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The Best Disney World Resort Pools

The Best Disney World Resort Pools

With more than 25 resorts for you to consider, let’s face it: choosing a Walt Disney World Resort can be tough. I mean, how do you choose? You can consider price, as that is an important (if not one of the most important factors). You can choose based on the location of your resort and how close it is to the parks you plan on visiting – i.e. Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is within walking distance of both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. However, one factor that’s worth considering is what kind of pools the resorts have. 

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Though every Disney World resort has a pool for guests to enjoy, some are remarkably better than others. Whether through design, size, or those that are considered extremely child-friendly, here are the best Disney World Resort pools to help you narrow down your decision:

Why Does My Disney Pool Matter? 

Before we dive into the top-ranking pools at Disney, why exactly does choosing a hotel with a good pool matter? After all, it’s Disney…aren’t all the pools kind of great? 

Personally, I think there are a few schools of thought on why your Disney pool matters. First and foremost, I think the pool is an important factor on your Disney trip because it offers you and your family a nice relaxing place to come back to in the middle of the day or for a late-night swim. 

Though a lot of families want to be at the parks from Rope Drope to close to get their money’s worth, just as many families are realizing the importance of taking a break during their vacation. 

After all, the average Disney World guest walks about 10 miles per day, when you add up waiting in line and walking through queues. Couple this with Florida’s extreme humidity, especially during July and August, and it’s easy to get burnt after just one or two days at the parks. 

As such, many guests want to work in a relaxing day at their resort. Having the option for a kid-friendly splash zone, multiple pools that aren’t so crowded, and even those that discourage loud noises are important to make sure you and your loved ones get the rest you both need and deserve. 

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The other reason why the pool matters is if you have someone in your party who simply just LOVES the water. My nephew could literally care less about being in the parks and would rather spend the entire vacation either riding the elevators back and forth to our room or in the pool. He’s quite the little fish! 

It’s because of his deep love for the water that my family places a huge emphasis on finding a resort pool that is large enough for him to splash around and enjoyable enough to hold his interest – i.e. fun, twisty slides and other activities he can get lost in.

Our Top Picks for the Best Pools at Disney World Hotels For Guests of All Ages

Please keep in mind that this list isn’t in any particular order, as they all offer something fun and unique for guests of all ages. Whether you’re looking for something lowkey or filled to the brim with Disney magic, here’s my list of the top Disney World hotel pools: 

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Fuentes del Morro

Make a splash at the Caribbean Beach in their zero-entry pirate’s paradise, themed like a colonial Spanish fortress.

I’ve only ever stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort once for my bachelorette party, but I’d book another stay in a heartbeat because of just how awesome the pool is. 

The resort’s main pool – Fuentes del Morro – has not just one but TWO waterslides (one of which is 102 feet long) that empties into a gorgeous pool surrounded by spray cannons. If you like the drop in Pirates of the Caribbean, you and your little ones will love this pool. It gives off the same vibe! And speaking of little ones, there is a shipwreck splash zone available just for them.

This resort has five other leisure pools scattered throughout the different areas of the resort, including a 12-person spa pool. Fun for both mom and dad, this spa pool is conveniently located next to the Banana Cabana pool bar. They also offer a ton of daily poolside activities like trivia and relay races that you can enjoy both in the pool and from your chair. 

Though your kids will certainly have fun swimming in the Fuentes del Morror’s ancient Spanish ruins for fun in the sun all day long, please keep in mind that guests 48” inches tall and over are only allowed to enter this area.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – Lost City of Cibola

Disney's Coronado Lost City of Cibola pool. Copyright Disney.
Disney’s Coronado Lost City of Cibola pool. Copyright Disney.

You can swim in the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple that stands over five feet tall when you book a stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. 

Because this resort hosts conventions, I think it gets overlooked a lot by families who don’t think it possesses the same level of Disney magic as others around the property (and even this list), but I promise you that it’s worth the visit, even just once. The resort itself is stunning and incredibly spacious, but the real magic can be found at their main pool, also known as the Lost City of Cibola. 

