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Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip)

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip)

Are you headed over to EPCOT? If so, you probably want to know what the best restaurants are (and which ones you should skip). 

With so many options both in the main areas of the park and the World Showcase, you have a lot of restaurants to choose from. None of the restaurants here are bad in the traditional sense, but they may hold a few reasons why you’d want to skip them in favor of something else. 

Here’s a list of the best EPCOT restaurants and the ones you should skip (at least, for now): 

Garden Grill

Price: $35-$59.99 per adult

Let’s start with the most recent EPCOT restaurant to reopen since the pandemic: Garden Grill (as of publication, this is scheduled to reopen June 14, 2023). 

This is a fan favorite among guests, and for good reason – many of the vegetables are grown on property, you can do a character meet-and-greet with Chip and Dale and the restaurant rotates, giving you a bird’s eye view into the Living with the Land attraction down below. 

The downside to dining at the Garden Grill is that you don’t have a ton of options. The Chip n’ Dale Harvest Feast breakfast includes scrambled eggs, Mickey-shaped waffles, bacon, grilled flank steak, and a cinnamon breakfast loaf. For dinner, you’ll get grilled beef, barbecue-roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and seasonal vegetables for $55 per adult and $36 per child ages 3-9. 

These prices and the limited menu are why Garden Grill loses some points with guests. Furthermore, all the food is served family style, which, again, can be a huge hit or miss with families. 

Overall, it’s a good experience and the atmosphere and character experience are usually why guests dine here again and again, more so than the food that’s being served. That being said though, the food is consistently good; it just gets a little boring after a while. 

Should you skip it? If you have kids in your party, no. If you don’t like your food served family style, then yes. 

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Coral Reef Restaurant

Price: $15-$34.99 per adult

Guys, I want to like Coral Reef. I really, really, REALLY want to like Coral Reef. And, honestly, when I talk to my Disney friends, they all kind of feel the same way: we want to like it, but we’d rather eat somewhere else. 

But why? On paper, Coral Reef checks all the boxes. It has a gorgeous dining area that features actual live fish tanks where you can see an abundance of fish and even sharks swimming by. The restaurant is also elaborately themed, with tiled wave mosaics separating the tables. Couple this with the deep blue accents and it’s not to feel like you’re under the sea with Nemo and all his friends. 

To be expected, the menu is very heavily themed to include lots and lots of seafood. This includes shrimp and grits, grilled mahi mahi, and seared verlasso salmon. If you’re not a big seafood person, like me, then you can indulge in the 10-oz slow-roasted prime rib, mushroom ravioli, or harissa chicken, which is a bit spicy but one of my favorite things on the menu. 

Prices here are average, with entrees ranging from $26-$36. Plus, they have a fully stocked drink menu, featuring everything from Moscow mules, bahama mamas, mai tais, and mojitos. 

The downside to this restaurant is that the quality of the food is inconsistent. This means that sometimes the fish is under or overcooked. 

Should you skip it? Yes, especially if you hate seafood. There are just too many better options in EPCOT that are worth your time and money. 

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Space 220

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 4

Price: $35-$59.99 and over per adult

For all intents and purposes, Space 220 is great. You could even argue that it’s out of this world. Ha! 

And, listen, Space 220 certainly has a lot to offer to first-time guests. The “ascend” to space and being able to look at yourself “leaving” EPCOT is so innovative and it immerses you in this restaurant’s story before you ever sit down at your table.

Once inside the restaurant, the giant screens of space and the overall theming really transport you to another galaxy (far, far away). Space 220 really does such an awesome job of creating a wholly immersive experience from top to bottom…

…and that’s kind of the downside to this restaurant. While many of the other restaurants on this list are a must-do on every trip itinerary, Space 220 is so niche that the novelty kind of wears off on your second visit. The wow factor of ascending 220 miles above Earth is gone. The menu is no longer new. It’s because of this that Space 220 is kind of a one-and-done restaurant. 

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 5

Moving on from the ambiance and the experience, guests will either enjoy a prix-fixe 2 or 3-course meal, depending on whether it’s lunch or dinner. Dinner, for example, includes your choice of appetizers such as tempura-fried cauliflower or sushi, an entree that includes things such as pad thai, filet mignon, or pork chops, and a dessert that includes gelato, carrot cake, or chocolate cheesecake. This prix-fixe meal costs $79 per person and doesn’t include extras, or drinks. This is a lot of money, especially for a large group. 

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Should you skip it? If it’s your first time visiting, no. If you’ve been before, then yes. It’s too expensive. 

Pros and Cons of Restaurants in the World Showcase

Now that we’ve covered the main restaurants in the park, let’s head on over to the restaurants in the World Showcase: 

San Angel Inn

view at San Angel Inn Epcot

Price: $15-$34.99

Hands down, San Angel Inn is one of the best EPCOT restaurants, both in terms of food and atmosphere. 

The restaurant is located inside the giant ruins when you first enter the Mexico pavilion. Once you walk through the marketplace area, you’ll stumble across this restaurant which is themed to the outdoors at twilight. 

