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Disney Pet Names to Inspire You When You Name a Pet of Your Own

Disney Pet Names to Inspire You When You Name a Pet of Your Own

Naming a pet can be a difficult process. If you have brought a new animal into your home and you don’t instantly know what to call it, the naming process can take as long as the car ride home, or even long into the night. There are lots of different things you can call a pet. Pet names range from simple adjectives such as “Scruffy” to real human names such as “Watson.” What we have found is that Disney movies provide an extensive list of inspiration when it comes to naming pets. To help you find the perfect name for your new arrival, here is a big list of Disney pet names for you to bat around and see what sticks.

Disney Pet Names for Cats

  1. Figaro – Geppetto’s kitten in Pinocchio is not just cemented in one of Disney’s most classic films, he has had a resurgence as Minnie Mouse’s pet cat in Minnie’s Bow-Toons on Disney Junior.
  2. Lucifer – maybe you’ve had time to notice the behavior of your cat before arriving at a name. If so, the house cat in Cinderella may be a useful namesake.
  3. Dinah – Who could forget that playful little kitten who kept Alice company on that golden afternoon when Alice slipped away into Wonderland?
  4. Duchess – The Parisian matriarch of the Aristocats.
  5. Marie – the most popular Aristocat is a cute little white kitten who is best known for merchandise in the Disney parks.
  6. Toulouse – A more esoteric choice, Toulouse is the orange kitten from the Aristocats. He’s feisty and likes to paint.
  7. Berlioz – The black kitten from the Aristocats plays the piano.
  8. Thomas O’Malley – Or if you really want to be accurate, it’s Abraham Delacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O’Malley. He’s the Alley Cat who helps Duchess and her kittens get home.
  9. Oliver – The orphaned kitten from Disney’s adaptation of Oliver Twist.
  10. Raja – Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin.

Other Disney cats that are not pets include Gideon, the drunken sidekick to Fowlfellow in Pinocchio and Sheer Khan, the man-hating tiger from the Jungle Book. Of course, we could never forget Tigger, probably the most popular of all Disney cat names.

Perfect Disney Dog Names

  1. Pluto – The most famous Disney Canine is Mickey Mouse’s Loyal Hound. Pluto got his own series of cartoons after appearing in 24 Mickey Mouse cartoons. His first appearance was in The Chain Gang in 1930.
  2. Bruno – Cinderella is full of pet name inspirations. The lovable dog Bruno dreams of chasing and catching Lucifer. He also becomes a footman for Cinderella to help take her to the ball.
  3. Lady – The classy Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp is a classic Disney dog due for a resurgence in popularity in the wake of the upcoming live-action remake on Disney+.
  4. Tramp – The scrappy stray dog who falls for Lady in Lady and the Tramp. He’s mischievous and fiercely protective.
  5. Jock – the Scottie in Lady and the Tramp is a loyal friend to Lady.
  6. Trusty – The Great Grandpuppy of Ol’ Reliable. Trusty has forgotten more wisdom than he can share.
  7. Pongo – If you have a male Dalmation, consider naming it after the patriarch in 101 Dalmations. Pongo takes care of his hopeless bachelor human and sets him up with Anita.
  8. Perdita – The mother of 15 of the 101 Dalmations in the movie, Perdita is Anita’s Dalmation, who starts a family with Pongo and rescues 86 additional Dalmatian puppies.
  9. Lucky – The 15th Dalmation Puppy with spots configured like a horseshoe. He loves TV.
  10. Rolly – The roundest Dalmation Puppy of the 15. He is always hungry, no matter what.
  11. Patch – Patch is one of the 15 Dalmations with a spot that covers his left eye.
  12. Copper – In The Fox and the Hound, Copper is a best friend to Todd the fox whom he met when he was a puppy. He grew up to be a proper bloodhound and his friendship to Todd is tested in a harrowing climax.
  13. Bolt – Bolt is a TV star who gets lost in the real world. He believes he has superpowers, and during his journey home, he discovers the true hero within.
  14. Dodger – The stray dog in Oliver and Company who guides Oliver through New York City in Doo-wop-ulation.
  15. Max – Prince Eric’s Shaggy dog in the Little Mermaid is the only one who recognizes who Ariel is when she transforms into a human.

Disney Names for your Fish

  1. Flounder – The timid but loyal friend to Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Flounder is excitable and caring.
  2. Cleo – The lovely goldfish in Pinocchio. Cleo turns up from time to time in other cameos, including Fun and Fancy-Free and Duck Tales.
  3. Nemo – The beloved clownfish from Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo is a very popular name for this particular kind of fish but can be used for any pet fish.
  4. Dory – the forgetful blue tang in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is an equally popular name for a pet fish, especially a blue tang.

Other Disney Pet Names

  1. Sir Hiss -The advisor to Prince John is not a pet per se, but he is presented similarly in the film Robin Hood.
  2. Bernard and Bianca – two mice from the Rescuers series. They are partners in the Rescue Aid Society with a romantic interest in each other. They are not pets, but they are perfect names for two pet mice.
  3. Iago – Jafar’s parrot in Aladdin.
  4. Zazu – Not a pet, but another excellent name for a pet bird. Zazu is a council to Mufasa and Simba’s teacher.  He is later caged when Scar takes over and makes him a prisoner.

How did you like this list of Disney pet names? At our house we have an Olaf, Sven and Tinkerbell : ) Did you find your favorite, or did I leave it off the list? Let me know in the comments below.