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Best Magic Kingdom Firework Viewing Locations

Best Magic Kingdom Firework Viewing Locations

It’s the spectacular you have been waiting for, the highlight of your vacation, Disney fireworks. Most people only get to catch this show once on your trip so it’s important to most that you get that picture perfect viewing spot.

Best Happily Ever After Viewing Locations

Happily Ever After is a firework show that is heavy on Castle projection and effects. This switches things up from the past show Wishes. In the past, we would recommend watching from the New Fantasyland area but with the new show, you would just miss too much.

Watch a video of Happily Ever After to see just what to expect during the show!

Here is a Map of Where to Watch

There are some important things to call out from the map above. First, if you don’t like crowds hang out down by the Main Street train station or at the wings of the hub (the area directly in front of the castle). If you remain in the main areas in front Cinderella’s Castle it will be very crowded as people try to immediately exit the park when they are done.

Also, while you may think it’s best to be as close to the castle as possible it’s actually not. The closer you are to the castle the harder it is to see the fireworks. You will, however, get a great view of the castle projections. The fireworks will shoot off more to the right side of the castle as well. I like to view the fireworks more to right of the castle because of that.

Alternate Happily Ever After Viewing Locations

Best Magic Kingdom Firework Viewing Locations 5

A great local tip for you! Happily Ever After can be viewed from outside the parks by sitting on the beach areas of The Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Ticket and Transportation Center, and The Contemporary. Since these spots also pipe in the music it makes a fantastic alternate location for people who like to avoid the heavy crowds in the park.

The beach locations are our go-to spots for viewing the Magic Kingdom Holiday Fireworks.  We use it for Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, Halloween party and the Christmas party.

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