While dining, it’s impossible to feel like you’re not transported somewhere else, especially if you’re sitting by the water and looking at the ruins sitting nearby. The menu is hit or miss. For example, the Queso Fundido is too cheesy and kind of bland. However, the Osso Buco Con Mole Negro is *chef’s kiss* amazing. Anything with their mole sauce is fantastic and highly recommended. 

One of the cons of this restaurant is that the tables are pretty close together, so you can be a little cramped. This is especially true for some of the tables they have for two people. The last time we were there, there was barely enough room for our food or to even eat comfortably. That being said, this is an overall really positive dining experience. 

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Should you skip it? No. 

Nine Dragons

Price: $15-$34.99 per adult

Nine Dragons is located in the China pavilion and, in my opinion, it’s worth the visit. I’ve never had a bad dining experience here. I highly recommend the vegetable spring rolls, chicken pot stickers, and spicy honey crispy chicken. However, you can’t go wrong regardless of what you order. 

The entrees are pretty affordable and comparable to what you’d see at local chain restaurants – usually around $25. The appetizers are also affordable, ranging between $6.00 and $15.00. Whenever we go, my husband and I usually order two appetizers and then share. 

Nine Dragons gets mixed reviews, mostly because some guests believe the food to be a little lackluster compared to the other dining options on property. But, me and my husband adore it. Plus, the interior is beautifully themed. 

Should you skip it? No, especially if you’re looking for something cheap and tasty!

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Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Price: $35 – 60 or over per adult

Made to look like a medieval castle, this is the only character dining experience at EPCOT and it’s so perfect for guests with little kids. You’ll be able to hang out with the likes of Mary Poppins, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Alice in Wonderland for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The food here is served in family-style platters. For dinner, you’ll be served classic Norwegian meatballs, red cabbage, grilled salmon, dumplings, corn dog nuggets, and macaroni and cheese (to name a few) for $41 per child and $63 per adult. 

Because of the decor and availability of characters, you usually get a little more bang for your buck than Cinderella’s Royal Table, which offers up a similar experience. The downside here is that reservations are hard to come by and for what you’re paying, the food is kind of average. Your money is going more toward the character experience, which is definitely worth it. 

Should you skip it? If you have young kids who love Disney princesses, no. Otherwise, yes. There are better dining options for adults on property. 

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Via Napoli

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 6

Price: $15-$34.99

Ah, Italy! One of my absolute FAVORITE pavilions in all of the World Showcase! I love everything here, from the vibe to the music, to the photo ops. Everything is great, which is why it’s such a bummer that the food served at Via Napoli is kind of just so-so (especially when you consider that it was created by the Patina Restaurant Group, which was voted “Best Theme Park Restaurant” by the Orlando Sentinel). 

Despite offering authentic Italian cooking, I found that the Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci I ordered was pretty uninspired. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, though, because Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant.

For dinner, you can order everything from regular spaghetti to manicotti, tortellini, and chicken parmesan. Or, if you prefer, you and your party can split a pizza. In terms of popularity, most agree that the chicken parmesan is one of the best food items on the menu. 

Via Napoli has a ton of seating and a pretty floral mural in the back of the restaurant. Depending on where you sit, you could get a view outside, which is nice. However, besides this, the decor is kind of meh. 

Should you skip it? Yes. There are better dining options in EPCOT and scattered around Walt Disney World, including Terraline Crafted Italian at Disney Springs and Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort. 

Chefs De France

Inside Chefs de France

Price: $15-$34.99

Leaving Italy and walking a few pavilions down to France is Chefs de France. In terms of atmosphere, Chef de France wins for having one of the best in all of the World Showcase. 

Depending on where you sit, you’ll have access to large, oversized windows and great views of water fountains and passersby. If you’re not seated by the window, you’ll be treated to a brightly-lit, elegant dining area with comfortable booths and lush greenery. Chefs de France is themed as a cafe in the heart of Paris and it won’t take long before you start saying Bon appétit!

The menu is chock full of traditional French cuisine, including Filet de saumon mariné au vin blanc et citron, riz, sauce champagne, Ratatouille sur quinoa, and Boeuf Bourguignon, linguine. Whatever you order, be sure to pair it with one of their wines; their wine selection is huge! 

There really aren’t too many downsides to this restaurant outside of the price point. For entrees ranging between $26.95 and $42.95, some guests wish the portions were a bit bigger. But this is going to vary from person to person. 

Should you skip it? No, definitely not. Comment oses-tu même le penser, which is how dare you even think so! 

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Teppan Edo 

Cooking steak at Teppan Edo
Cooking steak at Teppan Edo

Price: $15-$34.99

Did you know that you can enjoy hibachi inside the World Showcase? You can at Teppan Edo. Located inside the Japan pavilion, this offers a traditional hibachi experience, including sitting with other guests. If you opt for this, you can select from chicken, steak, vegetable, or seafood entrees that are paired with steamed rice and Udon noodles. You can even grab some sake here, too!

The theming is very understated but beautiful, with large artwork on the walls that are impossible to take your eyes off of. Great-tasting food aside, you’ll love Teppan Edo for the experience more than anything. While dining, the Teppan chefs put on a show and interact with you. It’s a great time and easily one of the best EPCOT restaurants. 

