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Ways you Can Ruin your Disney Vacation

Ways you Can Ruin your Disney Vacation

When planning a Disney World vacation the last thing you would expect is something to arise that has you saying “my vacation was ruined”. There are a few ways to make sure your vacation is planned properly to ensure a fail-proof trip and a few tips from seasoned Disney World Annual Passholders like myself. Here are 7 ways you can ruin your Disney vacation. 

Not Booking FastPass in Advanced

Yes, you can do many things without a FastPass when on a Disney vacation, but without them, you’ve already set yourself up for a disastrous situation. It’s just not possible to wait in 100+ minute lines and try to fit in anything else during a Disney World vacation. Take some time to pick out the rides you want to ride most and snag those as your fast passes right away. You can work the rides you’re interested in that didn’t make the top of your list during your trip. The further out the better too! If you’ve booked a Disney hotel you have up to 60 days prior to arriving to set your FastPasses, this gives you an upper hand when it comes to snagging those very popular rides! 

Over Planning 

This is a bit of a personal pet peeve when it comes to Disney World vacations. I’ve witnessed many people stressing over things not going according to plan and I’ve witnessed the looks of pure exhaustion from those trying to fit in every single thing they said they would do. Disney World is magical, fun, and surprising. Allow it to be all of that and more for you and your family. I do recommend a bit of planning so you have an idea of which parks to do on which days. Do make sure you read out suggestions on the Best Disney Fastpass Picks for Each Park. I would even plan which restaurants you want to book because the best places to eat do completely book up. Don’t over plan, it might break you and the entire crew down before the trip is halfway through. 

Not Making Dining Reservations

Similarly to making fast-pass selections making dining reservations in advance is a must. I’ve noticed families discussing dining options while hungry, this is never a good situation to be in and you’ll probably be limited to quick-service only meals at that point. Most restaurants require reservations and walking in to get your name on the list isn’t a possibility. I highly recommend multiple dining reservations throughout your trip months prior to leaving if possible. I also recommend looking into the Disney dining plan as well. Packing snacks and grocery shopping is another great option to keep the hotel stocked. 

Stressing over your Diet 

Ways you Can Ruin your Disney Vacation 8

You’re at Disney with some of the worlds most popularly unique treats. Not trying a Disney World treat or two during your trip will totally ruin your vacation. Indulge in some of the desserts even the large ones, after all, they are shareable. We even covered great meals for splitting if you are going with someone who doesn’t mind sharing. I respect honoring a diet and exercise routine, so take part in some of the morning jogging trails on Disney properties and stress less over the sweets. 

Not Considering Florida’s Weather

Florida has fantastic weather and extremely unpredictable weather too. It’s safe to plan your attire and even your schedule around the Florida weather. During the summer months, there will be showers every single day. Don’t let the showers ruin your day, but don’t be stranded without proper attire either. The Florida heat is brutal and staying hydrated and protected from the sun is required. Watch the weather as it gets closer and be sure to bring items such as an umbrella, shoes that are ideal for getting wet, bottled water, sunscreen, and hats. For more read What to Buy Before your Disney Vacation.

Forgetting About a Budget 

We never make a trip to Disney World without a budget in mind and we never plan a Disney World vacation without considering the spending budget as well. There’s a couple of ways to do this. Opting for Disney gift cards is a great idea to limit your spending or requesting a limit be placed on your magic bands if you connect them to a credit card also limits the unnecessary spending. We often get out a set amount of cash, plan on purchasing just a set number of souvenirs or 1 toy per child, and we make smart choices, such as we never buy water when it’s available for free many places and can be brought into the parks. 

Skipping Resort Relaxation

Grand Floridian Pool

We’ve stayed at many Disney World resort properties and exploring the resorts is my favorite part! Instead of rushing off from theme park to theme park each day during vacation I recommend a day of resort fun. Relax poolside, take a nap in the hotel room, enjoy the arcade, rent bikes, the list goes on and on for resort fun options including food too! This Disney World vacation is supposed to be magical, so making time to enjoy the resort you are staying at is part of the magic. 

There will be moments of exhaustion, hot weather that might require cold sweet treats not necessarily on your diet, and things might not go according to plan during your vacation. The biggest way you ruin your Disney vacation is by overstressing it all and not pausing to enjoy your surroundings; you’re at the most magical place on earth! Don’t let any of these things ruin your Disney vacation. Plan accordingly, but most importantly have fun with the lowest amount of stress possible.