your inner child. For you, the best Disney souvenirs are the ones that are fun and ones you’ll probably put on display when you get home. The perfect souvenirs for you include:

  • Autographs (autograph books are sold at every resort and every park. You can even bring your own backpack or hat to have characters sign!)
  • Stuffed animals and Disney-themed board games (the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs, In Character at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • Minnie ears (the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, World of Disney in Disney Springs, and pretty much everywhere at all four parks as well as your resort)
  • Balloons (every park, including Disney Springs)
  • Pins (Disney’s Pin Traders in Disney Springs, Pin Traders – Camera Center in Epcot, Crossroads of the World in Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • Indulgent snacks (Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs, Main Street Confectionary in Magic Kingdom)

The ‘Best Bang for Your Buck’ One

You’re probably the person who wears one of those custom Disney shirts that say “Most Expensive Day Ever,” while walking around Adventureland and you’re absolutely right. A Walt Disney World vacation is incredibly expensive and if you do want to indulge in a souvenir, you most likely want it to be one that you can get a lot of mileage out of (and one that won’t break the bank). Because of this, the best souvenirs for you include:

  • Magnets (you can find them at any Walt Disney World resort hotel)
  • Refillable popcorn buckets (you can find these at a variety of food carts in Liberty Square, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and near Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom, in Future World in Epcot, Corn-Ivores Popcorn Cart in Dinoland U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom, and even in Disney Springs, to name a few)
  • Coffee cups (World of Disney in Disney Springs, the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Bayview Gifts at Disney’s Contemporary Resort)
  • Ornaments (Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom, It’s a Wonderful Shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs)
  • Loungefly backpacks (as one of the hottest Disney trends, Loungefly backpacks have started popping up across several stores including the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, World of Disney in Disney Springs and Legends of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
Ranking the Top Walt Disney World Souvenirs That Are Perfect for Every Member of Your Family 2

The Practical Disney Souvenir

For you, the best kind of souvenir is one you’re going to get a LOT of use out of. Because of this, your souvenirs are going to be practical and whether they last long enough for you to bring home and use or get used up at the hotel, the item’s practicality is of utmost importance. The best souvenirs for you include:

  • Coffee mugs (World of Disney in Disney Springs, the Emporium in Magic Kingdom and
  • Once Upon a Vine Wine (usually available at your resort hotel gift shop)
  • Cookbooks (the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom and there’s even a new cookbook called Delicious Disney that was just spotted at the Main Street Confectionary as of January 2020)
  • Customized MagicBands (with the news that Walt Disney World will no longer supply complimentary MagicBands, there’s no better time to buy one that represents your favorite color and/or character. Guests can purchase MagicBands at the World of Disney in Disney Springs and Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. in the Magic Kingdom)
  • Disney pens (every resort hotel and every major store in every park!)
  • Refillable mugs (courtesy of the Disney Dining Plan; on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, this service is temporarily shut down, however, the Refillable Mug Program is still open, so guests are able to get refills on drinks with the assistance of a Cast Member)
  • Phone cases (hands down, the best place for this is the Marketplace Co-Op-D-Tech on Demand in Disney Springs; they have every design you could possibly ever want on your phone case!)

Lavish Disney Souvenirs

Now we’re speaking my language! You have a Disney style that you adore and your Disney-themed Instagram is probably on point! If this sounds like you, then the best souvenirs for you include:

  • Disney-themed Pandora bracelets (Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom and the Pandora Jewelry Shop in Disney Springs)
  • Disney Parks designer ears (these are a hit and miss depending on availability but I’ve seen them in both Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • Jewelry and one-of-a-kind apparel (Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories, the Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane, Tren-D & Disney Style, all located in Disney Springs)
  • Disney-inspired Dooney and Bourke purses (Conch Flats General Store at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom, Keystone Clothiers in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories at Disney Springs)