Themed to the ancient Mayan ruins, this pool features a huge 123-foot-long waterslide and the backdrop of a 50-foot pyramid that, can I just say, makes for the cutest photo ops! This pyramid isn’t just for looks though; it also has water trickling down the steps that work to immerse you in this area’s theming. 

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Though this resort is also home to three leisure pools – the Ranchos, Cabanas, and Casitas, it also has the largest hot tub on Disney property capable of seating up to 22 adult guests. There’s also a volleyball court, kiddie pool, arcade, and pool bar nearby for your entertainment and convenience.

Disney’s Grand Floridan – Beach Pool

Grand Floridian Pool

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has a reputation for excellence and the Beach Pool is no exception to that rule. If you thought the waterslide at Disney’s Coronado was impressive, just wait until you take a ride on the slide here. This waterslide is a stunning 181 feet long! 

Aside from its amazing and long waterslide, what really makes the Beach Pool unique is that it was designed to actually mimic a beach. It even has a zero-depth entry point like a beach, so you can just dip your feet into the water and embrace the sunshine and tranquil surroundings.

While the Courtyard pool is also a zero-entry pool (and heated), it’s no match for the Beach Pool for a few reasons. One, it overlooks the Seven Seas Lagoon and you can even see Cinderella Castle peeking out from a distance. Second, this waterslide is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. Not too far off is a wonderful Mad Hatter theme kids’ splash zone. 

Simply put, this pool has an excellent location. If you are looking for some privacy they even offer private cabanas for rental. All around 10/10 experience. 

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa – The Paddock Pool

Saratoga Springs Pool is the perfect family lounge spot.

If you are looking for some thrills, you can glide down a 146-foot-long waterslide that flows from atop a water tower at the Paddock Pool located at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. 

Younger kids have a complete splash and play area there, as well as two smaller slides for them to use. Overall, the Paddock Pool is great for keeping both parents and kids entertained. Parents, be sure to take advantage of the whirlpool spa! You just spent hours in the hot sun walking around Disney World – you’ve earned it!

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Villas – Luna Park

The Luna Park pool is home to a 200-foot water slide in the form of a classic wooden rollercoaster. The area is beautifully themed to the carnivals of the 1920s and offers different areas for kids of all ages, including many poolside activities for endless fun. 

If you want to avoid the crowds of the main Luna Park pool, there’s another leisure pool located south of this where you can relax.

Polynesian – Lava Pool

Polynesian resort pool

One of my favorite aspects of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (aside from the tropical theme and Tonga Toast) is the Lava Pool. One of the newer pools on property to be redesigned, the Lava Pool features a beautiful waterfall, volcano, and 142-foot-long-waterslide that both parents and kids alike will enjoy. 

Like the pool over at the Grand Floridian, the Lava Pool also has a zero-depth entry point for easy access coming and going. Guests will also be able to enjoy refreshments and snacks from the Oasis Bar & Grill and the nearby Pineapple Lanai, which serves the classic pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. The best part of this pool (and resort in total) is that, like all of the hotels on the Monorail Loop, you will be able to see the nighttime firework show, Happily Ever After playing at Magic Kingdom nightly from the comfort of where you are outside.

Art of Animation – The Big Blue

The largest Disney Pool, the Big Blue is located at the Art of Animation Resort.
The largest Disney Resort pool, the Big Blue is located at the Art of Animation Resort.

Heading over to Disney’s Art of Animation, you’ll find that the Finding Nemo wing boasts the largest resort swimming pool at Walt Disney World Resort. The “Big Blue” pool has 308,527 gallons of water and has a special treat in store when you swim under the water. 

Under the water, you can listen in on the sounds of Nemo and his friends. While this resort is a value and doesn’t have a water slide it sits so high on our list due to its unique features! Plus, parents have quick access to the Drop Off pool bar nearby for a refreshing drink!

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Beach Club –  Stormalong Bay


It's hard to top the massive pool at the Beach Club Resort.
It’s hard to top the massive pool at the Beach Club Resort.

This pool at Disney’s Yacht Club was always my childhood favorite. The pool, aptly named Stormalong Bay, features sand on the bottom so you genuinely feel like you’re in the ocean. It was an absolute novelty to me then and still is to me today! From atop the mast of a life-sized shipwreck replica, you can zip down a 230-foot-long waterslide – one of the highest hotel pool slides at Walt Disney World Resort.