Should you skip it? No, unless you don’t feel super comfortable sitting with strangers. 

Le Cellier 

AAA Canadian Tenderloin
AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus-Tomato Relish, Truffle-Butter Sauce

Price: $35-$59.99

If you’re a steak lover, then you’ve got to check out Le Cellier. This steakhouse, located over in the Canada pavilion, is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in EPCOT if not all of Walt Disney World property. 

This is a fine dining experience and it’s recommended that you come hungry because it won’t take long before you fill up on everything they have to offer. Believe it or not, one of the most raved-about items on the menu is actually the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. Made with applewood-smoked bacon and Moosehead Pale Ale, this soup is so filling and unlike anything you’ll have elsewhere. 

Cheesy soup aside, the real star of the Le Cellier is their steak selection, which includes everything from a USDA Prime rib-eye steak, bison strip loin, filet mignon, and New York strip steak. These steaks will cost you anywhere between $54 and $62. 

In addition to the fine menu, the decor is what you’d expect from this pavilion. It has arched ceilings, wooden tables, stone walls, and an elegance that, like the rest of the Canada pavilion, transports you to somewhere magical. The downside to dining here, aside from the hefty price for a large party, is that the tables are close together so it can get pretty loud. But, if you can tolerate it, this is one restaurant you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Should you skip it? No. Even if you’re not a steak lover, they have options available to you. It’s worth visiting at least once (or twice). 

Biergarten Restaurant

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 7

Price: $35-$59.99 per adult

Let’s head on over to the Germany pavilion! This is where Oktoberfest is celebrated all year long! The dining experience here is similar to a Brazilian steakhouse. Selections of pork schnitzel, rotisserie chicken, and bratwurst are served to you on a rotating basis so you get to try out a little bit of everything. 

In addition to this, you’ll also be listening to a live Polka band, which adds to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. 

Honestly, Biergarten is kind of underrated in terms of the best EPCOT restaurants and the reason why is because not everyone likes German-inspired cuisine like bratwurst and sauerkraut. I promise you it’s worth the try though!

Keep in mind that if you dine here, you may be sitting with other people. So, if this isn’t for you, this can be a big con. 

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Should you skip it? No, definitely not. It’s a fun environment with good food and great vibes. It’s fun for the whole family. It ranks high as one of the best EPCOT restaurants. 

Rose and Crown

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 8

Price: $15-34.99

Rose and Crown, located in the United Kingdom pavilion, also has a pub. If you plan on dining here, be sure you’re making a reservation in the dining room. Like Spice Road Table mentioned below, Rose and Crown also has waterfront dining, so it’s a great place to go and see the fireworks if you’re able to book an evening dining reservation.

Take the fireworks out of it, and Rose and Crown still offer one of the most stunning views of the lagoon. 

This restaurant specializes in British cuisines such as sticky toffee pudding, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and bangers and mash. They also serve a great selection of scotch whisky, ales, flights, and specialty cocktails to complement your meal. Everything is pretty cheap, which is why so many people love it. The downside is that the dining room gets crowded. It genuinely feels like a pub, which I guess you could argue is part of its charm. 

Another downside is that the portions are pretty small. For the price point and things costing around $25.00, it’s hard to sometimes justify the value of the items served here. Taste-wise, they’re fine but don’t expect to be wowed here outside of the stunning view it offers. 

Should you skip it? If you want to eat a filling meal, yes. However, if you want to just grab something light and wash it down with an ale, add it to your must-do Disney list. 

Spice Road Table

Best EPCOT Restaurants (Plus the Ones to Skip) 9

Price: $15-$34.99 per adult

You’ll find Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion. In terms of views and ambiance, Spice Road Table offers some of the best, with gorgeous views of the World Showcase lagoon. If you time it right, you’ll also be able to see the fireworks right from your table! They also offer both indoor and outdoor seating, which is ideal for a warm, Florida day. 

This restaurant serves Mediterranean small plates. In other words, you won’t be getting a full-size portion of what you order like you would at other restaurants on this list. Usually, small plates are designed to offer guests an experience by sampling different foods either at the same time or on a rolling basis – i.e., you finish one small plate, then another comes out, and so forth. 

Because of this, everything is moderately priced at between $9-$15. Some of the most popular small plates include the house-made hummus fries, naan spreads, spiced chicken, and Spice Road Table Sampler; this sampler includes spiced chicken, lamb kefta, tzatziki, and tiropitakia.

Though Mediterranean food is usually made with a lot of herbs and spices, some of the meals here are a little on the bland side, which can be disappointing for those who truly love this style of cuisine. 

That touches on the other point that Mediterranean food doesn’t sit well with everyone. Personally, I can’t stand Mediterranean food, despite having given it several tries. It’s an okay restaurant that offers better views than cuisine. 

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Should you skip it? If you like Mediterranean food, then no. If you don’t, then yes.

Final Thoughts

Do you agree with our list of the best Epcot restaurants you have to visit and the ones you should definitely skip? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more Disney tips, tricks, and trivia.