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Disney Springs Chicken Guy Dining Review

Disney Springs Chicken Guy Dining Review

Chicken Guy is attached to Disney Spring’s Planet Hollywood in Walt Disney World. This quick service spot has stolen our hearts, we love a good chicken sandwich in our house. Chicken Guy delivers and for a reasonable price! The Chicken Guy is giving our favorite Blaze Pizza a run for its money. Let’s take a look at our full Chicken Guy review.

Proudly boasting hand-pounded and breaded fresh each day, Chicken Guy serves juicy tenders that can be paired with more than 20 varieties of house-made sauces. They do just like Chic-fil-a offer you the choice of your chicken as fried or grilled.

Chicken Guy Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Quick Service
  • Type of Food: Chicken
  • Price: $
  • Location: Disney Springs
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Quick Service Credit
  • Discounts: None
  • Good For: Cheap Meal, Quick Service
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu


A Tour Around Chicken Guy!

A look at Chicken Guy at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

Chicken Guy is actually attached to the Planet Hollywood restaurant at Disney World. You can find this entrance on the side of the restaurant that faces the Coke Store. Fair warning this spot is small and with all its recent popularity the line gets long and the place gets packed.

Inside Chicken Guy Line

Once you make it inside you will get a look into the cooks working on making all those delicious tenders. To the right is a giant wall display of the different sauces and what exactly is in each of them. The bottleneck seems to be the ordering as there are only two kiosks here.

Inside Chicken Guy Seating

As you can see your inside seating options are very limited. There is a small bar area and less than 10 tables inside. Good news is there is loads of patio seating. If you are here in the summer it can get quite hot but they have giant red umbrellas to give you a little relief with some shade.

The Boss of Sauce

Once you pay, you get a pager that you bring to your table and they carry the food out to you. I got a good kick out of their boss of sauce cups they had.

Chicken Guy Menu

Here is a look at the entire menu for Chicken Guy. As you can see everything is chicken here! You can get them in a sandwich, salad or as is.

Dishes from Chicken Guy

Here is a look at the dishes we tried from our dinner at Chicken Guy!

BLAT Chicken Sandwich

This is the Big Bite B.L.A.T. Being the ranch and avocado fan that I am I gave this a try. The chicken sandwich is topped with crispy smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado crema, tomatoes & buttermilk ranch. It wasn’t as good as the classic pictured below but still a really great combo.

Classic Chicken Sandwich

This has both been my husband and I’s favorite item that we have tried so far! It’s the Chicken Guy Classic. This sandwich is topped with cheddar, special sauce & lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. Everything goes so perfectly together including their special sauce! Plus the buns for these sandwich really make them on point.

Chicken Tender Chicken Guy

The chicken tenders shockingly fell flat for me. They were moist and tender not overcooked which is a plus but I didn’t really think they had much flavor. Even when paired with my sauce choices below. Maybe it was just the wrong sauces? But I think it’s just because their sandwiches are so darn good their tenders feel naked without the rest of the sandwich pairings.

Chicken Guy SauceAvocado Crema was good there is sour cream mixed in with fresh avocado and just a hint of spice to give it a little kick. As for the buttermilk ranch it was good I wasn’t in love with it but if you are a ranch lover like myself you really can’t go wrong with it. I am eager to give some more sauces a try on future trips.

Disney Springs Chicken Guy Dining Review 5

If you are looking to stay on the healthier side, Chicken Guy also offers up salads with either fried or grilled chicken. This is a look at the Southwest Sweet Corn Salad. Loaded up in this bowl is a mix of Crispy Fried or Grilled All-natural Tenders, Charred Corn, Slaw, Roasted Peppers, Black Beans, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Grilled Scallions and Crispy Tortilla Strips, served with Cumin-Lime Mojo and Chipotle Ranch Sauces.

Chicken Guy French Fries

Seasoned fries were very good and paired well with the sandwiches, I do recommend getting the combo deal they have.

Mac and Cheese Chicken Guy

The side of mac and cheese was kinda a let down I am not going to lie. I was creamy and cheese but it had no flavor. It was just blah…. maybe it needs a sauce? Regardless we will not be getting this one again.

Chicken Guy Review Recommendation

I must say Guy Fieri hit it out of the park on this one and brought flavortown to Disney Springs. The concept is perfect and Disney Springs needed some more affordable dining options and Chicken Guy offers just that. I am already plotting on going back to get a chance to try some new sauces, sides, and even a new sandwich!

Have you eaten at Chicken Guy before? Leave your Chicken Guy dining review in the comment section below.