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Where to Find the Best Steak at Disney World

Where to Find the Best Steak at Disney World

If you have read through some of our dining reviews from Disney World you have probably noticed we are fans of steak! Specifically, both my husband and I tend to jump for trying the filet on the menu. There are hundreds of places to choose from when you eat at Disney World but you may be wondering which one has the best steak. So after a lot of hard work, aka eating a whole bunch of steak we have some fantastic recommendations of where to find the best steak at Disney World.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

The name says it all really! This restaurant is nestled into the Yacht Club resort which is located behind Epcot. I can’t think of a better steak I have had on Disney property to date. When you go to check in at the Yachtsman Steakhouse they have their meat and butcher cutting station on display. The quality here is really above and beyond.

The filet pictured above is oak grilled and just gives it that extra flavor. I highly recommend pairing this steak with the mashed potatoes or truffle mac and cheese. Just remember when eating here they make everything fresh and you can ask to substitute things. For more on eating at the Yachtsman Steakhouse give our full review a read.

If you aren’t in the mood for filet they have numerous other cuts and even have a selection of Wagyu. The quaint feel of this New England themed restaurant won’t leave you disappointed. If you are using the dining plan note that this location will eat up two credits.

Flying Fish

Char-crusted New York Strip

Not too far from the Yachtsman Steakhouse is the Flying Fish. This restaurant is located on the Boardwalk at the Boardwalk Hotel. This one is actually a strip steak which may leave you thinking it’s the oddball on this list. However, its magical secret is that it has more flavor packed in it than any other steak listed on this post. When the Flying Fish underwent an overhaul a few years ago they actually pulled this item off the menu. Good news, after many customer complaints this item has officially returned to the menu.

For a full review of the Flying Fish read this.


Oak Filet Jiko

Jiko is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and has yet another steak lovers dream. If you previously had skipped this restaurant since you didn’t like fish or weren’t a fan of African food think again. The Oak-grilled Filet Mignon is a must try, and the mac and cheese paired with this is oh so good! For a look at our full experience read our Jiko Dining Review.

California Grill

Oak-fired Filet Of Beef

Oak-fired Filet Of Beef with mashed potatoes and cauliflower.

This restaurant is nestled on top of the Contemporary hotel and is one of our favorites. We may be biased as this is where we often celebrate birthdays and even picked to have our wedding dinner here. One of their most popular dishes the Oak-fired Filet of Beef is a must for steak lovers. If you want to know more be sure to read our California Grill Dining Review.

Monsieur Paul

Filet Monsieur Paul

Next time you are in the France pavilion at Epcot be sure to look up. On the second story above Le Chefs de France is Monsieur Paul. It is by far the fanciest restaurant at Epcot. While the chocolate desserts make this worth the trip alone they also have a solid filet on their menu as well. Their Grilled Beef Tenderloin is served with rutabagas puree, Brussels sprouts, creamy sauce, beef jus reduction. For more on eating here read our Monsieur Paul Dining Review.

Le Cellier

AAA Canadian Tenderloin

AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus-Tomato Relish, Truffle-Butter Sauce


LeCellier is located in the Canada Pavillon at Epcot. This small intimate restaurant has several great steak offerings. The filet is very good, but we recommend the Prime Strip Steak and if you have a will partner, the Porterhouse Steak for two. I know this article is about steak, but the pretzel bread is fantastic and we always enjoy the creamed spinach, which the servers describe as “spinach without the healthy”.

If you have dined at Disney World before and had an amazing steak be sure to spread the word in the comment section below. We still haven’t made it to every restaurant so I would love to hear your opinions! For more on eating here read our Le Cellier Steakhouse Dining Review.

Have you had an amazing steak at Disney World? Share your favorite Disney steak in the comment section below.