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NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food

It’s always nice when Disney invites you out to be a taste tester for them! I mean how could you say no to that? So here is an inside look at the new 2019 Disney H2O Glow Food and Beverage Offerings! There were so many amazing tropical flavors, you will find lots of coconut and fruit flavors in these dishes. 

H20 Glow Nights Food Options

Chick Kabob

This classic dish is a citrus-marinated grilled chicken, peppers and onions served with jicama slaw, candied kumquats, pineapple, and watermelon. 

Bonnie’s Beef Brisket

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 22

Marinated beef in a port wine sauce served with baby carrots, fingerling potatoes and pico de gallo. It didn’t live up to 4 Rivers Brisket but it was still pretty good. It was tender and had a bit of flavor and a little bit of heat as well. 

Cheese Party Plate

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 23

Port Salut, smoked cheddar, fontina cheese, smoked gouda, grapes, strawberries, and Townhouse crackers.

Surf’s Up Chicken Noodle Salad

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 24

Salad with Bulgogi chicken, noodles, tomatoes, topped with black & white sesame seeds. I was expecting a warm dish here but this is more of like a chilled noodle salad. It was good and not overly heavy on the soy sauce. 

Fish Out of Water

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 25

This was my favorite out of all the dishes we got to sample. It’s a baked lemon pepper cod with a side of baby carrots and coconut rice. Not going to lie to you. At first, I didn’t want any part of fish on a hot 90 degree Florida day. It was light and refreshing and the rice was the perfect pairing. I love that this served up a light and healthy option for the party. 

Beverage Options at H20 Glow Nights

Glowing Unicorn

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 26

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 27

This comes in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version. Note: this was a sample size the one at the event will come in a larger cup. 

Cold Creamsicle

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 28

NEW! 2019 Disney H2O Glow Nights Food 29

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

This is a classic rootbeer float made with Not Your Father’s Root Beer. A category-defining craft specialty ale brewed with unique spices and of course alcohol. 

I am personally so excited that they are rolling out all these new food items special to the event. It was just a let down last year that they really only offered a couple of food and drink items custom to the event. With a theme all around Toy Story, the food ideas are endless. I can’t wait to see what offerings future years have. 

Do you plan on attending H2O Glow Nights this year? If you do let us know in the comments as well as which dish you want to try the most.

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