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Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At

Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At

Sometimes fireworks are just better when paired with fine dining. Watching fireworks from a restaurant can have a whole host of benefits. First and foremost there is the air conditioning. Then there are the unique views. Many of the dining options listed below have views you can only get from the restaurant. Like California Grill lets you look down upon the Magic Kingdom. It’s important no matter what restaurant you choose that you make sure your reservation aligns with the fireworks show you are trying to see. Here is my list of the best Disney Restaurants to watch fireworks at.

Restaurants to Watch Happily Ever After

California Grill

This restaurant gives you two options you can watch the fireworks both inside and outside. The great news if you are worried about getting a good table is they are all good. The whole restaurant is lined with floor to ceiling windows. This location even dims the lights and plays the music for Happily ever after as well.

If you can only get an early reservation here fear not! As long as you keep your receipt you can always come back and head out on the terrace to watch the fireworks when it’s time. If you want to hear more read our California Grill Dining Review.


Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At 2

This spot is located on the opposite side of Bay Lake. Narcossosee is located on the water at the Grand Floridian Resort. There is a giant wrap around deck on the water that is perfect for viewing the fireworks as well as the Electric Water Pagent Parade. A big plus for this spot is the tables are placed on multiple levels giving more people a better view. Again this restaurant will dim the lights and play the sound of Happily Ever After along with the fireworks.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At 3

This is spot isn’t going to give you the best view of Happily Ever After. It’s more of an obstructed view at best since most of the show is going on above you. It nonetheless offers you a view of the show!

Restaurants to Watch Illuminations At

Monsieur Paul

Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At 4

This view comes at a price, as it is the most expensive dining option in Epcot. The restaurant is very tiny and doesn’t have a ton of seating options. There are however several tables right by the front windows that will give you the best viewing of Illuminations. To find out more read our Monsieur Paul Dining Review.

La Hacienda de San Angel

Best Disney Restaurants to Watch Fireworks At 5
In order to see Illuminations, you are going to make sure you request to get a window seat. There is no patio or deck viewing here so it makes the window seat more important. For more read our La Hacienda de San Angel Dining Review.

Rose and Crown

Rose and Crown

The outdoor patio is where the best spot can be found for Illuminations at Epcot. Just because you have reservation won’t guarantee you will be able to get a spot out on the patio so you will have to play this one by year, unfortunately. It’s become such a hot spot that the other piece of bad news is they will only let you wait up to an hour for outside eating before you will have to eat inside or elsewhere.

Toyko Dining

This second story restaurant gives you a view out over the Seven Seas Lagoon at Epcot. The downside is only one side of the restaurant features these large windows. However, anyone can walk out on the huge wrap around deck and score a killer view of the fireworks. You honestly don’t even have to eat here to enjoy this unique view.

Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table

Another Epcot restaurant that sits right along the lagoon. Most of the restaurant is outdoors so it gives you better odds at getting that water/firework view. This spot does have some islands in view that may block part of your Illuminations viewing. However, all the good firework stuff you will be able to see.

Some more important tips! If you are trying to decide on a time I recommend your reservation is 45-60 minutes before the fireworks are scheduled to start. When you check in with hostess it’s alright to mention you are hoping to get a good seat for a firework view! It’s also important to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you are promised a firework view at any of these restaurants. Please, don’t get made with the staff if they are unable to accommodate you. Also, remember that just because you can see the fireworks from the restaurant’s list above that doesn’t mean you are going to have the best view. Often times depending on your seat you may have a tree, pole or light blocking your view.

For more fireworks tips read Best Magic Kingdom Firework Viewing Locations or Best Epcot Firework Viewing Locations. In the comment section below let us know what your favorite Disney restaurant to watch fireworks at!