Disney Souvenirs for Couples

Whether it’s your first time visiting as a couple or you’re celebrating your honeymoon, bringing home a piece of the magic is one of the best things about visiting Walt Disney World with someone you love. The good news is that there’s a souvenir that will not only fit your budget but you as a couple, as well. Some of the best souvenirs for couples include:

  • Matching t-shirts (World of Disney in Disney Springs, the Emporium in Magic Kingdom and Mouse Gears in Epcot)
  • Personalized Christmas ornaments (Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs)
  • Picture frames and Attraction/Magic Shot photos (the Emporium at Magic Kingdom, certain attractions such as Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur, Test Track, the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror and so many more. Guests can pick up their photos at the kiosk when they exit the ride or print them at a later date from their My Disney Experience App. Guests can also get photos taken by Cast Members and request that a Magic Shot be added)
  • Jewelry (Initial Rings Cart in Disney Springs; here you can not only find ready-to-wear jewelry but create a custom piece you’ll want to wear everyday!)
  • Your family’s crest on a mug or printed out (The Crown & Crest in the U.K. Pavillion in  Epcot’s World Showcase)

The ‘First Time Visiting’ Ones

If this is your first time visiting Walt Disney World, chances are you’re probably going to want everything that shows off the fact that you’ve just had one of the happiest vacations to ever set sail (wait, wrong slogan). The best souvenirs for you include:

  • Bubble wands (located all throughout the parks at various trolleys)
  • Minnie Ears (World of Disney in Disney Springs, the Emporium in Magic Kingdom)
  • Spirit Jerseys (World of Disney in Disney Springs, the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Mouse Gears in Epcot, Mickeys of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • Resort-specific merchandise (your resort hotel will usually have mugs, keychains, t-shirts, and even ornaments that feature your hotel’s name and theming)
  • T-shirts (the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Mouse Gears in Epcot, World of Disney, Disney Style and Uniqlo and Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs)
Ranking the Top Walt Disney World Souvenirs That Are Perfect for Every Member of Your Family 3

The ‘I’ve Been Here So Many Times, I’m the 1,000th Happy Haunt’ One

You literally live and breathe Walt Disney World. You’ve been to the parks so many times that you can practically navigate the landscape with your eyes shut. Your Instagram is filled with pictures of your most recent trip and captions about how you can’t wait to go back. Your house is filled with Disney memorabilia, artwork and countless collections of t-shirts, spirit jerseys, stuffed animals and one-of-a-kind Minnie ears. So for you, the best souvenirs to bring home are the ones that will either add to your collection or items that most people probably overlook like:

  • Adopting a Banshee on Pandora (the Wintraders shop in Animal Kingdom)
  • Festival-related photo ops (like stepping into a painting at Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts)
  • One-of-a-kind artwork (The Art Corner by Artistic Talent Group in Disney Springs)
  • Loungefly backpacks (Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • Pins (Disney’s Pin Traders in Disney Springs, Tattoine Traders in Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • A custom-built droid or lightsaber (the Droid Depot or Savi’s Workshop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

The ‘Not a Souvenir Guy’ One

And last but not least, the “not a souvenir” one. For you, a Walt Disney World vacation isn’t about bringing yourself back something, especially if it is a heavily themed Disney product. Chances are, you probably don’t want to drink out of a Disney mug that has a bunch of characters on it, but lucky for you, there’s another alternative! The “You Are Here” collection from Starbucks offers up tastefully designed coffee mugs that feature landmarks of the park you’re in. And, for less than $20 these practical must-haves won’t break the bank. And, let’s face it, no one really wants to leave Walt Disney World without a souvenir.

Conclusion on Top Disney World Souvenirs

As you can see, there are a lot of options that are perfect for every member of your family. And while we could have probably just named this list, “X Reasons Why You Should Shop at the Emporium and World of Disney,” there are countless ways you can bring home the magic of a Walt Disney World vacation. So, we want to hear from you: where is your favorite place to shop in Walt Disney World. Did any of your favorites make the list?

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