There are so many fantastically themed pools at the resorts at Disney World it is hard to say which one is best. However, after years of staying at various Disney World resorts, I do have to say that Stormalong Bay is my personal favorite.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Bay Lake Pool 

In comparison to the other Disney pools listed here, the Bay Lake Pool is nothing to exactly write home about. It’s round and relatively small compared to others on property, but one of the reasons why it ranks on a list of the best Disney World resort pools is that it’s mainly an adult-only area. 

Though kids are allowed here, Bay Lake Pool discourages loud noises and splashing. With the pool nearby that encourages that behavior, most families leave this pool to the adults who are visiting the parks by themselves or who have older kids that might be in the other pool. 

So, if you’re on a romantic holiday or honeymoon, I highly recommend this resort not just because of how gorgeous it is, but because of this pool. It’s one of the only ones on property that discourages otherwise “rowdy” behavior, without sounding too harsh. 

Honorary Mention: The Leisure Pools at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside has a total of six pools. While they’re what I would consider average for the majority of value and moderate resorts, I include them on this list because there’s rarely anyone in any of the leisure pools because so many families head on over to Ol’ Man Island, the property’s main resort pool. 

This is a new addition to this list as I stayed at this resort for the first time a year and a half ago, but since staying there and seeing how empty the pools were, I just fell in love. I think we were one of three parties that were at the pool. And these pools are huge, so you know we had a lot of space to just enjoy the warm water and unwind. A lot of people were reading books if you want any idea as to how quiet the pool and poolside were.

Are the Disney Pools Heated? 

Yes! The Disney pools are heated to stay at about 82 degrees all year long. Even in the chillest times of year, like December and January, swimming is still pretty comfortable. 

Does Every Disney Pool Have a Lifeguard on Duty? 

The answer is yes and no. All of the main pools at the resorts will have a lifeguard on duty who is thoroughly trained to handle any type of water emergency. However, some of the leisure pools, like the ones I just mentioned at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside, do not have lifeguards, but instead, have rules posted for guests to follow. 

So, as with any pool, just remember to exercise caution and use your best judgment. If you don’t feel comfortable swimming at one of the quiet leisure pools, there’s always plenty of room for you to join the main pool area. 

Can I Wear My Disney MagicBand in the Pool? 

You betcha! All of the Disney MagicBand and MagicBand+ bracelets are completely waterproof, so no worries if you’re like me and consistently forget to take them off before I head into the water. 

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I Forgot to Pack Pool Towels – Does Disney Supply Them? 

Yes, each Disney resort has complimentary towels poolside for guests to use. You’ll see these towels, including where to dispose of them, in the gated area. However, if you need help, simply ask one of the Cast Members. They’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

Are Disney Pools Open All Year Round? 

Yes, generally speaking, the pools at the Disney World resorts are open all year round. That means you can even enjoy a fun swim on Christmas Day!

Keep in mind, however, that the pools will shut down in inclement weather and during hurricanes. But, just like the parks, if Disney can keep the pools operational and safe, they will likely try to do so. 

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Final Thoughts About Some of the Most Unique Pools on Disney Property

Do you have a favorite Disney World resort pool? Share with us in the comments below.

For more information on staying at Disney World read our pros and cons of every Walt Disney World Resort and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all the latest Disney tips, tricks, and trivia!


Friday 7th of June 2019

I'm surprised Boardwalk made it onto this list with its creepy clown. It's the one resort we've never stayed at just because of the swimming pool. I was showing photos of various pools to my granddaughter so she could help pick where we'd stay. Not only did she not like the creepy clown (it's even creepier at night when the eyes light up and glow), she had nightmares about it that night when she went to bed.

The pool at Kidani Village is much nicer with a better slide.

Fernanda Villamil

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Can I stay at Pop Century and go to one of these pools? Do you need a special ticket or magic band to be able to enter? Thanks a lot! I loved the one at the Beach Club!

Patty Staricha

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

No, unfortunately, you can only swim in your resort pool. The pools are gated and require a Magicband to enter.