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50’s Prime Time Cafe Dining Review

50’s Prime Time Cafe Dining Review

If you are looking for some comfort food cooked in mom’s kitchen, then 50’s Prime Time Cafe is a must do stop. 50’s Prime Time Cafe is located at the front of Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. When you go to the Prime Time Cafe it’s not just stepping back in time you are coming home to eat with the family. You will find your “cousins” are your servers. In fact, throughout your whole meal, you will be referred to as one of the family. Also, get ready to be on your best behavior here. Mom will yell at you if she catches you with your elbows on the table, you don’t finish your veggies or if you are eating with your mouth open. Without further ado here is our full 50’s Prime Time Cafe Dining Review.

50’s Prime Time Cafe Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Table-Service
  • Type of Food: Comfort Food, Fried Chicken, Meatloaf
  • Price: $$$
  • Location: Hollywood Studios
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Credit
  • Discounts: Annual Passholder, Tables in Wonderland
  • Features: Reservations, Alcohol
  • Good For: Special Occasions
  • Menu: Official Disney Dinner Menu

A Tour Around 50’s Prime Time Cafe

When you enter inside it’s just like stepping inside your gramma’s house of the 50’s. If you have younger kids you may have to explain the small black and white tv’s to them.
Inside 50's Prime Time CafeIf you are lucky you can sit in one of these corner tables complete with your own tv. Check out how retro everything is. Take a close look around at the appliances and decor there is so much to pick up here.

Menu for 50s Prime Time Cafe

The fried chicken and the meatloaf are the star dishes at this restaurant. Also if you are a milkshake fan they are stellar here! If you are a PB&J fan you are going to want to give the shake of the same name a try.


50’s Prime Time Cafe Dishes

The following is a look at some of the food we have gotten at 50’s Prime Time Cafe.

50's Prime Time Cafe Dining Review 1

This was my favorite of the two dishes. The dish has a lot of flavor and was real white meat chicken. It was a whole lot better than your frozen pot pie ( at least the ones we make at home).

50's Prime Time Cafe Dining Review 2

Your standard fried chicken and mashed potatoes here! The chicken was nice and tender and I enjoyed the mashed potatoes but I wasn’t overwhelmed by it. My husband ended up liking it more than his pot pie so we switched!

50’s Prime Time Cafe Recommendation

Overall our 50’s Prime Time Cafe was great. We challenged ourselves the whole meal to stay on our best behavior. It was a competition to see who was getting into less trouble. It was also a good laugh seeing adults getting in trouble across the room, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are not one for getting a little fun poked at you, then this restaurant may not be one for you. Odds are if you go here you are going to get picked on at least once! If you have eaten here before we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


If you want to book a reservation for 50’s Prime Time Cafe you can do so through My Disney Experience.

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Full 50's Prime Time Cafe Dining Review