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Animal Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst

Animal Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst

There are hundreds of options when it comes to eating at Disney World and we know it can be stressful. In order to help you plan a stress-free trip, we have put together a list for each park ranking how good we think each restaurant is and why! We know this topic is a highly controversial one as dining is so personal. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food and experience. Plus since dining is in part service based you never know when you are going to catch someones off day. When reading this list we encourage you to use it as a guideline to help you pick the spots that would mesh well with what your families likes! So let’s jump right on in, here is our list of Animal Kingdom dining ranked.

Satuli Canteen

The make your own bowl has stolen my heart. It’s fantastic how many healthy options are offered at Satuli Canteen. I have tried almost everything on the menu here and haven’t had a bad item yet. Even the hot dog was pretty good! Don’t let it scare you off that they make healthy taste soo good! If you are an Avatar fan you will love all the details hidden throughout the restaurant.

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Yak and Yeti

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken – Marinated Chicken, Pineapple-Onion-Pepper skewers, Teriyaki Glaze, Coconut-Ginger Rice, stir-fried Vegetables

The Yak and Yeti serves up pan Asian cuisine at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. You will find this restaurant in Asia at the back of Animal Kingdom near Kali River Rapids. Once again Disney has a fantastic back story (which you can read on the menus) for the Yak and Yeti. We think this is the best sit down option at Animal Kingdom and it will certainly cost you less than Tiffins or the Tusker House.

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Flame Tree Barbeque

Mixed Greens Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast

Mixed Greens Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast

The Flame Tree BBQ is a quick service restaurant located near the entrance to Dinoland at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This is one of THE BEST quick service location options at the Animal Kingdom. Though the newly opened Satuli Canteen ranks above this for me. All of the barbecue options are good and if you feel like splurging on calories, I recommend the pulled pork on macaroni and cheese, you won’t be disappointed.

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Tusker House

Outside Tusker House Animal Kingdom

This is a character dining location in Africa at the Animal Kingdom. This is where you can get your pictures with the fab five in their safari gear. This buffet serves up African and Asian offerings but also has items for the picky eaters in your family.

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe

Yak and Yeti Kobe Burger

Looking for some Asian takeout? Complete with Chinese takeout boxes you can get some solid food here. We even love to grab the Kobe burger here it’s so delicious!

Harambe Market

Animal Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst 2

Very interesting food options here, however, we have to take points off for the outdoor only seating. I highly recommend the ribs here. Plus be sure to stop by the “you are most beautiful” wall and get your picture taken!


Tiffins Animal Kingdom sit down restaurant

This is the only signature dining spot in the Animal Kingdom, located on the right just before you enter Pandora. The prices here are steep and the food is fancy! The food here just wasn’t exciting for us.  If you are a foodie then you may want to ignore this ranking and give it a try.


The food here is basic theme park fare, located in Dinoland. Burgers and hot dogs are the main offerings on the menu. I will say the chicken nuggets for the kids are pretty awesome. They are served completely inside a pail with a shovel. They do serve an interesting BLT salad with ranch dressing. In addition this fast food location has an enormous indoor seating capacity with a cute decor.

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe at Disney World

Located right at the entrance at the front of Animal Kingdom it’s a highly themed animal restaurant. However, due to its meh food and availability in lots of major cities around the United States, we think there are some better options inside the park.  I also think considering the standard food offerings here the prices shouldn’t be as high as they are. That being said, if you have never experienced a Rainforest Cafe the atmosphere is fully immersive and I recommend the ribs.

If the lines are crazy long to get into the park, cutting through the restaurant is a great trick. It’s all indoors and has it’s very own turnstiles into the park.


Inside Pizzafari Animal Kingdom

This fast food option is located to the left of the Tree of Life. Disney just doesn’t do pizza very well. In fact, now that I think about it there aren’t very many good Italian spots on Disney World property. The core offering here is flatbread pizza along with some salads. I really avoid eating here at all costs, if you want Italian food head over Epcot and eat at Via Napoli. If you want good pizza, try Blaze at Disney Springs.

So that concludes our list of Animal Kingdom dining ranked best to worst. This one was a tough one since there are so many fantastic options it was hard to settle on which spot I felt was the best. What do you think is the best place to eat at the Animal Kingdom?