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Animator’s Palate Dining Review

Animator’s Palate Dining Review

Odds are even if you haven’t stepped foot on a Disney Cruise you have heard of Animator’s Palate. It’s one of the most raved about dining spots that Disney Cruiseline has to offer. It can be found on all four of the Disney Cruiseline ships. This restaurant can easily be classified in the dinner show category. The room around you comes alive during the meal and ends with a surprise appearance! Let’s take a look at our Animator’s Palate dining review.

Animator’s Palate Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Rotational Table Service
  • Type of Food: Steak, Chicken, Fish
  • Ships: Fantasy, Dream, Wonder, Magic


A Tour Around Animator’s Palate

If you are a big Disney animated movie fan you are going to love the inside of this place. Here is a look at the entrance which provides a picture-perfect backdrop.

Table setting at animators palate

Pro tip: pick up your menu and rotate. Don’t worry you won’t look too crazy. The front actually is a hologram that animates as you move it. I just loved the plates and the extra cute butter knife here. You can actually buy your own in the ship’s gift shop as well!

Animator's Palate Dining Review 1

Inside Animators Palate

A look at how big the restaurant is! This picture was from the show at the end of our meal. All the servers have a little performance in store for you. Note this picture was taken on the Magic, the Dream and Fantasy have a different look on the inside.

Animators menu inside


Animator's Palate Dining Review 2

Animator’s Palate Dishes

The following is a look at some of the food we have tried out at Animator’s Palate.

Animator's Palate Dining Review 3

My husband went for the lighter option on this night, I think it’s just because he wanted the steak. It came with a potato and some veggies. He really enjoyed it even though I thought it looked a little plain. The lighter options on the menu were pretty consistently the same options no matter what spot we were dining in that evening. So this isn’t something exclusive to Animators Palate.

Chicken Animators Palate

This chicken was fantastic I loved the sauce so much, I even was able to get some more. The mashed potatoes were very good and whatever those root veggies were, they weren’t half bad.

Oreo Sundae

The Oreo sundae we both thought sounded like the best thing on the menu, so we each got one. I was surprised to find the bottom of it was filled with a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookies!

Video from Dining at Animator’s Palate


Animator’s Palate Recommendation

So that concludes our Animator’s Palate Dining Review. If there is one thing Disney does well, it is innovative dining. The whole concept of your dinner becoming a show is really something special. We weren’t super excited about the menu here but did end up enjoying the meals we picked out. We were originally going to have our dinner at Palo on the night we were dining here. I am glad we moved it because this experience was well worth it.

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