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What You Should Never do at Disney

What You Should Never do at Disney

There is so much pressure when you make the splurge to go on a Disney vacation to have the perfect trip. You, of course, do not want to make any mistakes while on your trip which is why we put together a list of things you should never do at Disney.


Disney can give you a lot of unexpected surprises. You never know when buses will be running late or food takes longer than expected. Due to this, we recommend not over-scheduling your trip and allow for some breathing room. We even have an awesome FREE planning printable for you! Download it and use it to schedule your next trip to Disney. If you are looking for some ideas on what you can do at Disney World, order a free planning video!

Bad Footwear

There is nothing worse than trucking around the theme park with giant blisters on your feet. Good footwear is key on a Disney vacation, it’s not uncommon to walk 6 to 8 miles per day. For our top shoe recommendations check out our guide The Best Shoes to Wear at Walt Disney World!

Visit on a Major Holiday

What You Should Never do at Disney 2

If this is your once in a lifetime family vacation DO NOT visit on a major holiday unless absolutely necessary. The holidays, especially Christmas and New Years are just wall to wall people, long wait times and it’s hard to accomplish much of anything. The large crowds that the holidays bring in also puts added stress on your trip which is why we recommend avoiding them. If you are looking for more on the times of the year to avoid at Disney World read out Disney Crowd Calendar.


Disney is expensive, there is really no way around it. However, there are a lot of great ways you can save money before and during your vacation. For example, you should always get some sort of discount on your room. Disney always has some sort of promotion going on no matter the time of year you decide to go. I find the best way to stay on top of deal is to book with a travel agent

For all our best tips read All the Ways You Can Save Money at Disney and also How to Save Money When Eating at Disney.

Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan is a wonderful convenience while on your vacation but it is VERY hard to make it a great value. You are pretty much going to have to eat the most expensive item off the menu at every location to make it a savings on your food budget. If you do want to get the Disney Dining Plan be sure to read How to Get the Most Out of the Disney Dining Plan.

Sleep In

I know it’s your vacation and all you want to do is sleep in! Getting an early start to the day will help you avoid the long lines at the top attractions. This is one of our top tips for getting more done at Disney. Try and always be at the park at least 15 minutes before the scheduled park open time.

Jumping Ahead in Line

Just remember everyone else there is on vacation just like you and paid just as much as you to be there. Please be considerate and wait for your turn. Hate waiting in line and want to reduce the wait? Book those Fastpasses before your vacation starts. This is a 100% free service that Disney World has. 

Forget your Rain Gear

Florida is known as the sunshine state but I think someone forgot to mention the liquid sunshine, also known as the rain that comes with it. Odds are high that it will rain on your trip at least once. If you are visiting during the summer months you should expect rain every single afternoon.

Plus when it rain everyone seems to flood out of the park back to their hotels. But not you seasoned Disney pro, stay behind and enjoy the short wait times with low crowds. This is why we say rain gear is essential. For the best tips on how to prepare for the rain at Disney read How To Do Disney World in the Rain!

Try to Bring Banned Items into the Park

Safety is a huge concern for Disney and as such there are banned items that are to help keep all guests safe during their visit to the parks. There are some items that are no surprise they are on the list while others, like selfie sticks, may come as a surprise. For a full list of what’s not allowed you can read our in-depth look at What’s Banned at Disney World.

Get Dehydrated

What You Should Never do at Disney 3

Have we mentioned it’s hot in Florida yet? Temperatures below 70 are a rarity and as such it’s important to make sure you drink plenty of fluids. We always try to bring our water bottles in and refill them through the day this saves us loads of money compared to buying bottled water. If you feel thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated.

On special days I will even treat myself to a big old Trenta drink from Starbucks. The latest favorites are the Pink Drink shown above or the Dragon Drink. For more read Everything You Need to Know About Starbucks at Disney World.

Forget Sunscreen

Sunshine State = Sunburn State. Make sure to stock up on some sunscreen before your trip, otherwise, you will be forced to pay insanely high prices to buy sunscreen at Disney.

Carry Your Disney Purchases Around

Did you know that Disney World will hold your bags for you while you spend your day in the park? If you are staying at a Disney World resort they will even send the packages back to your room for you all 100% FREE of a charge. How do you do all this? Just ask your cashier at checkout and they will help you. There is a short form to fill out and then they take care of the rest. 

Not Use Fastpass+

Fastpasses are a great way to avoid waiting in long lines at Disney. Use them! You get three each day you are at Disney, and once you use them all up you can get even more the same day. If you are a Disney hotel guest you can book up to 60 days in advance and everyone else who has an active ticket can book their Fastpasses 30 days in advance. You are also going to want to make sure you read Disney Rides you Should Never Make a Fastpass For.

If you follow these tips you are going to have a much smoother Disney World vacation. It’s not to say you can’t do any of the items listed above but it can save you a headache that often happens. Be sure to share the things you will never do at Disney World in the comments below to help other people out!

Practically Perfect Meg

Monday 16th of April 2018

I agree 100%. Over Scheduling to me is the first mistake and it can just make things go downhill from there. I say wear good shoes, dress for the weather, use Fastpass and single rider lines, and take lots of breaks. Which includes getting something to eat or drink and Disney has free water at the counter service locations which is awesome.


Thursday 8th of March 2018

We don’t want to spend a million dollars on water, but don’t particularly like the taste of Disney water. So we bring propel or Gatorade packets to add to the water when we refill our own bottles

Wil W

Wednesday 8th of November 2017

RE: Hydration - Never buy bottled water! (Rookie mistake.) No glass bottles allowed into the parks. FREE (cups of cold) water available from any quick service food counters. Just ask. Regular drinking fountains are adjacent to all restrooms. (Water temperatures vary.)

Linda Luke

Monday 7th of August 2017

I grew up in Anaheim and Disneyland was my neighbor. All of these tips are true.