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The Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Outfit

The Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Outfit

Her Universe has release a practically perfect line of clothing for a Mary Poppins cosplay. This, of course, is all a nod to the upcoming release of Mary Poppins Returns. The collection comes in both regular and plus size clothing. If you want to shop the entire collection at Hot Topic just go here.

 Mary Poppins Returns Coat

Mary Poppins Cosplay Coat

Even if you are not trying to recreate the Poppin’s look this jacket is perfect!

Classic Chiffon Poppins Dress

Mary Poppins Returns Classic Dress

You can get more details or buy the dress here. This dress includes sheer sleeves that button at the wrists and a red waistband with elastic shirring on the back. Concealed buttons from the neck to the waistline and ruffle chest accents with a neck tie. To see more pictures or buy this dress go here.

Heels from Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Heels

Need the perfect Poppins heels to complete your look? No need to reach into a magic carpet-bag. These Mary Poppins Returns heels are perfect for cosplay and dapper days. You can get these heels here.

Parrot Cosplay Umbrella

The Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Outfit 7

This replica parrot umbrella is practically perfect for any cloudy day. You can pick up this umbrella here.

Parrot Necklace

The Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Outfit 8

A red and blue enamel parrot on a gold-tone locket for every jolly holiday! You can get this necklace here.

Of course, I think the thing we are all bummed is missing is a carpet-bag. Let us know in the comment section below if you plan on picking up anything from this collection!